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Explore how Ghost Blog Writers, led by owner Dayne Shuda, maintains client trust amidst AI-generated content challenges with Originality.AI. Discover effective strategies for reliable and engaging blogging.

Dayne Shuda is the owner of Ghost Blog Writers, a blog and content writing agency. Their approach to blogging is a simple yet effective one: to find the questions that people are asking, and provide the best possible answer. In this case study, we'll explore how Dayne and his team at Ghost Blog Writers successfully addressed the challenge of maintaining client trust in an era of AI-generated content using Originality.AI.

Client Background

Dayne Shuda, owner of Ghost Blog Writers, operates in the blog and content writing industry, providing clients with high-quality, human-created content. He and his diverse, talented, and global team create all kinds of blog posts for businesses, including thought leadership content. They pride themselves on their commitment to using real writers in an increasingly AI-generated world, which is where Originality.AI comes in.

The Problem

Almost immediately after the release of ChatGPT, Dayne and his team began receiving questions from clients and prospects about the use of AI in their content. They wanted to ensure that they were getting original content written by real human writers, not an AI creation program. This challenge led the team to search for a solution to reassure clients that their content was exclusively created by human writers, allowing them to build and maintain trust with both long-term and new clients.

The Solution

One of Ghost Blog Writers' clients introduced them to Originality.AI. Dayne and the team decided to test it immediately, hoping that it would be just the tool to back up their claims that they only use human writers.


The Ghost Blog Writers' team picked up on Originality.AI very quickly, using it for finished articles and sometimes even outlines. However, it’s primarily used by the editors to help demonstrate to clients that the final product is AI-free.

For example, they used it with one client who was particularly concerned about AI. They gave them a few trial posts and decided that Originality.AI was the right tool to help them earn their trust.


The adoption of Originality.AI has brought peace of mind to Ghost Blog Writers and their clients. Not only did that concerned client end up ordering many more articles from them, but Dayne and the team were very impressed by the results themselves, giving them a lot of confidence in the tool. It has not only solidified their commitment to using human writers but also enabled them to overcome trust challenges in an increasingly AI-driven content landscape.


In the era of AI-generated content, maintaining client trust in the source and overall authenticity of content is vital. Fortunately, Ghost Blog Writers has been able to successfully navigate this challenge using Originality.AI. 

The tool has empowered them to assure clients, old and new, that their content is created by real writers, ensuring trust and delivering genuine value. Originality.AI's role as a fundamental component of their content creation process is a testament to its importance in maintaining content authenticity.

Dayne Shuda, Owner of Ghost Blog Writers

Originality.AI has helped us to back up our claims that we only use real writers. It's helped us to build trust with clients, both longtime clients and new clients.

-Dayne Shuda, Owner of Ghost Blog Writers

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