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Explore how Nikola Roza used Originality.AI to navigate Google's content classification challenges. Learn how this tool became crucial in maintaining website ranking amidst the evolving landscape of AI-generated content.

Nikola Roza, blogger at Nikola Roza - SEO for the Poor and Determined, recognized the significance of "author vectors" in Google's content classification. He understood that Google could differentiate between human-authored (whether it's him or someone else) and AI-generated content based on writing style. But despite Google's reported leniency towards useful AI content, Nikola remained cautious and believed that AI-generated content might impact his website's ranking negatively, especially if a new core update came along. In this case study, we’ll take a look at how Originality.AI became his go-to tool to address this concern.

Client Background

Nikola Roza runs Nikola Roza - SEO for the Poor and Determined, an internet marketing blog dedicated to providing actionable advice for bloggers striving to succeed without large SEO budgets. His blog focuses on empowering these bloggers to outshine their better-funded competitors using clever tips, tricks, and hacks.

The Problem

Nikola faced a critical dilemma concerning AI-generated content. He was worried that he may unintentionally incorporate AI-generated text from other writers into his content, which could potentially lead to a severe hit after a future Google core update. The risk of not being able to distinguish between human-written and AI-generated content was a significant concern for his blog's success.

The Solution

After reading about it on Twitter and finding a free trial, Originality.AI emerged as the answer to tackling the issue of content authenticity and AI-generated text detection. With Originality.AI, he believed he could confidently determine whether content was human-written or AI-generated, ensuring that his blog's content was free from AI influence.


Integrating Originality.AI into Nikola’s content creation workflow was an intuitive and simple process - in fact, he estimates that he and his team were able to master it in one hour or less! The process worked like this: after receiving written work from his writer, he performed the AI content and plagiarism checks to ensure the authenticity of the content before allowing his editor to proceed with fact-checking and proofreading.


Nikola's dedication to maintaining zero AI content in his articles, particularly in the competitive gold and silver IRA niche, was supported by Originality.AI. See, he believes that Google heavily scrutinizes content in this YMYL (Your Money, Your Life) niche, making AI-free content crucial for ranking and financial success. Now, with the help of Originality.AI, Nikola is confident that there is absolutely no AI content in any article he publishes on his blog.


Nikola Roza's success story with Originality.AI underscores the importance of distinguishing between human-written and AI-generated content in the competitive landscape of internet marketing. By using Originality.AI, he continues to ensure that his blog remains free from AI influence, allowing him to maintain and enhance his website's rankings and the money-making opportunities that go along with it. His insights should provide valuable guidance to content creators who seek to maintain content authenticity and succeed in the era of AI-generated content.

Nikola Roza, Owner of Nikola Roza - SEO for the Poor and Determined

“I'm haunted by the idea of unintentionally filling my content with AI text (provided by freelance writers) and then later getting slammed by a Google core update. is my best friend here.”

- Nikola Roza, Owner of Nikola Roza - SEO for the Poor and Determined

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