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AI Writer Review - The Only AI Text Generator Built to be Trusted

That is the claim made by AI Writer on its front page. But is it true? AI writing platforms are all vying for the top spot but often come under scrutiny for producing bland or highly formatted content.

That is the claim made by AI Writer on its front page. But is it true? AI writing platforms are all vying for the top spot but often come under scrutiny for producing bland or highly formatted content.

Is AI Writer better at writing articles than these other tools?

Here, we will look at the following:

  • What AI Writer is best for
  • How to use it effectively
  • What types of content you can generate
  • How much this tool costs
  • Key features
  • The pros and cons
  • Alternatives to AI Writer
  • Whether the content produced gets detected by
  • The final verdict on AI Writer

AI Writer Quick Review

  • Ease of use - 8/10
  • Features - 8/10
  • Customer Support - 8/10
  • Price - 8/10
  • Speed - 8/10
  • - detectable

Summary - 8/10

Overall, AI Writer is an excellent AI writing assistant that is sure to help you when writer's block strikes. The pricing is very competitive, as are the features and quality of content generated.

As with other AI writers, you can test it out for free before spending your hard-earned cash on a subscription, which we highly recommend to ensure it's the right tool for your needs.

Who is AI Writer Best For?

AI Writer landing Page
Use AI to your advantage without sacrificing on quality

Content creators short on time

If you are a content creator, then you know just how long it can take to produce high-quality content sometimes! Whether you're short on time or writer's block has struck, AI Writer can be an excellent content generator to help you get back on track.

AI Writer's best features are its AI writing tool and rephrasing tool, so you have plenty of support when you are struggling to get your thoughts down on the page.

Those keen to improve their current work

As we have just touched on, one of the key features that we will look at in a little more detail later in this review is the rewriting tool. If you are someone who struggles to articulate your thoughts into words and you need help sounding educated and knowledgeable on a topic, AI Writer can be extremely beneficial.

How to Use AI Writer Effectively

As with any AI writing software, to get the best AI Writer results, you must supply it with as much relevant data as possible. It doesn't matter whether you are rewording existing content or trying to create high-quality content from scratch; AI Writer offers the tools you need, but only if you supply it with the right information.

An AI tool can be incredibly powerful, so try to include as much information as you possibly can. One easy way to check if you've added enough information is to reflect on how a professional writer would work with what you have supplied.

Is it enough for a human writer to work with, or would they be asking lots of questions? If the answer is the latter, you may need to add some more context to your AI prompt.

What Types of Content Can You Create With AI Writer?

AI Writer Content Creation dashboard

While there are no specific writing templates within the AI Writer platform, that shouldn't stop you from creating content for blog posts, social media posts, and other long-form content.

However, it certainly isn't as easy as it is on Neuraltext or, for example, as they have specific built-in tools to help with the specific content creation process.

How Much Does It Cost?

AI Writer Pricing Plan

Basic Plan - $29 per month

  • Up to 40 articles
  • One user seat
  • Maximum 5,000 words per article
  • SEO editor
  • Text generation
  • Text rewording

Standard Plan - $49 per month

  • Up to 120 articles
  • Three user seats
  • Maximum 5,000 words per article
  • SEO editor
  • Text generation
  • Text rewording
  • Sub-topic discoverer

Power Plan - $375 per month

  • Up to 1000 articles
  • Ten user seats
  • Maximum 5,000 words per article
  • SEO editor
  • Text generation
  • Text rewording
  • Sub-topic discoverer

Key Features

Article Writing

AI Writer Article Writing Interface

The main feature of AI Writer is the Article Writing function. Here you can ask an AI Writer to create an article for you by simply adding a sentence-long request. For users, the maximum word count is 5,000, but it is 600 on the free trial.

Let's test the feature out with an article on the Keto diet:

AI Writer Article generating process

As you can see below, the article is produced slightly differently than other AI writing tools.

AI Writer Generated article with sources

As expected, the copy is there, but so are sources and further information, which is extremely beneficial. As you will know, AI content tools sometimes create content that has made-up sources and fake facts, so to see where this information has come from is excellent.

3-Step Wizard

AI Writer 3 step wizard

But what if we wanted our Keto diet article to have a little more of a detailed outline? We can run the same article title, but we will get a lot more detail in our content.

The 3-Step-Wizard takes a little longer but includes keywords, sub-topics, and additional advanced techniques.

AI Writer 3 step setup wizard SEO Options

Text Rewording

AI Writer Text Rewording Interface

Another useful tool alongside writing content within AI Writer is the text rewording feature. Let's reword our keto article as an example.

AI Writer Text Rewording Process
AI Writer Text Rewording Output

Sub-topic Discoverer

Another interesting feature you can test out on the AI Writer platform is the sub-topic discoverer. Here, you can find all the relevant subtopics to your main topic, helping you come up with other article ideas. Let's do it with our keto example.

AI Writer Subtopics Discover Process

In step one, select your sub-topics.

Select Subtopics Discover in AI Writer

Then you can opt to create articles on those sub-topics, simple as that!

Publish to WordPress

AI Writer allows wordpress integration for content publishing

Finally, if your website is a WordPress website, you can link up your AI Writer to the website, making it even easier to publish articles straight from the tool to your page. Just make sure you are your own human touch before publishing so that the content doesn't seem too bland or generic, which can be the case with fully AI-generated content.

AI Writer Alternatives

When it comes to AI writing tools, you really are spoilt for choice. Whether it's free options like ChatGPT or more expensive choices like SurferSEO AI, the choices are almost limitless.

There are well over 100 AI content creation tools currently on the market, with many producing high-quality content, allowing you to generate articles or other quality content.

If AI writing doesn't generate content in the manner you desire, check out our other AI writing tool reviews, such as, AI SEO, or Scalenut, to see if those AI writing services will better help you with your writing process.

Can AI Writer Get Detected by

AI Writer Generated Content Get Detected by

As with other AI writing tools that we have reviewed, immediately identifies the content created in AI Writer as 100% AI-generated content. This further highlights the importance of adding a human touch to your content and not solely relying on artificial intelligence or AI tools.

As per our recent article, it could have an impact on whether or not you can monetize your website in the future!

AI Writer: The Final Verdict

AI Writer is certainly an accurate content generation platform and can easily help you create excellent article foundations.

The SEO text editor is a welcome addition, alongside many other features that allow you to produce high-quality content. It also has a straightforward user interface and allows you to quickly switch from long-form content to social media posts and anything in between.

Overall, we highly recommend testing out the AI Writer free trial to see if this AI writing assistant is the right one for you.

As with any AI writing platform, remember that the more information you provide, the better the written content AI Writer will produce. The AI software is extremely powerful, but it's not a mind reader!

Frequently Asked Questions About AI Writer

What are the cons of AI writing?

  • Misinformation and biased content.
  • Lack of human creativity.
  • Ethical concerns and privacy.
  • Potential job displacement.
  • Overreliance on AI-generated content.

Does AI Writer cost money?

As with many AI writing tools, you can try AI Writer with a free trial, but you must pay to continue using the tool.

What is the difference between AI Writer and Copy AI?

Both AI Writer and Copy AI are AI writing tools to help you produce content such as a blog post or other long-form content.

AI Writer Generated content on SEO Optimization Process in Surfer SEO


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