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Percent Human AI Detector Review

As a website owner, it’s hard to resist the allure of transformer model-based AI writing tools and ChatGPT for creating content at an affordable price and in large quantities. However, the quality of content generated by these tools often lacks the depth, research, and value readers crave. This can result in penalties from search engines

As a website owner, it’s hard to resist the allure of transformer model-based AI writing tools and ChatGPT for creating content at an affordable price and in large quantities. However, the quality of content generated by these tools often lacks the depth, research, and value readers crave.

This can result in penalties from search engines, such as Google, which now emphasizes the importance of high-quality, research-based content in its search algorithms. That’s why ensuring that your website’s content is high quality and human-written is crucial.

Enter Percent Human: a cutting-edge solution that employs advanced AI detection technology to identify machine-generated output quickly and accurately. By detecting AI and ChatGPT-generated content, Percent Human helps website owners avoid penalties and provides readers with engaging and informative pieces worth reading.

With its ease of use and exceptional detection speed, Percent Human has earned a spot among the top 22 AI content detection tools. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the features, pricing, and detection accuracy of Percent Human and compare it to other industry-leading AI detection tools, such as Let’s dive in and see if Percent Human lives up to its claims.


Percent Human is a highly convenient AI content detection platform available as a Chrome extension.

The top features that set it apart are:

  • GPT-3 text recognition: This browser extension allows users to quickly detect AI texts, such as those generated by ChatGPT and GPT-3.
  • Comprehensive coverage for academia: Percent Human AI plagiarism detection tool scans all websites and platforms, providing a complete range to safeguard academic honesty no matter the source – a student’s last assignment or an educator’s research.
  • Seamless integration: The platform includes integrations with Google Workspace products (Drive, Docs, Classroom), LMSs such as Canvas, Blackboard Learn, and Schoology, plus enterprise-level security for safeguarding student data.
  • A helpful aid for educators: Teachers and schools can easily access this Chrome extension to quickly detect AI texts from assignments, tests, and other educational tasks.


  • Easy integration and usability
  • AI detection for selected text
  • Free to use
  • Easy-to-understand results and AI scoring


  • Unreliable accuracy
  • Less suitability for non-academic texts
  • No URL scanning options

Testing Percent Human Accuracy

Now that we’ve examined the features of Percent Human, it’s time to put its accuracy to the test. To evaluate its effectiveness, we ran a series of tests using seven text samples generated entirely by, a famous AI writer. We then compared the results of Percent Human with those of, another powerful AI detection tool that can catch content generated by GPT-3, ChatGPT, GPT-3.5, and GPT-2.

As we’ve tested against many other apps in the past, we were eager to see how Percent Human would fare in comparison. After all, accuracy is crucial when detecting AI-generated content, as the consequences of publishing such content can be significant.

After running the test for all seven of our text samples, we’ve compiled the results in the table below for quick comparison. We already know that the most optimal result should be a 100% probability of AI because all seven of our text samples are AI-generated.

Percent Human has claimed a 95% accuracy of AI detection on their website. Unfortunately, our test results are not in line with the claim.

For only two of the text samples out of seven, it detected AI content with 100% probability. For three of the contents, it claimed with absolute confidence that the text is indeed human-written, which we know is not the case. The tool showed partial accuracy in detecting AI text in two of the samples, with 39% and 5% probability scoring.

Now, if we look at the average scores of AI probability, we see that the average AI detection score of and Percent Human is 79.14% and 34.86%, respectively. The significantly higher average detection score also shows the supremacy of

Comparing Percent Human to Other Platforms

Now that we’ve already tested Percent Human’s accuracy and explored the features, let’s find out how the platform stands regarding overall usability.

  • Bulk content detection: Large-scale enterprises and content managers often have to check hundreds or even thousands of web pages quickly for AI content and plagiarized texts. Unfortunately, Percent Human has no bulk content scanning features like URL and domain scanning, which you can use with
  • No plagiarism detection: While AI content is a potential problem for your site, plagiarism is even more serious. lets you scan your text, URL, or domain for plagiarism and AI content simultaneously. In contrast, Percent Human does not provide a plagiarism checker.
  • Server outages: We found that Percent Human had occasional server outages while using the tool, which is not an issue we experienced with
  • Highlighting AI texts: When you scan bulk content, knowing what part of your text might contain AI is critical. can precisely identify and highlight the AI text. However, with Percent Human, you cannot specifically know which part of your text you should change to avoid a penalty.

Advantages of Percent Human

Despite some drawbacks for experienced and sophisticated users, Percent Human is an ideal tool for beginners. Educators, scholars, and entry-level users who don’t have the means to pay a subscription fee for a full-fledged AI and plagiarism detection service can benefit from its convenience.

Moreover, it has a fast detection speed and an easy integration/installation process, so you can use it immediately. Plus, with its select-to-scan feature, you won’t need to copy/paste the text into its search console – on most websites, you select what you want to be scanned and click the Percent Human Chrome extension.


Percent Human is a free and convenient solution that utilizes advanced AI detection technology to identify machine-generated content accurately. While it has some drawbacks, such as occasional server outages and lower accuracy than offers, Percent Human is still an excellent option for educators, students, and website owners who want their content to be of superior quality and written by humans. may be a better and more reliable bet if you want to stay clear of penalties confidently and have integrated plagiarism detection within the same platform.

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