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Hix AI Review — Can It Bypass Leading AI Detectors?

Hix AI claims to 'humanize' AI content so that AI detectors can't (in theory) detect it. We tested this claim to find out if it could actually bypass AI checkers.

Hix AI is one of a number of AI writing tools that claim to 'humanize' AI content, so that AI detectors can't (in theory) detect it.

Hix AI claims to Generate human-like, undetectable writing with HIX Bypass. Plagiarism-free guaranteed!

Well, we decided we couldn't let that statement go unchallenged!

Here, we will discuss the following:

  • A greater look at Hix AI.
  • How Hix AI works.
  • Why there’s interest in tools like Hix AI.
  • Testing the tool on blog posts.
  • A final verdict on whether Hix AI content passes AI detection.

What Is Hix AI?

Hix.AI is an AI writing tool that claims to 'humanize' AI-generated content. According to its claims, it can transform AI-generated content, so that it bypasses AI content detectors such as

To achieve this, Hix.AI takes your content and converts it into new text and styles to try and trick AI detectors into believing it's human-written.

Why Are People Interested in Hix AI?

As with other AI content humanizer tools, there’s significant interest in the concept of bypassing AI detection, especially for those who produce high volumes of content.

It's no secret that generating content is significantly quicker than writing it and often requires much less thought.

However, Google has already shown in recent algorithm updates that it has little to no tolerance for content it detects as AI-generated, making the process null and void.

So, if a tool is truly able to convert content into seeming like it is human written, it's easy to see why such a concept is so appealing.

Does It Work?

However, there is one main question that remains:

Does Hix AI actually work?

After all, if it does work as it claims to, it could be a game-changer for content marketers around the globe.

So, let's put it to the test!

The Test

Step 1: For our test, we generated an article using ChatGPT, copying the content created word-for-word and pasting it into four of the most prominent AI detectors in the market.

Step 2: We then ran that content through Hix AI, took the content that the tool generated, and ran it through the same detectors.

Step 3: We evaluated the results from each detector to see how much Hix AI really 'humanized' the content.

Here is our prompt:

Create an article discussing how to choose the perfect photo frame for different types of photographs and spaces. Include considerations such as frame material, color, and style and how these elements should complement the photo and the room decor. Address different types of frames, such as wood, metal, and acrylic, and their suitability for various photo themes and environments. Provide tips on matching frame sizes with photo dimensions and the importance of matting in framing. Highlight any current trends in photo framing and offer advice on where to purchase quality frames. Conclude with a summary of key points to remember when selecting a photo frame.

Here are the AI detectors we used for this test:

The Results Score

Original content: 100% AI & 0% Human-written

Hix version: 100% AI & 0% Human-written

GPTZero Score

Original content: 100% AI & 0% Human-written

Hix version: 100% AI & 0% Human-written

Writer Score

Original content: 23% AI & 77% Human-written

Hix version: 23% AI & 77% Human-written

Copyleaks Score

Original content: 100% AI & 0% Human-written content

Hix version: 100% AI & 0% Human-written

Findings Explained

Incredibly, both the before and after versions of our AI generated content scored the same with each detector (even Writer, which believed both versions were likely human-written!).

As you can see from this small study, Hix AI had little impact on the content getting past AI content detectors. So, the verdict? It’s not as effective as it might want users to think.

The only way to truly 'bypass' AI detection is by using generative AI tools sparingly. Instead focusing on the quality of your writing, unique perspective and style.

Frequently Asked Questions About AI Detection Tools and AI-Generated Content

Is Hix AI free?

At first glance, it seems that Hix AI allows users to test the AI writer for free. However, upon further inspection, the Hix AI writer requires you to log in and sign up for a paid membership before using it.

How do I make AI non-detectable?

The only way to truly 'bypass' AI detection is by using generative AI tools sparingly, instead focusing on the quality of your writing and unique style.

Are AI-powered writing tools ethically okay to use?

Ultimately, the context is key when it comes to the ethical element of AI content creation. In many instances, the best rule to follow is one of openness and transparency.

What is Hix AI?

Hix.AI is an AI writing tool that claims to 'humanize' AI-generated content to create copy that avoids detection and bypasses AI content checkers such as


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