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Free MarketMuse Alternative and Review

Explore a free alternative to MarketMuse! Learn about a content optimization tool for SEO writing. Uncover features and user insights in our review.

Sherice Jacob

MarketMuse is a well-known content optimization tool that uses artificial intelligence to help in the writing of search engine optimized content. By analyzing content and comparing it to top-ranking pages in the search engines, users can see exactly how their content compares to the competition. 

However, although MarketMuse can help with content strategy and optimization, it does have its downsides, namely:

High Cost

Although there is a limited free trial, most users pay as much as $149/month while agencies are set back nearly $400 per month for a maximum of three users. 

High Learning Curve

To its credit, MarketMuse offers a variety of features, however all of these take time to understand and learn how to use correctly. For those users who are new to search engine optimization and content marketing in general, there can be a considerable learning curve involved. 

Data Overload

MarketMuse displays information in such a way that it can be overwhelming, even for experienced users:

MarketMuse Users Dashboard
Source: MarketMuse Blog

Originality.AI’s Free Content Optimizer Tool: A Free MarketMuse Alternative

Originality.AI’s free content optimizer tool is an efficient MarketMuse alternative that gives you all of the benefits of content optimization without the cost. 

To use the tool, simply go to: and enter one of the keywords you’re targeting. Next, add the URL of your current content page or copy and paste your content into the text box directly.

Third, go to Google and get as many as 10 top-ranking URLs for the keyword you’re targeting. Then submit the information while the Free Content Optimizer tool goes to work. 

Understanding the Results from Originality.AI’s Free Content Optimizer Tool

The Content Optimization tool then displays the results on the right-hand side of the page, each color-coded with specific words and phrases that tell you at-a-glance to use more of this term, and less of this one, to optimize your content for the best possible results. 

Beyond a near-instant content optimization strategy, Originality.AI’s MarketMuse alternative also offers several other time-saving features designed to help you improve your content strategy and get more SEO juice out of every piece you write, including: 

Export to CSV Feature

This feature exports a table for use in Excel or your favorite spreadsheet software. It includes all of the keyword results including one, two, three and four keyword phrases to provide you with as much detailed, actionable data as possible. 

Export GPT Prompt Feature

This feature copies a GPT prompt to your clipboard which asks ChatGPT to expand your article by three paragraphs and incorporate the keyword that you may be lacking. Given the nature of artificial intelligence and ChatGPT’s existing knowledge base, it’s best to look over the generated results and verify them for authenticity rather than giving the AI free reign over writing your content for you. 

Show Keyword Highlighting Feature

This feature highlights the top 5 keywords in one color and your primary entered keyword in another, giving you the flexibility to continually optimize your content without losing sight of your goal. You’re free to continue using Optimizely’s MarketMuse alternative to keep scanning your content and optimizing it for best possible results. There are no limits on use and no per-user charges. 

Should You Use MarketMuse?

MarketMuse is an excellent tool for optimizing your content to rank well in the search engines. However, the price and high learning curve can put it out of many people’s reach, especially if you are just starting out. It takes time to learn and even more time to perfect your content so that it’s green across the board. 

With Originality.AI’s content optimizer tool, you have a fast, free and easy way to see which relevant keywords you should be including in your content, which ones you’re overusing and exactly which words and phrases to target for better results. It’s not designed to replace MarketMuse, but it is designed to give you many of the features for free that MarketMuse charges for, saving you time and money. 

These features, alongside the ability to export your results, enlist AI and continually refine and optimize your content makes Originality.AI’s free MarketMuse alternative a valuable tool in your content and search engine optimization toolkit. 

Why Use Originality.AI’s Content Optimizer Tool?

Originality.AI’s content optimizer tool is a free, fast alternative to MarketMuse that takes the core parts of content optimization strategy and gives you the flexibility to use them for free. See where your competition is lacking in their keyword strategy, identify gaps in their optimization and look for areas where you can dominate. 

Beyond identifying areas where the top 10 URLs for your chosen keyword are weak, Originality.AI’s MarketMuse alternative also shows you, within fractions of a percentage, how much or how little to tweak your content to rank for the terms you want. In some cases this means using more of a keyword, not quite as much or less. With an intuitive red-yellow-green system, you can quickly see where you or your writing team need to concentrate your efforts for the best possible results. 

Plus, with collaborative features like the ability to export the data to CSV to share with your team, the ability to harness GPT to give you ideas on where to expand for the keywords you’re missing, and the ability to consistently refresh and refine your content without having it cost you credits or per-use charges, you now have the freedom to produce and optimize high-ranking content at scale, absolutely free. 

Just One of Originality.AI’s Comprehensive Content Tools

The content optimizer is just one of Originality.AI’s many comprehensive content tools designed to help your content rank and read better. When combined with our state of the art AI content detector and plagiarism checker, as well as our detailed readability checker, you have a variety of options to not only craft and optimize your content, but also ensure that it is authentically human, engaging for your readers, and designed to understood. 

And that’s something that no market muse can offer. Try Originality.AI risk-free today!

Sherice Jacob

Plagiarism Expert Sherice Jacob brings over 20 years of experience to digital marketing as a copywriter and content creator. With a finger on the pulse of AI and its developments, she works extensively with Originality.AI to help businesses and publishers get the best returns from their Content.

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