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StealthGPT AI Review - Does it Beat the Detectors?

Explore, the exclusive AI writing platform adept at creating undetectable content. Perfect for essays, blog posts, and marketing PDFs. Unlock unique technology for quality results.

We're back with another in-depth dive, this time focusing on, a tool that claims to be the only AI writing platform that can rephrase your content to bypass content detectors.

Whether you're writing essays, blog posts, or detailed marketing PDFs, claims to use unique technology to create high quality AI-generated content that cannot get detected.

But is this true?

Here, we will discuss the following:

  • A greater look at
  • How works
  • Why there is interest in tools like
  • Testing the tool on blog posts
  • A final verdict on whether content passes AI detection.

What is StealthGPT AI?

StealthGPT AI Landing Page

StealthGPT claims to take down the anti-AI stigma by producing AI-generated content that bypasses any and all AI content detectors.

The tools claims to help people with college research papers, marketers with long-form content, and just about anyone who wants to generate text-based content.

Why are People Interested in

People are interested in tools like StealthGPT because they are searching for some form of shortcut.

Whether it is due to tight deadlines, a lack of confidence in their work, or an opportunity to save time and effort, many people are interested in the capabilities of AI tools, especially if they can get away with using them without getting caught.

Does it Work? The Results

But does actually work? As part of our research, we subscribed for a StealthGPT membership, and decided to put it to the test.

Rather than simply reading the reviews and taking them as gospel, we wanted to dive a little deeper, and put the platform to the test.

The Test

For our test, we decided to write a PDF for a made up influencer marketing agency. The idea of the PDF is to provide brands an insight into the benefits of working with social media influencers, in the hope they will then contact the agency to get exclusive access to their list of influencers.

ChatGPT generated Content using detailed AI prompts

The content is 2,000 words long, and 100% generated within ChatGPT, using detailed AI prompts to create an insightful PDF that adds value.

With our test prepared, we will now run the original version through, GPTZero, Writer, ContentAtScale, and CopyLeaks, to see how it is perceived

StealthGPT Ai-Detection Bypass Playground

We will also run the content through StealthGPT, and then see how that version performs in each tool. Score

Original content:

ChatGPT generated ai Content Get detected by

StealthGPT version:

StealthGPT ai generated Content detection probability in

GPTZero Score

Original content:

StealthGPT content Score in GPTZero

StealthGPT version:

StealthGPT version

Writer Score

Original content:

Original content Detection Score in Writer Ai Content Detector

StealthGPT version:

StealthGPT content Detection Score in Writer Ai Content Detector

ContentAtScale Score

Original content:

Original content Detection Score in ContentAtScale Ai Content Detector

StealthGPT version:

StealthGPT content Detection Score in ContentAtScale Ai Content Detector

CopyLeaks Score

Original content:

Original content Detection Score in CopyLeaks Ai Content Detector

StealthGPT version

StealthGPT content Detection Score in CopyLeaks Ai Content Detector

Findings Explained

Ai Detectors Findings

At first glance, the results are not great. For starters, is the only tool to correctly identify that the original content was 100% generated in Chat GPT. That said, ContentAtScale and CopyLeaks also marked it with a high percentage.

On top of that, none of the tools were able to identify the output as 100% AI generated after StealthGPT amended it, with CopyLeaks coming the closest with a 63% AI score.

So how did this occur? After all, StealthGPT does not use human writers to rewrite your content, so why did each tool struggle to identify it as AI-generated?

We decided to look a little deeper, taking the StealthGPT content out of the platform and placing it into Grammarly.

StealthGPT generated content in Grammarly

Almost immediately, the results started to make more sense.

For starters, the content score is sitting at 80 out of 100, well below that of a well-written article. A quick glance at the sidebar shows that the content is rather unclear and hard to follow.

A lack of correct grammar and unnecessarily long-winded sentences are both examples of AI detection avoiders trying to trick AI content detectors, but at what price?

The content in its current form is almost unreadable, with no headings or paragraphs in sight. It certainly isn't in a position to upload it to a website, turn it into a PDF, or promote it to clients.

It would take a lot of work to make it structurally correct and would likely result in the AI score shooting straight back up. But that's only an assumption.

So, we did just that.

Newly formatted StealthGPT content

And how did our newly formatted StealthGPT content fare with the content detectors?

Ai Content Detection score in top Ai Detectors

As you can see, the results (apart from Writer) are much more in keeping with what you would expect to see from AI content detectors such as

Frequently Asked Questions About AI Detection Tools and AI-Generated Content

Is free?

You can try out for free, but you can only use 1,000 characters before you are then required to purchase a membership.

What is attempts to use AI technology and deep learning algorithms to tweak AI-written content so that it is not detected by AI content detections like

How do I make AI non-detectable?

To make undetectable content, you must do more than simply run it through a paraphrasing tool. By combining the results of an AI content platform with well-written human input, you can generate high-quality content, unique blog posts, and articles that will not show up as 100% AI-generated.

However, if you choose to generate 100% of your content with an AI tool, then expect that to be the result when it gets run through an AI content detector like

Are AI-powered writing tools ethically okay to use?

At, we believe that AI writing tools certainly have their place in certain businesses, but transparency when using them is vitally important in an era of misinformation.

We certainly don't see ourselves as the anti-AI gatekeepers, but we do believe in the importance of clarity and transparency between clients and businesses, employees and managers, and businesses and their audiences.

A high-quality AI writing platform can produce content with human-like language, and it's important not to mislead or lie to your audience about its source.


My name is Graeme, a passionate writer with a strong Content Marketing background. Over the last seven years, I have developed an extensive portfolio of SEO Content writing, helping various brands improve their organic traffic, customer experience, and, ultimately, profits!

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