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Explore how Jenny Marsden of Charge the Globe relies on Originality.AI to ensure quality content on her travel-focused website. Uncover insights into managing and identifying top-notch writing for global experiences.

Jenny Marsden runs the travel-focused website, Charge the Globe. As an avid solo traveler, she uses her blog to share her global experiences with her readers, and requires quality writing to do so. In this case study, we’ll delve into how Jenny's quest for quality content led her to Originality.AI when she encountered challenges in identifying and managing content produced by less-than-adequate writers.

Client Background

Jenny Marsden is a seasoned travel blogger with a rich history of visiting 101 countries over 30 years, and plans on more adventures in the near future (25 more in 2 years!). Now in her 50s, she has gathered a large collection of travel stories, tips, and tricks that she shares with other budding travelers on her blog, Charge the Globe.

The Problem

Jenny was having trouble finding experienced writers who could capture the right tone, not waffle, and just generally avoid using AI in their content. One of the biggest challenges in this regard was that even if she suspected content was AI-generated, she couldn’t prove that it wasn’t. This forced her to accept and pay for sub quality writing, which was a waste of both time and resources. In the competitive world of travel writing, it was essential for her to maintain content that could withstand scrutiny as genuinely human-written, so she needed a solution to correct these issues.

The Solution

Jenny stumbled upon Originality.AI during a Google search for a solution to verify the authenticity of submitted content. At first glance, the tool appeared to be the answer to her content troubles, as it offered the ability to distinguish between AI-generated and human-created content. She hoped it would be just what she needed to ensure original, quality content from her writers.


To ensure this high-quality, original content, Jenny decided to incorporate Originality.AI into her content creation process. She told prospective writers that their content will be tested with this tool, stating that content must score less than 35% for AI generation to be considered acceptable. She even sent them a link to the tool so they can understand what the testing involves, giving them the chance to check it out for themselves.

Once a writer agreed to her terms and submitted the content, Jenny ran the content through Originality.AI. She even videoed herself doing so, then shared the video with the writer to avoid any argument on their end.


Jenny reports that she has saved a considerable amount of time and energy since incorporating Originality.AI into her workflow. Before implementing the tool, she found responding to every poorly written post to be incredibly draining, and that it’s now much quicker to simply video the Originality.AI test, send writers the link if it fails, and inform them they can either rewrite it or not get paid.

In doing this, it has also become indispensable in weeding out the writers who she believes were just trying to scam her by trying to pass off AI-content as their own work. Jenny can now put her energy in encouraging the good, honest writers who help provide the content for her blog. Even if they give her an article that scores 40-45%, she will go back to them and give them tips on how to make it less AI in style, resulting in a much better outcome.


Jenny Marsden's journey with Originality.AI has transformed her content management process. By leveraging the tool to differentiate between AI-generated and human-written content, she has improved the overall quality of her travel blog, Charge the Globe, and ensures that she is only working with good, honest writers. This enhancement shows the power of AI technology in maintaining content authenticity and upholding high standards in the travel writing industry.

Jenny Marsden, Owner of Charge the Globe

“It has really helped to weed out writers that were just trying to scam me as they fell off very early in the process, so I feel now I'm putting my energy into encouraging good writers instead of constantly having to rewrite something I've paid for or not being able to use it at all”

- Jenny Marsden, Owner of Charge the Globe

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