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GPTInf Review — Can It Bypass Leading AI Detectors?

GPTInf claims to modify content and turn AI-generated text into human-like copy, so that it bypasses AI detection tools. In this review, we tested GPTInf's claims. Here are our results.

We're back again with another AI Detector bypassing tool review, this time looking at GPTInf. As with other tools we have debunked through transparent testing, GPTInf claims to modify content to fool the AI detection tool (along with others).

In this article, we will show you the findings from our small test to see if this is really true or whether GPTInf is another 'AI bypassing' tool that doesn't work.

Here, we will discuss the following:

  • A greater look at GPTInf
  • How GPTInf works
  • Why there is interest in tools like GPTInf
  • Testing the tool on blog posts
  • A final verdict on whether GPTInf content passes AI detection.

What Is GPTInf?

GPTInf claims to change AI-generated content so that it’s undetectable by AI detection tools and can pass through them with flying colors.

To achieve this, the tool takes your AI-generated text and rewords it in a format that is designed to bypass AI detection tools like

Why Are People Interested in GPTInf?

For most website and digital business owners, if there's a way to create content quicker, they are going to take it.

After all, the more high-quality content, the more chance they have of gaining new customers via organic traffic.

However, Google has openly stated in recent algorithm updates that it is penalizing websites that are churning out content that is AI-detected, making the use of AI tools a little tricky.

However, tools like GPTInf suggest they can get around those issues by humanizing content, making it a very attractive proposition for some.

Does It Work? The Results

The real question isn't whether or not tools GPTInf are popular. The real question is whether or not it actually works.

So, instead of simply reading GPTInf's marketing lingo and taking it verbatum, we decided to put their tool through a few tests.

The Test

This isn't our first AI bypassing tool test. We've done this test for countless other AI tools that claimed to create content that bypasses AI detection tools.

With that in mind, we've created a similar test for GPTInf. 

Step 1: We generated an AI-written article in ChatGPT, which we then copied into the AI detection tools that GPTInf claims to bypass, including

Step 2: We chose ChatGPT as it remains the most popular AI content generation software and is easily accessible.

Step 3: After running the AI-generated content through the market-leading AI detectors, we then ran the content through GPTInf to get our new version and repeated the process with the same detectors.

Here is our prompt:

In an era where children are constantly connected to the internet, parents face the challenge of keeping their kids safe from online dangers such as cyberbullying, predators, and inappropriate content. Spyware can be a valuable tool for parents to monitor and protect their children’s online activities. Write an article that explores the benefits of using spyware from a parent's perspective. Discuss how spyware can enhance safety and security, help prevent cyberbullying, manage screen time, oversee educational activities, and provide peace of mind.

Here are the AI detectors we used for this test:

The Results Score

Original content: 100% AI & 0% Human-written

BypassGPT version: 100% AI & 0% Human-written

GPTZero Score

Original content: 100% AI & 0% Human-written

BypassGPT version: 100% AI & 0% Human-written

Writer Score

Original content: 18% AI & 82% Human-written

BypassGPT version: 19% AI & 81% Human-written

CopyLeaks Score

Original content: 100% AI & 0% Human-written content

BypassGPT version: 100% AI & 0% Human-written

Findings Explained

As the results show, GPTInf did very little to change the results of our four AI content detectors. Out of the four, only Writer AI believed the GPTInf content to be human written text, but it also though that about the ChatGPT text, and is often very innacurate.

If anything, these results show more about the capabilities of the Writer AI detection platform than it does the effectiveness of GPTInf.

For the best results, use AI tools sparingly and focus on providing your own unique perspective on anything that you produce.

Frequently Asked Questions About AI Detection Tools and AI-Generated Content

Is GPTInf free?

You can register to use GPTInf for free to reword your AI-generated text, but once your free trial has ended, you will need to pay for a monthly or annual subscription.

What is GPTInf?

GPTInf joins the list of AI writing tools that claim to create content that bypasses AI content detectors, such as, although its success in doing so is questionable at best.

How do I make AI non-detectable?

To make sure your content does not get picked up by AI detection software, it is important to not rely too heavily on AI-generated content, instead using it to support your human written thoughts and opinions.

Are AI-powered writing tools ethically okay to use?

There are many benefits to using AI-generated content. For starters, it is much quicker than typical writing, not to mention it can act as a great assistant or option for bouncing ideas off.

However, if you are using AI tools to generate content in a deceptive manner, in the hope that AI bypass platforms like GPTInf will help prevent you from getting caught, then ethics comes into question.


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