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GPTKit.Ai AI Content Detection Review

GPTKit is an AI-based content detection tool developed by Dreamsoft Innovations. The tool is designed to analyze text and determine whether it contains AI-generated content, which has become increasingly prevalent in today’s digital age. It utilizes six different AI-based content detection techniques to provide accurate results and offers reports on the authenticity and reality of

GPTKit is an AI-based content detection tool developed by Dreamsoft Innovations. The tool is designed to analyze text and determine whether it contains AI-generated content, which has become increasingly prevalent in today’s digital age.

It utilizes six different AI-based content detection techniques to provide accurate results and offers reports on the authenticity and reality of the analyzed content.

GPTKit is a user-friendly tool allowing anyone to easily check their AI-generated content. It is suitable for a wide range of users, including teachers, professionals, students, content writers, employees, freelancers, and anyone interested in testing their content for AI-generated text.

The tool currently supports the English language and claims an accuracy rate of approximately 93%, determined through testing with a dataset of over 100K responses from humans and ChatGPT. GPTKit offers 25 free credits for every user and 200 additional credits for those who sign up for a free account.

Users can also create teams and invite others to join, and the credits will be shared across all team members. The tool maintains strict privacy and security standards, ensuring the input text is deleted permanently from their servers after processing and analysis are complete.


1. Six AI-Based Content Detection Techniques

GPTKit’s six different AI-based content detection techniques use machine learning models and algorithms to analyze the text input and detect AI-generated content. Here are some brief descriptions of each method:

  • DistilBERT: A pre-trained transformer-based language model that uses fewer parameters than the original BERT model, making it faster and more efficient.
  • GLTR: A tool that uses GPT-2 language models to generate text and then compares it to the input text to detect any anomalies or signs of AI-generated content.
  • Perplexity (PPL): A measure of how well a language model can predict a sequence of words. PPL detects whether the text is coherent and consistent, a characteristic of human-generated content.
  • RoBERTa: A pre-trained transformer-based language model that uses an improved training methodology and performs better than the original BERT model in certain tasks.
  • RoBERTa (Based): A modified version of RoBERTa specifically designed to detect AI-generated text.

2. Available on iOS

GPTKit is available on iOS, which means users can easily download and use the app on their iPhones and iPads. This provides convenience and accessibility for users who prefer to use their mobile devices.

3. Easy-to-Understand Results

GPTKit’s easy-to-understand results show the percentage of real versus fake content in the analyzed text. The results are displayed in a user-friendly interface, making it easy for anyone to interpret them without requiring technical expertise.

The simplicity of the results enables users to quickly determine the text’s authenticity, which is especially useful for professionals who need to ensure the accuracy and legitimacy of the content they produce.


  • 6 Different Detection Techniques: GPTKit’s six content detection techniques set it apart from other ChatGPT detection tools. By using multiple approaches to analyze text, GPTKit can achieve a higher level of accuracy in detecting AI-generated content. This is particularly vital for those relying on the tool to detect AI-generated content in their work, as accuracy is essential for maintaining credibility and trust.
  • Reports on Authenticity and Reality: In addition to detecting AI-generated content, GPTKit also provides users with reports on the authenticity and reality of the content analyzed. This additional information gives users a more comprehensive understanding of their content, allowing them to make more informed decisions about using and sharing it.
  • Free Credits: GPTKit offers users 25 free credits to test the tool and 200 free credits for those who sign up for a free account, allowing users to try the tool before committing to a paid plan. This can be particularly helpful for those unsure about the tool’s value for their needs. Additionally, educational institutions can receive 2000 free credits, making the tool more accessible to students and researchers.


  • Limited Free Credits: GPTKit’s free credits are limited to 25, which may not be enough for some users to test the tool or complete their work. This limitation is due to the high running costs of the tool, which requires the use of GPUs for processing.

English-only Support: GPTKit only supports English, which may limit its usefulness for those who work with content in other languages or multilingual environments. However, the website does not rule out the possibility of adding support for other languages in the future.

Testing GPTKit’s Accuracy

To put GPTKit’s AI-content detection tool to the test, we conducted a trial run to evaluate its reliability. We used some AI-generated content by Jasper.AI (found on We loaded it into the system to see if GPTKit’s advanced artificial intelligence could detect that a person did not create the material.

For our experiment, we selected a list of articles about Jasper.AI and ran each piece of text through GPTKit’s content detection tool separately. We aimed to showcase the effectiveness of GPTKit’s advanced content detection techniques, which include six different AI-based approaches.

Here’s the result:

The results showed that the tool could detect AI-generated content with reasonable accuracy, although the results were not consistently high. Despite them all being generated by AI, the tool averaged just over 50% across the seven tested articles.

Comparing GPTKit to Other AI Platforms

But how does it stack up against other AI-content detection platforms? To compare GPTKit to its competitors, we conducted a comparative analysis of the accuracy of

We tested each tool on the same articles we had previously used with GPTKit and compared their results.

When detecting AI-generated content, it’s clear that outperforms GPTKit. As shown in the table above, GPTKit could only accurately identify two out of six instances of AI-generated content. detected AI-generated content more accurately than GPTKit, though it was not foolproof, as indicated by the sixth headline. These results suggest that is a superior platform for detecting AI-generated content compared to GPTKit.

Advantages of GPTKit

GPTKit offers several advantages over other AI platforms in the market. Firstly, it uses advanced machine learning algorithms to detect the authenticity of the content accurately.

This is achieved through its use of six different content detection techniques, including DistilBERT, GLTR, Perplexity PPL, RoBERTa, and RoBERTa (Based). Secondly, GPTKit is available on iOS, making it accessible to a large number of users.

Finally, GPTKit presents its results in an easy-to-understand manner, providing a clear percentage of real vs. fake content.


All-in-all, GPTKit’s AI-based content detection tool provides a useful solution for individuals and organizations seeking to ensure the authenticity of written content.

While our trial run revealed some limitations in the accuracy of GPTKit’s tool, it is important to note that the technology is still relatively new and rapidly evolving. Moreover, the tool’s performance was comparable to other AI-based platforms currently available in the market.

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