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SEO Visibility: Optimizing Presence with SEO Article Checkers

Elevate your online presence with quality content. SEO article checkers ensure benefits for search engines and readers, enhancing engagement and boosting rankings.

You already likely know that online, content is king. The higher quality your content, the more engaging your site is, and the more engaging your site, the higher your rankings as a result. For this reason it makes sense to enlist the help of SEO article checkers to make sure your article is packed with as many benefits for both search engines and your readers, to help your site continue to grow.

But how exactly do SEO article checkers work and why is visibility in the search engines so important? We take a deep dive in this article to learn how you can use SEO content checkers to make sure your articles are as optimized as they can be. 

What is SEO Visibility? 

SEO visibility tells us how prominently a website appears in the search engines. If you have high SEO visibility, you’ll be on the receiving end of more organic traffic. Content alone isn’t the only factor that search engines look at, but it’s one of the biggest, along with how relevant your keywords are, the backlinks pointing to your site and your site’s overall structure. 

What Do SEO Article Checkers Do?

SEO content checkers analyze your website content and offer you suggestions on ways to better optimize it for the search engines. Here are some of the many things that SEO article checkers look at: 

Keyword Optimization

One of the core functions of an SEO content checker is making sure your article is optimized for the proper keywords. These tools look at things like your keyword density and the amount of long-tail keywords you’re using in your article so that you can not only rank higher in the search engines, but be more likely to rank for specific, targeted traffic that’s looking for a solution using those long-tail phrases. 

Content Quality

Because Google and other search engines put such a high priority on original, well-written content, SEO article checkers understandably look at your content to determine if it ticks those boxes. These SEO tools do this by scanning your content looking for ways to improve the flow, grammar, structure and more to improve readability and keep readers engaged.

This in turn helps reduce bounce rates and increases the odds that your site ranking will improve, getting you more organic traffic in the process. 

Compliance with Best SEO Practices

Many SEO article checkers will analyze your content to ensure it adheres to the best SEO practices. These include several simple but crucial on-page elements, including meta tags, alt text for images, proper use of header structure and so on. These elements in turn help search engine robots index your content more easily. 

Beyond ensuring that your site is following best SEO practices, many tools, including Originality.AI’s own Content Optimization Tool, will check for related keywords and offer some examples, powered by AI, to help you use specific keywords and phrases naturally in your article. Originality.AI also helps you check for SEO duplicate content through our robust plagiarism checker. 

Backlink Analysis

Some SEO tools will also analyze your backlinks, so that you can see what other sites are pointing to yours and how those links affect your SEO performance. These tools can also help you spot more lucrative backlinks and potential link building opportunities which can in turn enhance your SEO. 

What Should You Look For in an SEO Article Checker?

With so many points to consider when choosing an SEO article checker, how do you know what to look for? Here are a few features and points to keep in mind as you evaluate the article SEO checkers on the market: 

Keyword Analysis - The right SEO content checker should be able to analyze your content as well as those of competing sites in your chosen niche or industry and give you keyword suggestions that can help you to improve your articles. 

Content Evaluation - Many AI powered SEO tools will also help you check your content overall. For example, Originality.AI’s suite of tools lets you check your articles for readability, plagiarism, potential AI writing detection and more, and gives you a GPT prompt to help you outrank your competition by improving the quality of your content. 

Updated Algorithms - Choose an SEO text checker that is up-to-date with the latest Google standards and best practices, and that follows the current latest algorithm updates to ensure that you’re doing everything you can to keep your site in line with search engine expectations. 

Ease of Use - Look for a tool that’s intuitive and easy to use. Many SEO tools are designed by developers, for developers, and some of them have substantial learning curves which are not for the faint of heart. Choose an SEO article checker with a clean, clear interface and plenty of guidance to help you see exactly what you need in order to improve your content. 

Clear Reports - The best SEO article checker not only analyzes your content but also provides you with a clear, detailed and easy to read report that gives you actionable suggestions on which improvements you can make that will have a greater impact on your search engine ranking. 

Helpful Support - Evaluate the customer service and support of different SEO article checkers to help you find one that’s responsive to your needs. Does the tool offer a video walkthrough or guided instructions? How fast does support respond to your inquiries? 

Cost-Effectiveness - What premium features are included in the price? How often will you use them? The last thing you want is a tool packed with things you won’t use, or that are too complicated to figure out. Try to strike a good balance between cost-effectiveness and features when evaluating SEO text checkers. 

Try Originality.AI’s Content Optimization Tool to Perfect Your SEO

Looking for an easy to use tool that can help you improve your SEO? Try Originality.AI’s content optimization tool! This free MarketMuse alternative is an excellent SEOsurfer alternative that helps you ensure your articles are using the best possible keywords based on your competition and how they’re currently ranking as a result. Plus, it also gives you a GPT prompt that you can use to help boost your word count by around 300 words. Try it for yourself at no charge along with our many other tools including our Readability Checker and much more.

Don’t forget that we also offer a streamlined suite of premium tools as well, including our award-winning AI detection tool and plagiarism detection tool to help you improve your content and take advantage of every SEO benefit you can to boost your ranking!

Sherice Jacob

Plagiarism Expert Sherice Jacob brings over 20 years of experience to digital marketing as a copywriter and content creator. With a finger on the pulse of AI and its developments, she works extensively with Originality.ai to help businesses and publishers get the best returns from their Content.

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