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Willieai.Com AI Content Detection Review

With technologies like transformer models, ChatGPT, and GPT 3.5 in place, AI content detection and analysis are now more challenging than ever. With increasing AI content on the web, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to identify and detect fake news or malicious content. At the same time, Google and other search engines are also deploying new

With technologies like transformer models, ChatGPT, and GPT 3.5 in place, AI content detection and analysis are now more challenging than ever. With increasing AI content on the web, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to identify and detect fake news or malicious content.

At the same time, Google and other search engines are also deploying new technologies to detect and remove AI content from their search results. Whether running an affiliate website or a blog, you wouldn’t want your content penalized and flagged as AI-generated.

So, how can you ensure that your content is accurate, relevant, and not AI-generated?

Enter – a platform that specializes in AI content detection and analysis. This platform lets you quickly and accurately detect AI-generated content on your website or pages.

Today, we will explore Willie and its features in detail. You will understand how this platform works and why it’s worth considering for your content’s AI detection and analysis needs.


You will find several features in Willie that make it stand out from other AI content detection platforms. Top features include

  • AI content detection: Willie scans the page for telltale signs of artificial intelligence and gives you a unified scoring indicating the percentage of AI-generated text.
  • Consolidated domain score: Willie shows you a consolidated domain score that helps you keep track of several factors that may affect your domain authority in one place. You can even add and save your websites as a project and scan all pages within the domain regularly with a one-click refresh button.
  • Site-wide scanning: Google’s helpful content update released in August 2022 reveals that the search engine giant treats AI or unnatural content as a site-wide issue, not a page-specific one. If you have an AI-generated page within your domain, it will likely affect other pages well.

To help you out, Willie scans your entire website and detects suspicious content across all pages. This helps you identify any AI-generated content as soon as it appears on your domain.

  • Section-wise analysis: In addition to scanning and scoring your entire content, Willie lets you analyze the content section by section. This helps you know which paragraph you need to rewrite or replace.  You will also get individual AI content scores for each section within a page.

Overall, Willie claims that the scanning, detection, and optimization mechanisms will help your site achieve at least three times better organic ranking and search performance on SERP.


  • One-click domain scanning
  • Easy and intuitive interface
  • Content scoring for individual section


  • Limited accuracy
  • No pay-as-you-go pricing option
  • No separate plagiarism or duplication checker

Testing Willieai’s Accuracy

Now, it’s time to test how Willie performs in a test side-by-side with, another leading AI-detection tool capable of identifying and flagging GPT2, GPT3, GPT3.5, and even ChatGPT contents. We’ve chosen seven sample texts for our test, which you can also access.

The entire portion of our sample text is generated with Jasper, one of the most popular and potent AI article-writing tools. So, the optimal AI-detection result should be to detect 100% of the content as AI-generated for all articles. Let’s see how and Willie perform with AI detection.

For your understanding, we’ve summarized the outcome in a tabular format side-by-side.

Before we interpret the score, note that Willie and show the AI-detection score oppositely. A higher score indicates more natural and less AI-generated content for Willie, whereas indicates a higher score for more AI-generated content.

As we already know that our test content is 100% AI-generated; the most optimal result should be 100% for and 0% for Willie. You can easily see from the results that’s scores are way closer to the optimal score than Willie. has detected almost fully AI-generated content (above 90%) for five of our test samples. In contrast, Willie has identified only two samples as substantially AI-generated (below 10%).  

The result also becomes apparent when you compare the average scores.’s average score of 79.14% is closer to the optimal score of 100%, whereas Willie’s average score of 67.71% is far from its optimal score of 0%.

The higher accuracy has made the obvious winner in this comparison and a highly reliable option for AI-detection and analysis.

Comparing Willieai to Other Platforms

If we compare the detection accuracy and features of Willie to other similar AI-detection platforms like, we see a few traits:

  • Absence of plagiarism checker: You may have sourced your content from other websites. But, Willie won’t alert you if the content is plagiarized. The platform focuses on AI-generated content only. In contrast, provides you with access to a built-in plagiarism checker.
  • No individual content scoring: While Willie provides unified content scoring or domain scoring, it does not show a breakdown or analysis of how the score is calculated. Despite being easy to use, the score may sometimes be misleading.
  • Accuracy of detection: We’ve already seen from our test that Willie’s detection accuracy is not up to the mark when compared to, especially when detecting content based on GPT3 or later editions.
  • Pricing: Willie does not offer any pay-as-you-go option. They charge you $249/month if you want to upgrade from the free version without having any options in between. It may cause inconvenience for small or medium agencies or website owners.

Advantages of Willieai

While it’s true that Willie demonstrates a few shortcomings when you compare it with competitors like, it also comes with some clear advantages. The first one is the user-friendly interface, which is very suitable for regular users who do not have much time or expertise to scan through detailed technical information.

Instead, having a simple domain score about your website’s quality is time-saving. Site-wide scanning is another essential feature of Willie, and you can use it for free for up to two websites.


If you are looking for one of the easiest-to-use AI-detection tools, Willie is worth considering. It offers many features and tools to quickly identify and remove AI content from your website or individual pages.

However, if you are a serious user looking for something more dependable regarding detection accuracy, might be your best bet. The pay-as-you-go pricing of is an excellent convenience allowing you more flexibility.

Jonathan Gillham

Founder / CEO of Originality.AI I have been involved in the SEO and Content Marketing world for over a decade. My career started with a portfolio of content sites, recently I sold 2 content marketing agencies and I am the Co-Founder of, the leading place to buy and sell content websites. Through these experiences I understand what web publishers need when it comes to verifying content is original. I am not For or Against AI content, I think it has a place in everyones content strategy. However, I believe you as the publisher should be the one making the decision on when to use AI content. Our Originality checking tool has been built with serious web publishers in mind!

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