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Typeset AI Detector Review - Can It Detect AI Generated Content

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The rise of AI-generated text has had many benefits. It has helped people speed up their content planning process, allowed people to learn more about their chosen topic, and opened up a whole new group of people to learning, reading, and producing content.

But it has also led to many issues. One of the biggest issues is the use of AI in academic work.

That's where AI detectors come into play. Here, we will be taking a look at Typset's AI detection tool to see whether it can detect AI-generated content.

Here, we will focus on the following:

  • What Typeset is
  • Why people are interested in Typeset's AI detector
  • Whether the Typeset AI detection tool works or not.

What is Typeset?

Typeset AI Detector Landing Page

Typeset is a search engine curated specifically for scientific results. The AI detector focuses on identifying AI-generated text to ensure your research paper is backed by real human sources.

One other tool that Typeset offers is an AI content detector to help you identify whether or not a piece of academic work is AI-generated or not.

Why are People Interested in Typeset's AI Detector?

Typeset (also known as Scispace), has risen in popularity due to the rise in AI content appearing across academic work, beginning to tarnish academic integrity.

Scispace's AI detector attempts to bring that integrity back by identifying content that is AI written so that you know what you are writing is either written by a human or generated by AI

But does it work?

Does it Work? The Results

All that sounds great, right?

Well, it is, but only if it works! So, let's put the Typeset AI detector to the test alongside the detector, which will be used as a reference point.

As with all articles and tests we conduct at, all of the research is conducted first-hand to ensure the results are open, honest, and fair. We never take payments for these tests to ensure the results are always completely impartial, giving you the clearest possible answers.

The test

For this test, we will create a couple of different examples of AI-generated text via ChatGPT, the most popular AI writing tool.

We will then take this content and run it through the and Typeset AI detection tools to see if they can identify that the content is AI-generated.

For this test, as Typeset's detector is designed specifically for scientific work, we will focus on research papers first and then look at how the tool performs for marketing content as a secondary text.

The Results

Research paper

As Typeset focuses specifically on being the most accurate AI detector for scientific papers, it's only fitting that our first test is an AI-generated research paper. Let's get ChatGPT to write a research paper on the impact of commercial flights on our planet's ecosystem.

Here is our ChatGPT prompt:

Research Paper Prompt:

"Title: Navigating the Skies: A Holistic Analysis of the Environmental Impact of Commercial Flights


Explore and elucidate the multifaceted impact of commercial flights on the Earth's ecosystem. Address key aspects such as greenhouse gas emissions, air and noise pollution, effects on the ozone layer, biofuel utilization, regulatory frameworks, ecosystem resilience, and case studies of affected regions. Synthesize current research findings, analyze trends, and propose recommendations for sustainable aviation practices. Aim for a well-balanced and comprehensive perspective in evaluating the ecological footprint of commercial flights."

Here's what we got in return:

Chatgpt Generate a Research Paper

Now, let's see what our AI detection tools say about this content. Score: 100% AI-generated

Chatgpt Generated Research Paper Get Detected By

Typeset Score: 42% AI-generated

Typeset AI Detector Fail to Detect Chatgpt Generated Research Paper

Worryingly, while detects the content as 100% AI-generated, Typeset believes there is only a 42% chance of it being AI-generated.

Promotional blog post

Okay, so Typeset might not be the best AI or plagiarism detection software for research papers, but how does it perform for marketing-related content? While that might not be its original purpose, if the tool turns out to be great at detecting AI in marketing promotions, then the tool will be very useful.

For this test, let's say we have created an eco-friendly water bottle that helps offset some of the emissions created by other activities, such as commercial flights.

Here is our ChatGPT prompt:

"Prompt for ChatGPT:

Title: Eco-Friendly Water Bottles as Agents of Change: Mitigating Environmental Impact and Offsetting Emissions


Explore the concept of eco-friendly water bottles as a means to offset environmental impacts, specifically in the context of activities with significant carbon footprints, such as commercial flights. Investigate the design, materials, and production processes of these bottles with a focus on sustainability and carbon neutrality. Examine the potential role of these bottles in encouraging eco-conscious consumer behavior and contributing to broader environmental initiatives. Provide insights into the mechanisms by which such products can help offset emissions and contribute to a more sustainable future. Consider the challenges, opportunities, and innovations in the development and promotion of eco-friendly water bottles as environmental solutions."

Here's what ChatGPT gave us:

Chatgpt Generate a Promotional Blog Content Score: 100% AI-generated

Chatgpt Promotional Blog Content Get Detected By

Typeset Score: 13% AI-generated

Typeset AI Detector Fail to Detect Chatgpt Generated Promotional Blog Post

Unfortunately, while detects the content as 100% AI-generated, Typeset performs a little worse on this test, stating that it is only 13% AI-generated.

Based on these two tests, it is important that you do some much more detailed research before trusting Typeset to detect AI content for you.

Frequently Asked Questions About AI Detection Tools and AI-Generated Content

Is Typeset AI free?

You can check AI-written content in Typeset for free, but you have a maximum input limit of 1,000 words.

What is Typeset?

Typeset is a search engine curated specifically for scientific results. The AI detector focuses on identifying AI-generated text to ensure your research paper is backed by real human sources.

How do I make AI non-detectable?

While some AI tools claim to make your content bypass AI detection reports, the best AI detector will always unearth it. The best route forward is to use AI writing assistants sparingly, always adding your own thoughts and opinions to anything you create.

Are AI-powered writing tools ethically okay to use?

There is no denying that AI models are incredibly powerful, but that doesn't mean we should completely rely on them. Instead, we should use AI writers to provide us with actionable insights for research papers before writing in-depth analyses ourselves to ensure we have authenticity and accuracy in the content we produce.


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