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How Primepicksy Uses Originality.Ai

Explore how Primepicksy owner, Samir Rachdy, leveraged Originality.AI to generate AI-driven content while ensuring compliance with Google's high-ranking standards. Uncover insights for successful content strategies.

Samir Rachdy is the owner of Primepicksy, a website for those seeking knowledge and expertise in the form of digital marketing tools, online business guides, and reviews of website programs and tools. As a website owner, he wanted to be able to use AI to help generate content while still respecting Google’s conditions for high-ranking content. This case study delves into how he resolved this issue with Originality.AI.

Client Background

Samir Rachdy is an accomplished entrepreneur who has successfully navigated the challenges of building online ventures. After developing a passion to help others unleash their own entrepreneurial potential, he founded Primepicksy to share his valuable insights and experiences in the online business world. Now, his dedication to community-building, transparency, and quality has led it to become a valuable resource for individuals seeking success online.

The Problem

As a busy website owner, Samir relied on AI tools to help with content generation. At the same time, however, he wanted to avoid the potential pitfalls of AI-generated content, like lower rankings in the SERPs. He therefore required a tool to help ensure that his website was publishing unique, high-ranking content that wouldn’t be penalized by search engines.

The Solution

Originality.AI emerged as the solution to Samir's problem. After searching for AI detectors online, he came across various videos and positive reviews that helped him decide that Originality.AI would provide just the type of AI detection service that he needed to ensure content authenticity.


Samir was able to seamlessly work Originality.AI into his content creation process. After generating content using AI tools, he employed Originality.AI to check for AI-generated elements. Once he received his score, he would modify the content accordingly to make it seem more fully human before posting it on his website. Overall, the tool ensured that any AI-assisted content still maintained a human touch, which was exactly what he was looking for.


Samir reports that the impact of Originality.AI is clearly evident on Primepicksy, as many of his blog posts have undergone the AI-detection process to ensure content authenticity and uniqueness. Ultimately, Samir believes that the tool has directly contributed to the website's success in terms of traffic and SEO ranking.


Originality.AI has become an indispensable tool in Samir's journey to avoid the potential pitfalls of publishing AI content on Primepicksy. Indeed, the AI detection service has allowed him to confidently post AI-assisted blog posts that helps him save time while still meeting the standards of search engines for unique, high-ranking content.

Samir Rachdy - Owner of Primepicksy

“It's a good experience because the Originality AI detector gives a precise score. So you can post your content after checking in Originality.Ai with no problem and will be unique.”

  • Samir Rachdy, Owner of Primepicksy

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