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StealthWriter AI Review - Does it Beat the Detectors?

Test the claims with StealthWriter AI, the tool that promises genuine AI text transformation, aiming to outperform others in bypassing detection. Uncover authenticity in content creation.

When it comes to AI detection bypassing tools, there are many that claim to have such powers. And yet, when put to the test, these tools often fall short of expectations or use backward tactics to try and get around the detectors.

The most recent tool we are going to test is StealthWriter AI, a tool that claims to transform AI text into "authentic" content (already a bad sign).

But is this true?

Here, we will discuss the following:

  • A greater look at StealthWriter AI
  • How StealthWriter AI works
  • Why there is interest in tools like StealthWriter AI
  • Testing the tool on blog posts
  • A final verdict on whether StealthWriter AI content passes AI detection.

What is StealthWriter AI?

Stealthwriter is one of the many tools that claim to offer undetectable content generation that search engines, your audience, or even your teacher will not be able to detect.

It says it can offer you unique writing if you simply input a few prompts, and they will create something that cannot be traced by AI content detection tools like

Stealthwriter is not the only platform that says it can provide this service. In fact, there are several Stealthwriter alternatives, including Undetectable AI, which we recently tested.

Why are People Interested in StealthWriter AI?

An AI-powered tool like StealthWriter, or competitors similar to it, is very attractive to a certain target audience.

Some people find themselves short on time and want to use an AI content creation tool to generate their content for them, but in a way that ensures no one knows that they generated it. That might be because they have too many pressures at work to find time to write, it might be because they aren't confident in their writing skills, or it could simply be because they want to take a quick shortcut and save time.

Whatever the case may be, it is easy to see why the world of AI content generation is exciting to some, given the seemingly bottomless well of knowledge and insight and the speed at which content can get created.

At, we are certainly not against the use of such tools. When used sparingly and in the right circumstances, they can be fantastic tools for increased productivity.

However, we are a big believer in being open and honest about our use of said tools. We believe it is crucial that we are transparent about when we use AI content tools, and that is why we have made it our mission to ensure that undetectable content is not possible with our AI content detection tool.

So, let's put Stealthwriter AI to the test!

Does it Work? The Results

Okay, let's cut to the chase. The main reason you're reading this article.

Can Stealthwriter AI create content that bypasses AI detection tools?

Sure, it boasts a simple, user-friendly interface and plenty of features, but all that is irrelevant if the content isn't undetectable. Otherwise, it is just another AI content-generation tool.

To find out whether or not the tool really works, we decided to set up a little test, putting it up against some of the market-leading AI content detection tools, including

For this test, we created a blog article in ChatGPT, as this is one of the most common uses for the tool. As we have mentioned before, we certainly do not claim that should be used for academic purposes, so we decided to pick a test that would reflect marketing content generation instead.

The test

For this test, we pretended to be a clothing brand called "Did I Mention," a brand focused on promoting clothing that allows people to express their personality and preferences through what they wear.

The imaginary company are bringing out a new clothing range called the "Did I Mention Imma Do Me Collection," and they need to create an article to accompany the launch.

Here's the prompt we will give ChatGPT:

"Write me an article on the importance of showing off your individuality in the way you dress.

The article should be at least 1,000 words and should talk about the importance of individuality in society, the power of embracing yourself for who you are, and understanding that self-confidence and having your own views and style is an attractive trait, along with any other things you feel should be included in the content.

Please include a title, a short key takeaways section after the introduction, and an array of H2 and H3s where necessary.

Finish off with a definitive conclusion, promoting the "Did I Mention" brand.

This clothing brand promotes owning your opinions and achievements and wearing them as a badge of honor. They offer a range of collections like "Did I Mention I'm Vegan," "Did I Mention I Ran a Marathon," "Did I Mention I Love the Gym"

They have a new range coming out, which is the "Did I Mention Imma Do Me" for individuals.

1000 words minimum"

We will then take the content generated and run it through these AI detection tools without making any edits:

Next, we will run the content through StealthWriter before running through these AI detection tools without any changes to see if the detection score changes and by how much.

Here is our test content:

ChatGPT generating Content Score

Original content: 100% AI & 0% Human-written

ChatGPT Generated Content Detection Score in Ai Content Detector

StealthWriter version: 22% AI % 78% Human-written

StealthWriter Generated Content Detection Score in Ai Content Detector

GPTZero Score

Original content: 84% AI & 16% Human-written

ChatGPT Generated Content Detection Score in GPTZero Ai Content Detector

StealthWriter version: 0% AI % 100% Human-written

StealthWriter Generated Content Detection Score in GPTZero Ai Content Detector

Writer Score

Original content: 1% AI & 99% Human-written

ChatGPT Generated Content Detection Score in Writer score Ai Content Detector

StealthWriter version: 1% AI & 99% Human-written

StealthWriter Generated Content Detection Score in Writer Score Ai Content Detector

ContentAtScale Score

Original content: 100% AI & 0% Human-written

ChatGPT Generated Content Detection Score in ContentAtScale Ai Content Detector

StealthWriter version: 0% AI & 100% Human-written

StealthWriter Generated Content Detection Score in ContentAtScale Ai Content Detector

CopyLeaks Score

Original content: 100% AI% 0% Human-written

ChatGPT Generated Content Detection Score in CopyLeaks Ai Content Detector

StealthWriter version: 0% AI &100% Human-written

StealthWriter Generated Content Detection Score in CopyLeaks Ai Content Detector

Findings Explained

Best Ai Content Detectors Findings

At first glance, you would have to say that StealthWriter did its job perfectly. Three of the AI detectors all believed the original content was either 100% AI-generated or there was a strong chance of it being so.

However, when we put that same content through the StealthWriter tool, we were presented with a completely different story, with as the only tool that thought there might be a small chance the content was AI-generated.

It would be easy to leave the test here and say that the tool works and move on.

But when you scratch a little under the surface, you quickly see that is not the case!

I was suspicious of the results, so I decided to read through the content provided by StealthWriter. I quickly noticed that it was riddled with grammatical errors (44, according to Grammarly Pro).

StealthWriter Generated Content in Grammarly

This is a common tactic used by tools like StealthWriter, as grammar mistakes suggest a level of human error that AI tools rarely make.

But of course, once you tidy up those issues, the percentage score would change significantly.

That said, even when all the grammar was corrected, I noticed the content was still very much unusable.

Why, I hear you ask. Well, have a look at some of the sentences from the first 100 words of the article

Self Expression Through Style

I don't know about you, but I don't think I've ever worried about what my clothes say about me! Certainly not how it communicates who I am to the earth...

But there's more:

Self Expression Through Styles
Grammarly Self Expression Through Style

I could go in with examples from every other sentence in the article, but this clearly shows why it passed the AI detection tests - the content makes no sense.

As you can see from this test, the best method continues to either write the content yourself or use AI content tools sparingly and with transparency for your audience to ensure your reputation is not damaged by trying to pass off AI-generated work as your own.

Frequently Asked Questions About AI Detection Tools and AI-Generated Content

Is StealthWriter AI free?

Yes, you can use StealthWriter for free, but they also offer a paid plan with additional features.

What is StealthWriter AI?

StealthWriter is an AI detection tool that claims to bypass AI content detection tools like to allow users to create human-written, high-quality content in just a few clicks.

How do I make AI non-detectable?

Achieving the non-detectability of AI-generated content is only possible through human editing and writing. Human influence can help blend AI-generated text with a more authentic touch; complete non-detectability remains elusive, emphasizing the importance of using AI responsibly and within ethical guidelines.

Are AI-powered writing tools ethically okay to use?

In the right circumstances, AI-powered writing tools, when used transparently and in collaboration with human writers, can enhance productivity and creativity, but ethical considerations should guide their appropriate application to ensure responsible and authentic content creation.


My name is Graeme, a passionate writer with a strong Content Marketing background. Over the last seven years, I have developed an extensive portfolio of SEO Content writing, helping various brands improve their organic traffic, customer experience, and, ultimately, profits!

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