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Discover how Garit Boothe Digital, led by owner Garit Boothe, tackles content authenticity challenges in the AI-generated era. Explore effective strategies for creating dynamic and genuine SEO content." (Character count: 159)

Garit Boothe is the owner of Garit Boothe Digital, a small but dynamic SEO agency that specializes in creating content for clients and his own in-house web properties. In this case study, we'll explore how Garit Boothe Digital successfully navigated the challenges of ensuring content authenticity in an increasingly AI-generated world.

Client Background

Garit Boothe Digital operates in the SEO industry, creating content for a diverse range of clients, from those in FinTech and SaaS to ecommerce and traditional brick-and-mortar businesses. Garit and his team pride themselves in using innovative strategies to help their clients reach the top of the SERPs for competitive, revenue-driving keywords. As they say on their website, they’re the best in the business!

The Problem

Garit firmly supports AI-written content - at least, when it's used with full consent. When he hires a writer to write content themselves, he expects them to do the work. So, the rising popularity of AI content, particularly ChatGPT, prompted Garit to seek a reliable AI detection tool to ensure the authenticity of his writers’ content.

The Solution

While Garit thoroughly tested several AI detection tools, including ChatGPT, Bard, Content at Scale, Byword, Originality.AI emerged as the clear winner. There was no doubt that it outperformed other tools in detecting AI-generated content. 

He even tried using different strategies to beat AI detection tools, and none of them were able to get past Originality.AI. Its robust capabilities provided Garit with the confidence he needed to assure content authenticity for both himself and his clients.


Garit and his team were able to easily integrate Originality.AI into their content creation process, employing it as a crucial component of their editing workflow for the blog and resource articles that will go on their clients’ websites. They typically used it after receiving a writer’s first draft to ensure that the content is indeed human-written, without the help of AI.


The adoption of Originality.AI brought peace of mind to Garit and Garit Boothe Digital, as it helped them to ensure that their content was primarily human-written, even with the rising popularity of AI-generated content. The tool has proved invaluable in content verification and trust-building with clients.

Now, Originality.AI comes into play not only during routine content checks, but also when clients accept guest writers onto their sites. Garit has often encountered instances of guest writers using AI-generated content, and especially likes that Originality.AI highlights sections of the article that are likely AI-written, aiding in content verification.


In an ever-evolving digital landscape where AI-generated content is on the rise, Garit and Garit Boothe Digital found a dependable ally in Originality.AI. This tool's precision in detecting AI content has been essential for verifying content authenticity from a variety of writers, demonstrating its importance in the fast-paced SEO industry.

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“There are some YouTube videos floating around about how people beat Originality's AI detection. I was never able to duplicate that in my own testing. I suspect that you guys have updated your tool to account for every loophole and GPT software update. That is great and super necessary in this fast-moving industry.”

- Garit Boothe, Owner of Garit Boothe  Digital

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