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Discover how Binit Kumar, founder of Mr Money Frugal, enhances content creation and productivity with Originality.AI. Explore insights into efficient self-development, fitness, and personal finance.

Binit Kumar is the founder of Mr Money Frugal, where he writes about self-development, fitness, personal finance, and the art of saving, earning, and investing money efficiently. In this case study, we delve into how Binit uses Originality.AI to help improve his content creation process and overall productivity.

Client Background

Binit Kumar doesn’t mind being called frugal - in fact, he loves it! He has been enthusiastically writing in the self-development, fitness, and personal finance industry for a number of years, offering valuable insights and strategies for individuals seeking to manage their finances and lead a healthier, more fulfilling life. Because of his passion, his platform, Mr Money Frugal, has become a valuable resource for his like-minded audience.

The Problem

Binit's main challenge revolved around crafting informative, plagiarism-free articles. The demand for originality and high-quality content in his field made this a time-consuming task, leading him to seek out a tool that would help streamline his process and improve overall productivity.

The Solution

Discovering Originality.AI was a major turning point in Binit’s quest to save time on producing new and helpful content for his website. He first discovered this tool through an article on Medium and later through a post on LinkedIn, shared by a connection. Its promise of addressing his content challenges led him to give it a try.


Binit found it easy to integrate Origniality.AI into his content creation process, making it an excellent solution to the content originality challenge in his field. He used it to do everything from getting new ideas to drafting wonderful, unique content for his website.


One of the most notable results is how Originality.AI significantly enhanced Binit's productivity. It enabled him to generate a ton of fresh ideas and create unique articles quickly and easily, a transformation that saved him a lot of time in content creation. He truly believes that it has helped him become 10x more productive overall, and was especially helpful in creating his course called “Blogging for Beginners”.


In the world of self-development and personal finance websites, content originality is paramount. Now, Binit recognizes Originality.AI as a game-changing tool, particularly its plagiarism detection feature, which ensures his content is both original and free from plagiarism. 

Binit is eager to share his success story and insights with the broader community, acknowledging the tool's potential to help others navigate the content creation challenges in his industry. Originality.AI has, indeed, been an invaluable asset in Binit's journey.

Binit Kumar, Founder of Mr Money Frugal

“I can't express in words how time-saving it has been since I have been using this wonderful platform. AI is changing everything, and now with the help of Originality.AI, I can save time by getting unlimited new ideas and drafting a wonderful piece of article with uniqueness in no time.”

- Binit Kumar, Founder of Mr Money Frugal

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