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Discover how Karandeep Arora, a versatile freelance content writer, enhances his content creation with Originality.AI. Uncover insights into crafting engaging and authentic content across diverse industries.

Karandeep Arora, a versatile freelance content writer, specializes in crafting engaging content across various industries. In this case study, we'll delve into how Originality.AI became an indispensable tool in his content creation process.

Client Background

Karandeep Arora is a freelance content writer who creates content on a variety of subjects, such as career development, travel, sports, gardening, and DIY. And he doesn’t just write your average blog post either - his expertise spans a wide range of content types, from guides to listicles to how-to articles.

The Problem

In Karandeep's freelancing career, he came across an unexpected challenge: some of his original content was being flagged as AI-generated, causing questions from clients. He therefore needed a way to ensure that his content maintained its distinctly human touch and to prove its authenticity to clients.

The Solution

Introduced by a client's recommendation, Originality.AI became Karandeep's go-to solution for deciphering the mystery of his flagged AI content. His plan was to use it to identify recurring patterns in his writing that triggered AI alerts and modify them so they would no longer be flagged by detectors.


Karndeep was able to easily integrate Originality.AI into his content creation process, making it the final checkpoint before submission. He wouldn’t send it to clients until it passed the test.


Working Originality.AI into Karandeep's content creation process has been an excellent experience. The tool has enabled him to do just what he had hoped: fine-tune his writing, eliminate patterns that could trigger AI detection, and ensure the authenticity of his work to clients. In fact, he estimates that he has now resolved over 90% of his previous writing patterns that were being flagged as AI!


In the ever-evolving landscape of content creation, where the human touch remains essential, Originality.AI has been instrumental in Karandeep Arora's content creation process. It guarantees that his work continues to resonate as distinctly human, even in a digital landscape increasingly populated by AI-generated content.

“You are the final step of my writing process before any submission. Without Originality, I don't dare send a piece for approval.”

- Karandeep Arora, Freelance Content Writer

Jess Sawyer

Jess Sawyer is a seasoned writer and content marketing expert with a passion for crafting engaging and SEO-optimized content. With several years of experience in the digital marketing, Jess has honed her skills in creating content that not only captivates audiences but also ranks high on search engine results.

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