Easybib Plagiarism Checker Review

Contrary to what its name might imply, Easybib is not a protective cloth layer designed to provide a barrier between your infant and their food. Instead, it’s one of many essay and report optimization tools on the market; helping students and researchers alike to spot instances of plagiarism, write bibliographies, and craft correct citations for

Sherice Jacob

Contrary to what its name might imply, Easybib is not a protective cloth layer designed to provide a barrier between your infant and their food. Instead, it’s one of many essay and report optimization tools on the market; helping students and researchers alike to spot instances of plagiarism, write bibliographies, and craft correct citations for their papers.

As part of its wide range of resources, Easybib also offers an online plagiarism checker. But how does it stack up to other plagiarism checkers on the market? Learn how Easybib stacks up to the competition in this detailed Easybib plagiarism checker review.

What is the Easybib Plagiarism Checker?

A service of, Easybib is an academic resource site that offers a citation and bibliography tool (hence the name). As part of its suite of tools, it also offers an online plagiarism checker that lets you quickly compare your writing to a variety of online databases and academic journals to identify any instances of plagiarism.

How Does Easybib Plagiarism Checker Work?

Easybib’s plagiarism checker works by comparing the text you submit (via upload or copying and pasting) to a variety of online sources and academic journals while highlighting any instances it finds of matching content.

It then generates a report that shows the highlighted sources as well as the percentage of similarity so that you can make changes directly.

Why Use Easybib Plagiarism Checker?

One of the best reasons to consider the Easybib plagiarism checker is that it can detect several different kinds of plagiarism, not just exact matches. It can also detect paraphrasing which is where different words are used to convey the same idea or concept.

Beyond its variety of plagiarism detection options, Easybib can also help you improve your writing skills by assisting you in writing bibliographies and citations. If you’re looking for a centralized option to help you format your essays and reports correctly, Easybib is a great option.

What are Some of the Easybib Plagiarism Checker’s Features?

Because EasyBib is a service of Chegg, it mimics many of the same plagiarism checkers features as These include:

  • Advanced algorithms – Easybib leverages advanced algorithms to detect plagiarism across many different online databases, academic journals, and website sources.
  • Multiple file format support – Easybib allows you to copy and paste your document directly, as well as add documents in Microsoft Word format and PDF.
  • Feedback and suggestions – Beyond its plagiarism checker, Easybib also offers optional feedback and suggestions through its paid expert checking service.
  • Checks for several types of plagiarism – Easybib checks for several different types of plagiarism including paraphrasing, verbatim plagiarism, and more.

How Does Easybib’s Algorithm Work?

Like Chegg, the service on which Easybib is based, the algorithm works by analyzing your text and comparing it to a variety of online databases and academic journals. It breaks down your text into multiple chunks and then compares those chunks to content in its databases, looking at things like word choice, flow, and structure.

Easybib also uses NLP or natural language processing alongside machine learning to analyze content and accurately spot instances of plagiarism, making it go well beyond direct text matches.

It then flags any content that matches and adds a percentage of similarity to the original so that the author can check each potentially plagiarized segment individually. All of this is then wrapped up in a neat, clean report.

How to Use Easybib Plagiarism Checker Step-by-Step

  1. Go to the Easybib website and click on Plagiarism Checker at the top of the page.
  2. (Optionally) create an account. You can also paste your text or upload the document directly from the homepage without having to create an account.
  3. Once the file is added or the content pasted, click to check for plagiarism and wait for Easybib to finish its analysis.
  4. When the analysis is complete, Easybib will give you the option to do a more complete plagiarism check (paid). You can use the basic checker for free.
  5. With the free version, you can optionally choose to have an Expert check your work grammatically which has an added cost according to how many papers you submit.

How to Get the Most Out of Easybib Plagiarism Checker

In order to get the most out of the Easybib plagiarism checker, it’s important that you use it throughout the process of writing your paper, not just at the end. Use it in order to improve your writing at every stage of the process and take advantage of the feedback and suggestions that it gives you.

Troubleshooting Common Issues with Easybib Plagiarism Checker

Although Easybib plagiarism checker normally works very well and its accurate at detecting plagiarism, you could run into a few problems during the process, including:

  • False positives – In its zeal to uncover plagiarism, there are times when Easybib will throw false positives your way. If you see highlighted text that isn’t plagiarism, you can simply ignore it and continue reviewing the report.
  • Slow processing – If you’re uploading a large file or text file with a lot of sources, it may take Easybib a considerable amount of time to process the document.
  • Inaccurate results – In some cases the results from Easybib can be inaccurate, especially if the source it’s comparing your document to is outdated or incomplete.
  • Compatibility problems – In some cases, Easybib may encounter compatibility problems with other browsers or document formats.

Advantages of Using Easybib Plagiarism Checker

Easybib plagiarism checker offers a number of advantages over direct match plagiarism checkers, including:

  • Detailed Database – Easybib uses’s databases to check academic journals, online sources and much more.
  • Intuitive Interface – With its easy-to-use interface, Easybib is user-friendly even for users who have never checked a document for plagiarism before.
  • Helpful Feedback – In addition to checking for plagiarism, Easybib also offers help with citations and bibliographies, making it easy for students and researchers to accurately present their work.

Limitations of Easybib Plagiarism Checker

Beyond the false positives and occasional inaccurate results, one of the biggest drawbacks to using Easybib plagiarism checker is how limited the free version is. You’re limited in terms of how many documents you can check every day as well as the number of sources the platform compares your document to.

How Does Easybib Plagiarism Checker Compare To…

Wondering how Easybib plagiarism checker stacks up to the competition? Here’s a detailed comparison between Easybib and leading plagiarism checkers


Turnitin has a larger number of database sources to draw upon than Easybib, which allows it to detect more instances of plagiarism across a larger number of journals, reports, and studies. However, it’s important to note that both Easybib and Turnitin are constantly updating and expanding their source databases.


Copyscape is primarily suited toward web-based sources in terms of its plagiarism detection. Also, while Easybib offers a free version of its tool, Copyscape is credit-based and requires a subscription in order to conduct searches. Many users also report that Copyscape is more accurate and delivers fewer false positives than Easybib.


Originality.AI uses artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to not only detect instances of plagiarism but also AI-written content. In addition, while Easybib offers a free service, Originality.AI is a paid service available as both a credit-based option and a subscription.

How Does Originality.AI’s Algorithm Work?

Originality.AI leverages natural language processing and the power of artificial intelligence to detect instances of both plagiarism and AI writing in the submitted content. Originality.AI’s algorithm works by analyzing the content submitted to it and comparing it to millions of other documents to detect any tell-tale signs of AI writing.

Originality.AI is continuously trained on content that is both human-written and AI-written, enabling it to spot even subtle differences. Because AI writing is consistently improving to sound more and more human, Originality.AI is tailored to learn from the content that AI produces in order to spot common words, phrasing, or structure that give it away as “non-human”.

Should You Use Easybib?

If you’re looking for a basic plagiarism checker and are familiar with Chegg’s databases and how it works, Easybib is an additional helpful service that uses the same familiar structure and payment plans. However, Easybib does not detect AI-written content, whereas Originality.AI can detect both plagiarism and AI writing.

Although Originality.AI is geared toward content publishers, writers, and website professionals, it’s also incredibly affordable. With scans of up to 100 words costing 1 cent each, it’s a quick, easy, and accurate way to ensure that content written for your business or website wasn’t ripped from AI and is instead human-made, which is precisely the kind of thing that Google and other search engines look and rank for! Try it now!

Sherice Jacob

Plagiarism Expert Sherice Jacob brings over 20 years of experience to digital marketing as a copywriter and content creator. With a finger on the pulse of AI and its developments, she works extensively with Originality.AI to help businesses and publishers get the best returns from their Content.

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