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How ProfileTree Uses Originality.AI

Award-winning agency ProfileTree fights low-quality AI content with Originality.AI. Discover their secret for high-quality content every time.

Sara Lynch is a Digital Content Writer from ProfileTree, an award-winning content and web design agency. Recognizing a connection between low-quality writing and the use of AI tools, Sara and the team needed a way to quickly and reliably identify AI-generated text. In this case study, we’ll explore how Sarah and ProfileTree use Originality.AI to ensure high-quality content.

Client Background

Sara Lynch works for ProfileTree, an agency that uses effective content and web design practices to help businesses grow their online presence and generate more sales. As a Digital Content Writer, one of her key roles is to perform quality checks on the blog content written by their freelance writing team. This is essential to the brand’s success, as they strive to provide engaging, informative, inspiring content to help their clients reach their online goals.

The Problem

Sara and ProfileTree’s problem wasn’t that AI was being used - in fact, they didn’t really mind it. It was the sheer volume of low-quality AI-generated writing that was more of a concern, and the amount of time they needed to spend identifying and weeding out this subpar content.

So, they developed a policy that stated their content could have no more than a 40% AI similarity score. But there was still one problem: they needed a reliable tool to help them quickly identify AI content and calculate those scores.

The Solution

Originality.AI came to the forefront as the solution to Sara's content problem. After testing various AI detection tools and finding loopholes (like the fact that simply rearranging paragraphs could fool the detector), Sara and ProfileTree found that Originality.AI gave them the most reliable results. Its high accuracy in detecting AI-generated content, combined with a user-friendly interface, made it look like the ideal tool to step up their quality-checking SOP.


Sara and her colleagues were able to seamlessly incorporate Originality.AI into their scheduled weekly checks on submitted content, which involve anywhere from 30-50 articles per week. Since they have so much content to go through, Sara was especially excited about incorporating the browser extension into her routine, as it didn’t require her to copy-and-paste the content into another browser tab or third-party app.


Sara reports that the results of integrating Originality.AI into their workflow were resoundingly positive. The transition from slow, more manual checks to speedy, reliable AI-assisted scans via the browser extension allowed Sara and the team to speed up their quality-checking process without compromising on quality. This is especially evident in their content marketing strategy for 2023 Q4 and 2024 Q1, as seen in the ProfileTree blog.


Sara and the ProfileTree team’s experience with Originality.AI serves as a valuable case study for those navigating the age of AI. As AI tools become the norm, it becomes increasingly important to adopt measures that distinguish it from human-generated content, especially if it is low-quality. 

By incorporating AI detection tools, agencies not only safeguard the integrity of their content, but also benefit from a smoother workflow, efficient time management, and ultimately, satisfied, trusting clients. And it’s hard to argue with those kinds of results.

Sara Lynch is the Digital Content Writer for ProfileTree

“ AI content becomes more and more common, there is a pressure on blog writers and copywriters to develop and adhere to a standard of AI generated content that is deemed fair across the community. But we can't accomplish that without the use of AI tools like, which are making it more accessible and achievable to set AI content standards.”

  • Sara Lynch, Digital Content Writer for ProfileTree

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