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How WealthBiscuit Uses Originality

Discover how WealthBiscuit and Women’s Health Interactive leverage Originality.AI for quality AI-assisted blog posts. Explore firsthand experiences and insights to enhance your money-making and health-focused journeys.

Charlie DeZube is the founder of WealthBiscuit, a website that helps individuals make money through modern technology. Here, he and his team share their own experiences through blog posts that can help individuals, B2B, B2C, and SaaS companies get a headstart on their money-making journey. This case study explores how WealthBiscuit uses Originality.AI to improve the quality of AI-assisted blog posts for their website.

Client Background

Charlie DeZube, the driving force behind WealthBiscuit, is dedicated to helping individuals save time and earn money through in-depth blog posts. He does this in two ways: by educating others on how to use niche-specific AI to help streamline their workday, and sharing insights and experiences with profitable side hustles. This is why WealthBiscuit has become known for its valuable content, aiming to provide readers with a head start on their financial journey.

The Problem

WealthBiscuit faced a significant challenge: creating content that resonated genuinely with readers while using AI technology. Charlie felt that AI-generated content lacked emotion and was just generally off-putting, which impacted the authenticity of the content. And he assumed that his audience felt the same.

The Solution

While Charlie knew that he wanted to use AI to help streamline his content creation process, he didn’t want his posts to sound like AI. So, he decided to give Originality.AI a try when it was recommended to him by a colleague, Matt at FutureTools. 

He liked that this tool enabled him to identify the segments of content that gave off that unmistakable AI quality, as it would allow him to change those sections to sound more human. Charlie hoped that these edits would help strengthen the connection with the audience.


Charlie reports that Originality.AI was seamlessly integrated into WealthBiscuit's content creation workflow. It has been a simple process: after writing, they run the content through Originality.AI, identify the sections that sound AI-generated, and then rewrite them to their preference. They then run it through the detector again until it sounds more human.


The user experience has been wonderful for Charlie and his team, as Originality.AI has been providing just the results they have been looking for. For instance, in a recent article about the "24 of the Best Market Intelligence Tools (2023)," Originality.AI helped them transform mechanical-sounding content into a text that genuinely connected with readers, conveying both information and a personal touch. Ultimately, it significantly improved content authenticity and readability, which is exactly what they’ve been looking for with their AI-assisted content.


Originality.AI has emerged as a valuable asset in WealthBiscuit's journey to bridge the gap between AI-generated content and authentic, human engagement. This case study reflects the potential for tools like Originality.AI to empower content creators and writers, enhancing content quality and reader experience in the digital age.

Charlie Dezube founder of WealthBiscuit

“We haven’t had a problem ever since we started utilizing this tool for our needs. We are really happy with the results Originality.AI has provided us, and it's been easy to collaborate with others from WealthBiscuit.”

- Charlie Dezube, founder of WealthBiscuit

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