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by Jonathan Gillham


Originality.AI now includes highlighting to help you see what part of your article is triggering our AI to think your article was AI vs Original. 

Highlighting AI content within a larger article has been the most requested feature, and we are happy to make make it available!

You can now understand…

  • Did a writer create the body of an article but use generative AI like ChatGPT to create the FAQ section? 
  • What portion of an article should be edited to make it pass as human? 

How it Works:

  1. Signup at Originality or Login
  2. Start a New Scan
  3. Enter your Text
  4. Click Scan
  5. Be presented with…
    1. AI Detection Score (overall probability we think AI was used to create the article) 
    2. AI Content Highlighting – showing what each section of the content would score

What the Highlighting Means:

The highlighting is a heatmap going from Green (100% Original) to Red (100% AI) scan color's for indicating different scores

Here are two helpful guides to understanding our AI score…


Although we have planned to have this deployed since we launched in November 2022 and it seems simple enough it actually took a lot of testing to make sure we get it right while ensuring we remain the most accurate AI detection score (which we are :) ). 

With our internally built AI we can achieve the greatest accuracy out of any AI detection tool because we look at the entire article. Most AI detection tools take the approach of predicting a single next word like GLTR or simply plugin to the HuggingFace API

Use Cases for AI Highlighting

Writer Wanting to Verify Their Content Shows as Human Generated:

The best tool for this is the Originality.AI Google Chrome extension which helps make sure you can show you created the article from scratch. 

Check it out here –

Agency Needing to Show What is an Is Not AI:

Some formulaic content has a higher chance of being AI produced or a client might make the decision that the body HAS to be original but the FAQ section of an article can be AI-generated. In this case, the highlighting helps show that the content should be Original. 

Writer Looking to Edit AI That Passes as Human:

If your content strategy is to use AI to generate the first draft and then edit the article then the highlighting helps point you in the right direction of what should be edited. 


We will be living with Generative AI and the need to be able to identify what is AI generated and what is Human-generated will only increase in importance. 

With Originality.AI you now have the ability to use the most powerful AI detection tool to identify what part of an article is AI vs Human-generated.

About the Author: 

Jonathan Gillham

Founder / CEO of Originality.AI

I have been involved in the SEO and Content Marketing world for over a decade. My career started with a portfolio of content sites, recently I sold 2 content marketing agencies and I am the Co-Founder of, the leading place to buy and sell content websites. Through these experiences I understand what web publishers need when it comes to verifying content is original. I am not For or Against AI content, I think it has a place in everyones content strategy. However, I believe you as the publisher should be the one making the decision on when to use AI content. Our Originality checking tool has been built with serious web publishers in mind!

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