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How Women’s Health Interactive Uses Originality

Explore the case study of Women’s Health Interactive, using Originality.AI to ensure accurate and authentic AI- and plagiarism-free content in the realm of sexual health research.

Alison Huff is editor-in-chief at Women’s Health Interactive, an online publication focusing on research and conversations about sex. With the increasing use of AI by freelance writers, it became crucial to ensure content accuracy and authenticity, especially since their site's content is medically reviewed. In this case study, we will explore how they use Originality.AI to ensure that their content remains AI- and plagiarism-free.

Client Background

As the editor-in-chief of Women’s Health Interactive, Alison Huff works closely with their founder, design team, forum team, medical review board, and freelance writing team. Together, they work to fill their website with content on topics related to sexual health, including product reviews, how-to guides, and informative blog posts. A writer herself, she knows the value of providing ethical, factual, and original content. 

The Problem

Alison and the Women’s Health Interactive team faced challenges related to ensuring the accuracy, sourcing, and originality of the content to be featured on their website. Given their focus on medical and product reviews, they required content to be free from AI influence and plagiarism, particularly with their product reviews where honesty about human experience was paramount.

The Solution

Alison and her team decided to give Originality.AI a try based on a recommendation from their CEO, Chris Fernandez. He thought that it would be just the tool to address their concerns related to both plagiarism and AI detection, as they were previously using a different tool for plagiarism only and was looking for something that was a little more versatile while not hurting accuracy. They hoped that Originality.AI would be just the tool to help them meet their goals.


Since Alison and the team found it so easy to use, they didn’t have any issues integrating Originality.AI into Women’s Health Interactive's workflow. They simply ran the articles through Originality.AI during the editing stage as a way to ensure that the content is free from plagiarism and AI influence before final publication.


Alison points to an article called The Best Vibrating Panties as a perfect example of the impact Originality.AI has had on their content creation process. She notes that this article had some editorial coverage, and after running through the tool they found that it was 100% plagiarism-free with an AI detection score of just 11%. This one passed the test!

Now, they continue to run the articles they publish on their site through Originality.AI to ensure the same kinds of results.


Alison Huff and Women’s Health Interactive have benefited from Originality.AI's ability to maintain content accuracy and authenticity when it comes to their content, especially product reviews. The tool's plagiarism checking and AI scanning features have proven invaluable, helping them to ensure that their content remains reliable and credible for their readers. Alison’s insights and experiences with Originality.AI provide valuable guidance for online publishers striving to maintain the integrity of their content in the age of AI.

Alison Huff - Editor-in-Chief of Women’s Health Interactive

“Given that our goal involves making sure our content is free from plagiarism and AI, Originality.AI really makes it easy to check both in one place, so it's a timesaver — and eliminates the need to purchase access to a separate tool for one or the other.”

Alison Huff, Editor-in-Chief of Women’s Health Interactive

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