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Sassbook AI Review - Powerful AI Text Generator For Original Content

Sassbook AI: Beat writer's block and create original content! Our review explores AI writing, headlines and more. Ideal for storytellers.

We're back with another AI tool review, this time diving deeper into Sassbook AI, a tool that offers to help with AI writing, story writing, paraphrasing, summarizing, and even headline generation.

But is it a tool that is worth investing in, or one you should avoid?

In this review, we will look at the following:

  • What Sassbook AI is best for
  • How to use it effectively
  • What types of content you can generate
  • How much this tool costs
  • Key features
  • The pros and cons
  • Alternatives to Sassbook AI
  • Whether the content produced gets detected by
  • The final verdict on Sassbook AI

Sassbook AI Quick Review

  • Ease of use - 6/10
  • Features - 6/10
  • Customer Support - 7/10
  • Price - 8/10
  • Speed - 8/10
  • - detectable

Summary - 6/10

Overall, the Sassbook AI platform is perfectly serviceable, but the interface is certainly not as user-friendly as other alternatives.

It is also frustrating that you are limited to such a short amount of words per generation, making it very difficult to generate longer-form content.

How We Test AI Tools

As with any AI tool review we publish on this blog, we have undertaken extensive first-hand research on Sassbook AI, testing the tool in several ways to fully understand whether or not it is a tool you should be considering for your writing process.

Who is Sassbook AI Best For?

Sassbook AI Landing Page

Given the fact that you are limited to such short content generations at a time (anywhere from 50-100 words per generation), the tool is certainly best for those who want to create content with their own words and need a tool that helps them quickly overcome writer's block, to allow them to continue writing.

This type of process is ideal for story writing, where you need a little support with a particular section so that you can continue taking the story forward.

How to Use Sassbook AI Effectively

To get the most out of the Sassbook tool, it's important to be aware of its capabilities and limitations.

As we have already touched on, how many words you can create in each generation is limited, so don't expect it to be an effective tool for generating long-form content at speed.

But that isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Instead, it is a great tool for providing AI support for your own content. This allows you to get the benefits of AI content generation without completely replacing your creativity and unique voice.

What Types of Content Can You Create With Sassbook AI?

Types of Content User Can Create With Sassbook AI

As Sassbook AI states on its home page, the tool has an AI writer, AI summarizer, AI paraphraser, AI headline generator, and AI story writer.

This provides users with a wide range of options for content creation, content adjustment, and idea generation.

How Much Does It Cost?

Sassbook AI Pricing Plans

The Free Plan - $0 per month

  • 50 words per generation
  • 20 generations per day
  • 2 users

The Standard Plan - $15 per month

  • 70 words per generation
  • Unlimited generations per day
  • 4 users

The Premium Plan - $25 per month

  • 100 words per generation
  • Unlimited generations per day
  • 6 users

Key Sassbook AI Features

AI Headline Generator

Sassbook AI Headline Generator

The first feature to mention is Sassbook's AI headline generator. Here, you can input your prompt, and Sassbook will provide you with a headline. Like this:

Sassbook AI Generates High Quality Headlines

These are pretty basic results, but with a more detailed prompt, you likely get better results.

AI Summarizer

Sassbook AI Text Summarizer

Next, we have the AI summarizer, which breaks down long-form content into a more digestible, bite-sized version.

Let's take a snippet from this article on AI model collapse and see how it gets summarized.

Summary Generated By Sassbook Ai Text Summarizer

The summary is short and concise and only 22% the size of the original content.

AI Paraphraser

Sassbook AI Paraphraser

Sassbook AI also has its own paraphrasing tool. Let's take that same content and see how it gets paraphrased.

Paraphrases Generated By Sassbook Ai Paraphraser

While some AI paraphrasing tools struggle because the content generated is incoherent, Sassbook AI's tool has a different issue, as the content is far too similar to pass as 'paraphrased'.

AI Story Writer

Saasbook Ai Story Generator

Another interesting feature is the AI story writer. Here, you can select your genre and input information about your story, and Sassbook AI will generate content relevant to your prompt.

Here's our test prompt:

'Two men sitting in a cafe, working on solo projects but catching up as friends about what's going on outside their worklife.'

Story Generated By Sassbook Ai Story Writer

Unfortunately, what's generated is utter gibberish. It initially repeats back my prompt before starting a story that is all over the shop and not relevant to the prompt.

AI Writer

Sassbook Ai Writer Dashboard

Let's see if we have more success with our AI writer, which is designed to help us with articles.

Here's our prompt, referring back to the topic we used for headline generation:

'Write me an introduction for an article on the importance of moving toward solar energy. Reference the benefits we will cover and why this is such an important talking point.'

And here's what we got back:

Article Generated By Sassbook Ai Writer

Sadly we get the same issue, where the content generated repeats our prompt back to us, to then start writing something that makes no sense for an introduction to an article.

Sassbook AI Alternatives

Picking an alternative to the Sassbook AI tool ultimately depends on what you are searching for.

For example, if you are looking for an AI writer for story support, some options like Novel AI or Sudowrite would be great options.

Alternatively, if you want a tool that is more marketing focused in its AI generation, then tools like Neuraltext or Simplified AI would do the job, although they are a little more expensive.

Can Sassbook AI Get Detected by

As we are limited to 50 words per generation, we are unable to check if the content is AI detectable, but as it doesn't make much sense, amending that issue should be priority number one.

Sassbook AI: The Final Verdict

Overall, the Sassbook AI tool has a few very interesting features.

Whilst we certainly wouldn't say this was a market-leading AI generation tool, and the user interface is lagging behind somewhat, we would still recommend checking out the free trial, to see whether or not this tool suits your needs or whether you uncover the same issues we found.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sassbook AI

Is Sassbook AI secure and reliable?

From our experience using the Sassbook AI writer, we found the tool to be both safe and secure. Whether you're using the Sassbook AI story writer or the AI headline generator, the tool is easy to use and doesn't require you to share any unnecessary access or data.

Does Sassbook AI cost money?

You can add the SassBook AI tool to your writing process for free, but you only get limited access to the AI summarizer, AI paraphraser, and AI story writer.

For more access, the sort you will need if you want to generate a blog post for example, you will need to invest in a Standard or Premium Plan.

What is the difference between Sassbook AI and ChatGPT?

Sassbook AI writer helps create specific forms of content, such as headlines and other short-form content, whereas ChatGPT focuses on a broader approach to AI content generation.

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