AI Writing Review — Can It Bypass Leading AI Detectors?

We reviewed to learn whether it could bypass AI detection tools by making AI-generated text sound more human — here are our findings.

We’ve reviewed countless tools that claim to 'humanize AI text,' only to discover that they either don't work or turn the content into mush, seemingly running it through a thesaurus 100 times.

So when we read AIHumanizer's claim to 'Instantly humanize AI text with our powerful anti-AI detector rewriter. Get 100% human score and bypass AI detectors!' we knew we had to investigate further.

Here, we will discuss the following:

  • An in-depth look at AIHumanizer.
  • How AIHumanizer works.
  • Why there’s interest in tools like AIHumanizer.
  • Testing the tool on blog posts.
  • A final verdict on whether AIHumanizer content passes AI detection.

What is claims to create undetectable AI content that bypasses AI detectors like The tool does so by rewording your AI-generated content in a way that is designed to sound 'more human.'

Why Are People Interested in

The use of AI has continued to rise since it's inception, with many using it to brainstorm ideas, come up with fun projects, or strategize plans.

However, some use the tool to mass-generate content to get more traffic to their website.

The issue with this approach is that Google has clamped down on AI-generated content that doesn't provide helpful guidance for users. 

Rather than spending the necessary time and money on creating high-value content, some turn to tools like AIHumanizer, which claims to be an undetectable AI writer that can bypass AI detection.

Does It Work? The Results

The main question is does AIHumanizer actually work, or is it another 'AI humanizer' that either produces poor content or doesn't work at all?

If it does work, it could be an important tool for content marketers keen to generate a lot of content without getting punished by Google.

The Test

As with other AI humanizer tools, we decided to put AIHumanizer to the test by creating AI-generated content in ChatGPT. Then, we ran it through some of the world's leading AI detectors before doing the same after running it through AIHumanizer.

For our test, we crafted an article on learning what to grow in your garden.

Here is our prompt:

Write an informative article on what to grow in a home garden. Discuss a variety of plants, including vegetables, herbs, and flowers, suitable for different climates and seasons. Include tips on soil preparation, planting techniques, and maintenance. Provide recommendations for beginner gardeners as well as more advanced options for experienced gardeners. Conclude with advice on how to plan a garden layout for optimal growth and yield.

Here are the AI detectors we used for this test:

The Results Score

Original content: 100% AI & 0% Human-written

AIHumanizer version: 99% AI & 1% Human-written

GPTZero Score

Original content: 100% AI & 0% Human-written

AIHumanizer version: 3% AI & 97% Human-written

Writer Score

Original content: 22% AI & 78% Human-written

AIHumanizer version: 0% AI & 100% Human-written

Copyleaks Score

Original content: 100% AI & 0% Human-written content

AIHumanizer version: 0% AI & 100% Human-written content

Findings Explained

In the results, all the detectors other than the Writer AI detector identified the ChatGPT content as 100% AI-generated.

When it comes to the AIHumanizer version, the results differ slightly. While continues to detect it as AI-generated, other tools now seem to deem it human-written.

However, a quick glance at the actual content shows how the changes caused confusion.

As with other 'AI humanizers,' the content seems to have been run through a thesaurus. As a result, large sections are difficult to understand.

Here are some of the main differences from the first section.

Title Example



Content Example



These are just a few of the many examples where the content was impossible to read to pass detection.

Overall, it's clear that AIHumanizer may not be the tool it claims to be.

For the best results, use AI tools sparingly and focus on providing your unique perspective on anything that you produce.

Frequently Asked Questions About AI Detection Tools and AI-Generated Content

Is AIHumanizer Free?

You can use AIHumanizer to try and bypass AI detectors for free with a Google account, but your access is limited unless you pay for a monthly plan.

What Is AIHumanizer?

AIHumanizer is an AI writing tool that claims to convert AI text to bypass AI detection tools.

How Do I Make AI Non-Detectable?

To make AI-generated text bypass AI detectors, you must use it sparingly and focus predominantly on human writing. When used as a support tool rather than a writer replacement, AI text can be very useful.

Are AI-Powered Writing Tools Ethically Okay to Use?

When AI writing tools are used in the right context and with an element of transparency and honesty, there usually aren’t ethical issues. However, if there isn’t transparency with its use, then whether it is ethical becomes controversial.


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