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When it comes to comparing plagiarism tools, you’ll likely come across Plagiarism Checker X in your research. But what exactly is this tool and how does it compare to others on the market? We’re taking a deep dive into Plagiarism Checker X with a detailed review of this popular software tool. Let’s jump right in!

When it comes to comparing plagiarism tools, you’ll likely come across Plagiarism Checker X in your research. But what exactly is this tool and how does it compare to others on the market? We’re taking a deep dive into Plagiarism Checker X with a detailed review of this popular software tool. Let’s jump right in!

What is Plagiarism Checker X?

Although it sounds like a grammar-focused superhero designed to save the world from comma splices and dangling participles, Plagiarism Checker X is a software tool designed to help check for plagiarism. It is often used by students, writers, and researchers to ensure that they aren’t inadvertently stealing others’ ideas or claiming others’ statements as their own.

Unlike many of the other plagiarism checkers on the market, Plagiarism Checker X is a downloadable software program that connects to online tools in order to check for plagiarism. It is used by a number of colleges and universities around the world who don’t wish to pay for a more complex cloud-based system like Turnitin and instead need a simpler, more streamlined application to check for plagiarism.

How Does Plagiarism Checker X Work?

Plagiarism Checker X compares your submitted text to an online database of academic journals, websites, and other publications. It prepares a resulting report that includes links to the original sources as well as the percentage of content that has been flagged as plagiarism.

It’s important to note, however, that like all plagiarism checkers, Plagiarism Checker X is not 100% foolproof. It may flag content as plagiarized which isn’t, or it may fail to find content that has been taken directly from another source. As a plagiarism checker, it works like many others in its field in searching for and analyzing matching text, but ultimately it’s up to the user to verify whether or not plagiarism has actually occurred.

Plagiarism Checker X searches for plagiarism across a number of sources

Why Use Plagiarism Checker X?

Plagiarism Checker X can help students, researchers, bloggers, and other content specialists to ensure the quality and integrity of their work by proving its originality. It also helps them to consistently produce unique work without copying from other sources. In the academic world, tools like Plagiarism Checker X are used to help check student essays for plagiarism and ensure that content submitted properly cites references and gives credit where credit is due.

What Are Some Features of Plagiarism Checker X?

Plagiarism Checker X offers a number of helpful features that help users who are looking to prevent and check for plagiarism, including:

Direct Text Comparison – Plagiarism Checker X allows the user to do a direct, side-by-side comparison of two different texts in order to check for plagiarism or similarity between their content and the sources they’re drawing upon.

Extensive Database Reviews – The software contains a wide range of databases including academic reports, scientific publications, websites, and much more which it then compares submitted text against, producing a visual report that highlights potential similarities along with a percentage score that lets the user individually edit each one on a case by case basis.

Supports Multiple File Formats – Plagiarism Checker X supports numerous file formats, including Microsoft Word  .DOC and .DOCX files, PDF and HTML documents. This allows it to check for plagiarism across many more file types than comparable plagiarism tools.

Supports Multiple Languages – Unlike other plagiarism tools on the market, Plagiarism Checker X supports several languages including English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, and Portuguese with more languages in development.

Exclusion and Filtering – Users can optionally choose to filter out or exclude certain areas from being potentially flagged as plagiarism, which can be helpful for the use of idioms, common phrases, or other results that could be flagged inadvertently as plagiarism.

Citation and References – The software assists students and academic professionals with proper citation and references including bibliography and quote detection so that they can match their content with their specific institute’s requirements.

Bulk Document Comparison – The premium version of Plagiarism Checker X allows you to bulk compare a submitted document to others, saving hours of time while simplifying the process with an at-a-glance report.

A bulk document comparison with Plagiarism Checker X

How Does Plagiarism Checker X Compare to Originality.AI?

AI-generated content is becoming more and more commonplace, especially in academia. As of May 2023, Plagiarism Checker X is only designed to check for plagiarism, whereas Originality.AI checks for both plagiarism and AI-written content (or each one individually if desired). In addition, Plagiarism Checker X only works with Windows, whereas Originality.AI is an online tool that works with any device that has an internet connection.

An example of a plagiarism report showing high similarity for a tested passage

How Does Originality.AI’s Algorithm Work?

Originality.AI is an AI detection tool that is trained on both human-written and AI-generated content. Through its advanced algorithms and machine learning capabilities, Originality.AI continually learns to recognize the tell-tale signs that a piece may be “AI generated” based on the language used. It has been tested with the most common AI writing tools including ChatGPT 3.5 and ChatGPT 4 among others, and has scored over 90% accuracy in official tests.

As AI is continually to be developed and consistently trained with more and more content, so too does Originality.AI evolve to detect it.

Should You Use Plagiarism Checker X?

If you’re looking for a plagiarism-checking software program that isn’t an online service and can be accessed directly from your Windows desktop, Plagiarism Checker X could be a great option. In addition, Plagiarism Checker X is also available as a free version, although as you might expect, it’s limited to only the most basic checks in the free version.

Having a software program that checks for plagiarism offers numerous benefits over other services, namely that you don’t need to pay per paper submitted like with other plagiarism tools. Plagiarism Checker X’s affordable annual subscription is an affordable alternative to higher-priced plagiarism checkers like Chegg and Turnitin.

If, however, you’re looking for a plagiarism checker that can also optionally check for AI-written content, Plagiarism Checker X won’t be able to help you. Fortunately, that’s where Originality.AI shines. In addition, you can leverage Originality.AI’s free tools such as a side-by-side text checker and content optimizer to help make your text more unique and weed out any similarities to content that has already been published.

The best part is that you can try Originality.AI for as low as 1 cent per 100 words, making it an affordable way to scan for AI-written content as well as plagiarism in one seamless, highly-accurate online platform. Try it now!

Sherice Jacob

Plagiarism Expert Sherice Jacob brings over 20 years of experience to digital marketing as a copywriter and content creator. With a finger on the pulse of AI and its developments, she works extensively with Originality.AI to help businesses and publishers get the best returns from their Content.

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