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Explore how Gabriella Sannino, CEO of Level343, uses Originality.AI to enhance content quality and identify AI impact. Uncover insights into medical SEO, consulting, web optimization, and content marketing.

Gabriella Sannino is the founder and CEO of Level343, an international marketing and SEO company offering medical SEO, SEO consulting, web optimization, content marketing, and SEO services. Given the increasing popularity of AI by writers, they wanted a way to check their content for AI and see where they could potentially strengthen it. In this case study, we will explore how she and the Level343 team use Originality.AI to accomplish just that.

Client Background

Founder and CEO of Level343, Gabriella Sannino has over 20 years of online marketing experience within various disciplines. She has a passion for creating strategies including marketing and SEO, and doesn’t mind ruffling a few feathers and starting revolutions in the process! Gabriella hopes that readers of their blog will inspire others to continue the conversation.

The Problem

Gabriella and Level343 recognized the likelihood of their writers incorporating AI into their writing processes. This presented two main challenges: 1) Assessing the ratio of human-written content to AI-generated content, and 2) Comparing the performance of AI-generated content against human-written content. They needed a tool to help them face these challenges head-on.

The Solution

Gabriella believes she came across Originality.AI on social media, though it may have been through a simple online search as well. Intrigued by its potential, she and the team at Level343 decided to give it a try to gain insights into the extent of AI usage among their writers and to evaluate how well AI content compared to human-authored content.


Gabriella and Level343 had an easy time using Originality.AI to assess the content generated by their writers. By using the tool to check writer content, they aimed to address potential AI influences and strengthen their content quality overall.


Gabriella found that the tool was useful in improving Level343’s content offerings. In fact,, the adoption of Originality.AI significantly improved Level343's ability to send out content to other sites that also employ AI checkers. This led to fewer requests for updates and revisions, streamlining their content distribution process and enhancing overall efficiency.


Gabriella Sannino and Level343 have embraced Originality.AI to navigate the evolving landscape of content creation, driven by AI. The tool's ability to identify AI content, gauge plagiarism, and assess readability scores has empowered them to enhance their content. This kind of experience and insights serve as a valuable resource for businesses aiming to strike a balance between human and AI-generated content while maintaining content quality.

Gabriella Sannino, Founder and CEO of Level343

“I really like that the tool shows AI content, as well as plagiarism and readability scores. Overall, it gives me a tool to improve my content offerings.”

-Gabriella Sannino, Founder and CEO of Level343

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