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Surfer AI Review - Instant, High-Quality Content

When it comes to creating search-engine-optimized content for organic traffic, there are few tools that compare to Surfer SEO.

When it comes to creating search-engine-optimized content for organic traffic, there are few tools that compare to Surfer SEO.

Over the last decade, the company has proved itself to be one of the very best for creating SEO-friendly content and has generated a large customer base.

So, it's no surprise that the hype surrounding their release of Surfer AI was high.

But so, too, was the price.

Is Surfer AI worth the high price tag? Does the product offer more than other AI SEO tools at a cheaper rate?

Here, we will look at the following:

  • What Surfer AI is best for
  • How to use it effectively
  • What types of content you can generate
  • How much this tool costs
  • Key features
  • The pros and cons
  • Alternatives to Surfer AI
  • Whether the content produced gets detected by
  • The final verdict on Surfer AI

Surfer AI Quick Review

  • Ease of use - 8/10
  • Features - 9/10
  • Customer Support - 9/10
  • Price - 7/10
  • Speed - 8/10
  • - detectable

Summary - 9/10

As part of this Surfer SEO review, we were thoroughly impressed by the capabilities of the Surfer AI feature, which is located within the content editor.

Surfer SEO has long been regarded as one of the best tools for SEO content creation, factoring in word count, headings, paragraphs, images, and more to provide the perfect outline for you to work from.

But now, they've taken it one step further with the Surfer AI feature. This tool uses all that information and Surfer SEO's renowned skill for establishing search intent to write content that has the perfect keyword density for Google and is engaging for your target audience.

Who is Surfer AI Best For?

Surfer AI Landing Page

Surfer AI is an excellent tool for anyone who wants to improve their on-page SEO performance by suggesting semantically related keywords to your target keyword and creating content that is specifically designed to rank well on search engines like Google.

The tool is also very user-friendly, so even less-experienced SEO enthusiasts can get plenty of use out of the tool, although the features also ensure that Surfer SEO is well set up for SEO experts, too.

How to Use Surfer AI Effectively

To get the most out of your Surfer SEO membership, it's essential to take advantage of all the content optimization tools, not just the Surfer AI feature.

Surfer SEO has a wide variety of tools, such as keyword research, the content editor, the auditing tool, and the SERP analyzer.

What Types of Content Can You Create With Surfer AI?

Surfer AI focuses specifically on creating SEO-friendly content, and as a result, the types of content you can create tend to be long-form, such as product descriptions, SEO-friendly articles and blog posts, or high-quality landing pages.

How Much Does It Cost?

Surfer AI Pricing Plans

The Essential Plan - $89 per month

  • 2 free AI articles
  • 15 content editor articles per month
  • 2 organization seats
  • Unlimited keyword research
  • Google Docs integration
  • Jasper integration

The Advanced Plan - $179 per month

  • 4 free AI articles
  • 45 content editor articles per month
  • 5 organization seats
  • Unlimited keyword research
  • Google docs integration
  • Jasper integration

The Max Plan - $299 per month

  • 10 free AI articles
  • 90 content editor articles per month
  • 10 organization seats
  • Unlimited keyword research
  • Google docs integration
  • Jasper integration
  • Advanced auditing
  • SERP analyzer
  • Surfer API
  • Custom branding

The Enterprise Plan - Custom

  • 10 AI articles
  • Custom number of articles per month
  • All the benefits of the Max plan
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Dedicated customer success manager
  • Personalized product training

Key Surfer AI Features

Keyword score and keyword difficulty

When you set up a new article in the content editor, the tool provides you with an incredibly useful content score in the top right-hand of the screen.

This score goes up or down as you add or remove keyword phrases, add more paragraphs, include more headers, and increase the word count.

It also shows you the current best content score, which you should attempt to beat to try and rank your content higher on Google.

While other aspects also impact your ranking, ensuring you have the best content score is crucial for continued ranking improvements.

Secondary keyword research

One of the biggest benefits of using Surfer SEO is the tool's uncanny ability to identify relevant secondary keywords for your topic. Google requires you to include these keywords as part of your article as they act as indicators that the content is relevant and topical and should be ranked accordingly.

While other tools focus specifically on the primary keyword, Surfer AI uses Surfer SEO's secondary keyword tool to generate content that accommodates much more than the primary keyword, improving your chances of ranking.

AI-generated content

Finally, the biggest benefit of Surfer AI specifically is the AI-generated content feature.

Here, Surfer SEO uses its built-in SEO elements, such as keyword research and other ranking factors and uses AI to generate content to satisfy search engines and your audience.

Let's create an example for a website called The AI Content Expert, which offers a hybrid service using AI tools to create the foundations of content before using expert writers to make it stand out. 

Let's imagine they want to write an article on AI for email marketing and put that keyword prompt into the "Write with AI" feature.

Surfer AI Content Generator

From here, Surfer AI then asks us for a little more detail to help us craft the perfect article for the AI Content Expert audience.

Surfer AI Content Editor

Now we sit back and wait!

Surfer AI Content Outlines Generator

Next, Surfer AI offers us a list of headings to review. Here we can remove or add headings, before the tool generates our SEO-friendly content.

Surfer AI Generate Seo Friendly Content

And here is the finished product! A 92/100 SEO score, 3000 words, and a detailed analysis of the topic, which is extremely in-depth and insightful.

Surfer SEO Alternatives

While there are many AI tools that claim to help with content optimization and suggest they can improve search engine rankings, very few have the same proven track record as SurferSEO.

However, if you decide that you don't enjoy the content creation process in Surfer SEO or the SERP analyzer tool isn't to your liking, there are alternatives you can try, such as Frase or SEMRush.

If the price is an issue, you can try cheaper alternatives, such as Scalenut or AI SEO, but these tools are much newer, and there is less proof of their ability to improve rankings on the search engine results pages.

Can Surfer AI Get Detected by

Surfer AI Generate Content Get Detected by

However, despite the high SEO score and the quality of the content, expert AI content detectors like can still detect the content as 100% AI-generated, which acts as a timely reminder that human touch and writing skill is still the thing that will take your content from "good" to top page worthy.

Surfer AI: The Final Verdict

Overall, Surfer AI is a fantastic tool for creating SEO-optimized content for any topic. While it certainly isn't one of the cheaper SEO tools we have reviewed, it is very powerful, and for those who need to generate lots of SEO-friendly AI content, the tool is a significant time-saver.

However, as with all AI-generated content, it's important to add your own spin to any content you create to ensure it engages with your audience and resonates with new readers.

While Surfer AI can certainly help create the foundations for creating high ranking content, it is your own human touch that will truly take you to the top of Google.

Frequently Asked Questions About Surfer AI

Is Surfer AI secure and reliable?

Surfer SEO is a highly secure and reliable on-page SEO tool that helps you create high-quality content for a target keyword.

It is viewed as one of, if not the best, SEO tool for creating content search engines love, and other features like the keyword research tool are also a welcome bonus.

Does Surfer AI cost money?

Unfortunately, Surfer AI does cost money to use and is only available as part of a Surfer SEO membership using the content editor feature. However, Surfer SEO has long been regarded as one of the best SEO tools for content optimization, so it might just be worth the price.

What is the difference between Surfer AI and ChatGPT?

While both Surfer AI and ChatGPT are generative AI writing tools, Surfer AI focuses specifically on what search engines want to see, making it more of an AI SEO tool. Combined with its excellent Surfer SEO features, such as the SEO audit and keyword research tools, Surfer AI creates excellent SEO-optimized content for your brand, using key indicators like word count, headings, paragraphs, and keywords.

Surfer AI Generated Content On Seo Optimization Process in Surfer Seo


My name is Graeme, a passionate writer with a strong Content Marketing background. Over the last seven years, I have developed an extensive portfolio of SEO Content writing, helping various brands improve their organic traffic, customer experience, and, ultimately, profits!

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