Hemingway Readability App Review

The Hemingway readability app is a popular writing tool that’s designed to help writers, students and content creators improve the readability and clarity of their writing. Through its intuitive user interface, it offers suggestions for improvement that make it accessible to writers of all skill levels and backgrounds.

The Hemingway readability app is a popular writing tool that’s designed to help writers, students and content creators improve the readability and clarity of their writing. Through its intuitive user interface, it offers suggestions for improvement that make it accessible to writers of all skill levels and backgrounds.

In this detailed review, we’ll cover more about how the Hemingway Readability App works, as well as its pros and cons and whether or not it's a tool worth having in your content arsenal. 

What is the Hemingway Readability App?

The Hemingway Readability App is an app that helps writers understand the readability and improve the clarity of their writing. Its name comes from the famous American writer Ernest Hemingway, who was known for his direct and concise writing style. 

The Hemingway Readability App analyzes text and highlights specific areas of concern, including complex sentences, confusing word choice, spots where comprehension could be difficult, and grammar errors. It is primarily available as a web-based platform, but as of version 3.0, is also available as a desktop software program.

Hemingway Readability App dashboard
The Hemingway Readability App at work, highlighting complex sentences that could be difficult for readers to understand

Hemingway Readability App Features

The Hemingway App offers a number of attractive features that make it a valuable tool for writers, including: 

Readability Analysis - The Hemingway Readability app analyzes your text and gives you a readability score which shows how difficult your writing is to understand. It considers things like sentence length, complexity of vocabulary, the use of adverbs and passive voice among others, highlighting points where the writing could be improved.

Color-Coded Highlights - With its intuitive user interface and color-coded highlights, you can see precisely where your content could be edited to improve readability. Each writing issue is given its own specific color, for example, complex sentences are highlighted in yellow, adverbs are highlighted in blue and areas where passive voice is used are highlighted in green. 

Sentence Structure - Hemingway will highlight complex sentences and suggest ideas and tips on how you can improve them to make them more concise and easily understood. It encourages you to break down long, unwieldy sentences into smaller ones – a must when writing for online audiences. 

Word Choice Suggestions -  In addition to suggestions on what needs to be changed, the Hemingway app also suggests how you can change it. If a word or sentence is particularly weak in the context or flow of the piece, it will provide suggestions on how to make your writing more colorful or bold. 

Grammar and Spelling Check - Beyond offering suggestions for improvement in terms of readability and writing style, Hemingway also does a thorough grammar and spelling check, highlighting incorrect punctuation, inconsistencies and spelling mistakes. 

Readability Statistics - Learn interesting details about your content beyond the readability score. See statistics on the number of paragraphs, sentences, words, individual characters and more. 

Import and Export Text in Various Formats  - The Hemingway Readability app lets you import and expert text in a variety of formats including plain text and HTML. It also works alongside popular word processing programs like Microsoft and blogging and content management systems like Wordpress. 

How to Use the Hemingway Readability App

Hemingway is extremely easy to use, even for beginners. Here’s how to use it, step-by-step

  1.  First, open your web browser and go to the website at
  2. Next write in or copy and paste your text in the text box. 
  3. After entering your text, the app will immediately analyze and color code it.
  4. If you want to edit it, click on Edit at the top right of the screen to make your changes.
  5. Make revisions directly in the editor
  6. Optionally export, copy or save your work by clicking on the Write button at the top right of the screen. 

Hemingway Readability App Pros and Cons

The Hemingway Readability App has its own set of advantages and disadvantages when it comes to checking your content for readability.  Keep these points in mind if you’re evaluating the app as a possible way to help you improve your writing. 


  • Identifies complex and confusing sentences while encouraging a more simple, concise approach
  • Color-coded highlights makes it easy to see specific areas in need of improvement at-a-glance. 
  • Simple interface makes checking readability clean, easy and intuitive
  • No installation or downloads needed. Accessible on any device with an internet connection.


  • With such a strong focus on simplification, the meaning or intent of your writing may suffer or be diluted as a result
  • The Hemingway App has a limited ability to process language in certain contexts and may not fully understand the tone or nuances that a human editor would.
  • As the name implies, the app is designed around the author Hemingway’s own writing style. If you want to use a different style, you should consider a different readability checker
  • A lack of personalized feedback means that you’re getting “one size fits all” suggestions for your writing. 

Alternatives to the Hemingway Readability App

Grammarly - Grammarly is a widely-used alternative to Hemingway that offers a detailed grammar, spelling and punctuation check as well as suggestions on how to improve the clarity and flow of your writing. It’s also available as a browser extension and as a desktop app. 

LanguageTool - An open source grammar and style checker that supports multiple languages. It can be used directly through the website or through a browser extension. 

Originality.AI - Our own free readability checker that analyzes your content readability across 11 of the leading readability formulas, offering color-coded suggestions as well as text statistics and a keyword density checker for search engine optimization purposes. It’s also available as a browser extension and through the Originality.AI website. 

What is Originality.AI?

Originality.AI is an AI writing detection service that also offers helpful online tools to check for plagiarism and check readability of your text. Through this combination of tools, you can not only improve your own writing or spot weak areas in your text, but you can also check content for plagiarism or AI writing. Originality.AI was built for content creators to give them more control over their content while maintaining the authenticity and expertise that Google and other search engines look for when evaluating a given piece. 

How Does the Hemingway Readability App Compare to Originality.AI? 

Although the Hemingway Readability App and Originality.AI may seem similar on the surface in terms of checking your document for readability, they differ considerably beyond that. For example, Hemingway focuses heavily on simplification while Originality.AI focuses on the broader picture of how your text readability is assessed across a number of formulas.

In addition, the Hemingway App doesn’t offer any type of plagiarism checker or AI writing detection, making it more narrow in scope than Originality.AI

How Does the Originality.AI Readability Algorithm Work?

The Originality.AI readability algorithm analyzes your text according to nearly a dozen of the most popular reading formulas, including Flesch-Kincaid, Gunning Fog, SMOG and many more. It does this by leveraging a combination of mathematical formulas, machine learning and natural language processing to give you a bigger picture of the readability of your content according to age range, grade or educational level and much more. 

The Bottom Line: Should You Use the Hemingway Readability App? 

The Hemingway Readability app is a great little tool if you want to write like Hemingway – simple, direct and concise. It can also help you improve your writing by giving you tips on how to write less confusing or less complex sentences. This makes it an excellent tool for anyone who needs to distill technical or academic documents into plain English or ESL students who are studying for the IELTS test

However, if you need a deeper, more complex picture of your document’s readability, we recommend using Originality.AI’s free readability checker. Beyond the readability assessment, you can also upgrade to a premium account and check your document for plagiarism and AI detection. With prices as low as 1 cent per 100 words scanned, it’s an affordable, easy way to ensure your document ticks all the boxes when it comes to simplicity, readability and human authenticity.

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