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by Jonathan Gillham


OpenAI released ChatGPT last week and opened it up for people to play with. Their intention was not for it to be a free AI article generator but comparing its output to some of the most popular paid AI article writers shows that it might just be the best one! 

ChatGPT is positioned, as the name would imply, as a chatbot. It is capable of answering complex questions, remembering what you had previously communicated with it and is built on the improved GPT-3.5 (aka Davinci 003). It has made progress on a couple of the major problems with AI-generated content…

  1. Inaccurate information (AI can go wrong)
  2. Inappropriate responses (racist AI etc) 

When I was playing with it I asked it not a question but instead to generate an article and it answered my question with a great blog post. 


Instead of asking ChatGPT a question you can ask it to create an article on any topic. 

The result is typically a ~500-word article that is as good as or better than paid AI writing tools. 

You can currently use ChatGPT for free!

However, like other AI writing tools, the AI that was built and trained at Originality.AI can successfully detect if it was AI-generated.


How to Use ChatGPT as an AI Article Generator for Free

  1. Signup for free at
  2. Instead of asking a question ask it to write you an article.
    1. “Write a long article about ______” Pick a popular article title format and insert what you are wanting to be written:
    2. “Write a long article with the title “put the title in quotes”
      • How To _____
      • # Of Ways To ___
      • # Best ____

ChatGPT Free AI Article Writer Example:

Let’s say you are looking to cover a topic about “does AI-generated content rank in Google”.

Side note Google is saying that they can detect AI.  

Your prompt could look like this.

Does Ai generated Content rank in google

A unique thing about ChatGPT is that since it remembers what you said to it and what it replied to you… you can simply ask it to expand on the topic further.


ai-generated content ranking possibility in google rank

In total it provided ~1000 words of well-written content with 2 simple prompts 100% for free. 

ChatGPT output is able to be identified by our AI trained to detect an AI writer easily.



ChatGPT as a free alternative to and Other Paid AI Writers

Comparing the ChatGPT content to that of paid AI content writers like Jasper.AI, Article Forge,,,, WriteSonic, and the ~1000 others shows that ChatGPT is as good (maybe better) at producing articles or blog posts. 

Let’s look at a few examples from several tools with the same title input and then compare the results and the ability for the content to be identified as AI generated using Originality.AI.

Title: What are the top 5 risks to humanity from AI-generated content?

ChatGPT Example:

  • 512 words of pretty impressive output!
  • 100% detectable as AI generated
  • Very Little Plagiarism Detected
  • Identified the 5 Risks As:
    • Misinformation
    • Abuse and Harassment
    • Financial Fraud
    • Psychological Harm
    • Political Manipulation


ChatGPT ai content Detection sample

Jasper.AI Example:

  • 298 words
  • 98% detectable as AI generated
  • Very Little Plagiarism Detected
  • Identified 5 risks as:
    • Inaccurate Information
    • Loss of Jobs
    • Manipulation
    • Security Risks
    • Less Originality

jasper Ai Content-Detection sample

Jasper ai content writing detection and plagiarism score

Jasper ai content score

WriteSonic Example:

  • 1363 words of decent content but not the best answers
  • 99% detectable as AI generated
  • Very Little Plagiarism Detected
  • Identified the 5 Risks As:
    • Manipulation of Data
    • Spread of Disinformation
    • Erosion of Privacy
    • Loss of Control Over Data
    • Biased Algorithms


ai content generator score in originality

Tips When Using ChatGPT for Content Marketing

Here are several tips for getting the most out of ChatGPT.

Ask ChatGPT to Edit Its Own Article:

Say you ask ChatGPT “write a long article about the 3 best gifts for my wife” and it suggests jewelry as one of the suggestions you can follow up with a question asking it to exclude jewelry.

Chatgpt to edit it''s own content

Ask ChatGPT to Sound More Human:

Can ChatGPT be asked to make its content sound more human and therefore less able to be detected as generated by AI?

  • Version Before Being Asked: 100% AI detection Score
  • Version After Being Asked: 99% AI Detection Score

Not yet ChatGPT but nice try!

ask-ChatGPT to Sound-more like-human


Comparing the 3 results I have to say that the ChatGPT output is superior to that of Jasper or WriteSonic. In fairness I did not fully optimize either of the tools but I also didn’t optimize my questions to ChatGPT.

Overall I am incredibly impressed with ChatGPT and its ability to not just answer a question but to be used as a free AI content writer.

Most importantly ChatGPT like all AI has serious limitations still and caution must be used to fact-check and add value to anything ChatGPT produces:

ChayGpr features


About the Author: 

Jonathan Gillham

Founder / CEO of Originality.AI

I have been involved in the SEO and Content Marketing world for over a decade. My career started with a portfolio of content sites, recently I sold 2 content marketing agencies and I am the Co-Founder of, the leading place to buy and sell content websites. Through these experiences I understand what web publishers need when it comes to verifying content is original. I am not For or Against AI content, I think it has a place in everyones content strategy. However, I believe you as the publisher should be the one making the decision on when to use AI content. Our Originality checking tool has been built with serious web publishers in mind!

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