AI Writing Review — Can It Bypass Leading AI Detectors? claims to create 'undetectable AI content,' which AI checkers can't detect. In this review, we tested to see if the content was as 'undetectable' as they claim.

Our quest to uncover websites claiming to create undetectable AI content rewrites continues, this time focusing on, a generative AI rewriting service marketed specifically to students. claims to let you 'Protect your academic integrity by using our undetectable AI content writer to bypass AI detectors and humanize your text. Create human quality, grammatically correct, plagiarism free and undetectable content.'

But does it actually work?

Here, we will discuss the following:

  • A greater look at
  • How works.
  • Why there is an interest in tools like
  • Testing the tool on blog posts.
  • A final verdict on whether content passes AI detection.

What Is is yet another 'AI humanizer' claiming to turn AI-generated content into human-like content, to bypass the keen eye of AI detectors such as

To do this, the tool takes your AI-generated content and changes the wording and structure in an attempt to make the language sound 'more human.'

Why Are People Interested in

As indicated by the statement, 'Protect your academic integrity by using our undetectable AI content writer to bypass AI detectors and humanize your text,’ this tool is specifically designed for students. With the pressure of deadlines looming, it is understandably tempting for students to turn to AI content generators to do their work for them.

However, this could cause some significant academic issues, not least the potential for plagiarism (with a lack of proper source citations) or even cheating.

Does It Work?

The real question isn't whether tools like are popular. The real question is whether they actually work.

So, we decided to put it to the test. After all, if can do what it claims, it could have serious effects on the entire academic industry.

The Test

To see if is as great as it claims to be, we created a test that we could use across multiple leading AI detectors, including

Step 1: We generated an article in ChatGPT, which we copied word for word and pasted into the leading AI detectors. We opted for ChatGPT content as it continues to be the most popular AI content generator.

Step 2: We then took that exact same copy and ran it through the 'Undetectable AI Content' tool. 

Step 3: Finally, we took the new content it produced word for word and ran it through the same AI detectors to see if there was any difference in scores.

Here is our prompt:

Write an informative article on the importance of getting sunlight in the morning. Discuss the introduction to morning sunlight and its sources, as well as the health benefits such as regulation of circadian rhythms, Vitamin D production, and mental health improvements. Explain the biological mechanisms like serotonin and melatonin release. Provide practical tips for getting morning sunlight and optimal exposure times, as well as precautions to avoid overexposure and considerations for specific health conditions. The article should be 800-1000 words, well-structured, easy to read, and include scientific references where relevant.

Here are the AI detectors we used for this test:

The Results Score

Original content: 100% AI & 0% Human-written

Duey version: 50% AI & 50% Human-written

GPTZero Score

Original content: 100% AI & 0% Human-written

Duey version: 4% AI & 96% Human-written

Writer Score

Original content: 28% AI & 72% Human-written

Duey version: 7% AI & 93% Human-written

Copyleaks Score

Original content: 100% AI & 0% Human-written content

Duey version: 0% AI & 100% Human-written

Findings Explained

At first glance, it would seem that was correct to state that its reworked content bypasses AI detection with sitting at 50/50 and other AI writers determining the content as human-written.

However, when you look a little deeper at the actual content, it's easy to see why. Here are some examples of how the text has been changed:

ChatGPT first paragraph

Duey AI version

As you can see, the tool has made the content sound like gibberish, with long-winded, incoherent sentences. This tactic is common for 'AI humanizers' who run each word through a thesaurus. The text is so ineligible that it's no surprise that AI tools didn't detect it.

In summary, content may not always get picked up by AI detectors, but neither is it likely to get you anywhere near a passing grade.

Frequently Asked Questions About AI Detection Tools and AI-Generated Content

Is free? allows you to use the tool five times for free before asking you to subscribe for a paid monthly membership to keep using the tool.

How do I make AI non-detectable?

To ensure any generated content does not get flagged by AI software such as, it's essential to use AI writing tools sparingly. Instead, rely on your own learned experience and expertise.

Are AI-powered writing tools ethically okay to use?

When it comes to academic work for students, transparency is essential. Follow the guidelines outlined for the assignment and review recommendations with your teacher or professor before using AI.

What is joins the list of AI writing tools that claim to create content that bypasses AI content detectors, such as, although its success in doing so is questionable at best.


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