AI Writing Review - Can It Detect AI Generated Content?

Stay ahead in the era of AI content. Explore Detecting-AI and compare its effectiveness in detecting AI-generated content alongside other tools. Uncover the truth with precision.

The rise in AI content over the last 12 months has been monumental, with my people struggling to keep track of what is human-written and what is AI-generated.

Fortunately, as quickly as the many AI content generation tools have risen, so too have the AI content detectors, and we're back reviewing another of them today, this time focusing on a tool called Detecting-AI.

As an AI content detector ourselves, we wanted to put our tool to the test alongside to see how well the two of them do their job.

Here, we will focus on the following:

  • What is
  • Why people are interested in's AI detector
  • Whether the's AI detection tool works or not.

What is Landing Page

As the name would suggest, was specifically created to detect AI-generated content while also providing an "AI Humanizer" service on the side, much like Content At Scale does.

The tool focuses on identifying what content is generated and what content is written, allowing its users to gain transparency on what they are reading.

Why are People Interested in Detecting AI's AI Detector?

In a world where the production of mass information is easier than ever before, tools like Detecting-AI are vital, as they help users understand whether or not the content they are consuming is real.

But does it work?

Does it Work? The Results

With all that information to hand, let's look at whether or not really works as an AI content detector.

To find this out, we've put it through several tests alongside the content detection tool to see if they can detect the AI-generated content we create.

As with all of our articles, we feel it important to implement first-hand research and tests to ensure we provide you with the clearest and most unbiased opinions possible.

The test

For this test, we have produced a few different instances where AI content might get used, which we will run through both and to see if they are up to scratch with our needs.

For this test, it's important to create a variety of types of content to ensure the test is as thorough as possible, which is why we will be generating a blog post, a product description, a promotional email, and a cover letter.

The Results

Blog Content

To begin, let's start with a blog post content test, generating content for a fictional doorhandle sales company called "Can You Handle It."

Here's our ChatGPT prompt:

"Generate engaging blog content for 'Can You Handle It,' a door handle sales company showcasing the diverse and stylish range of door handles. Highlight the unique design features, premium materials, and versatility of the handles for different door types. Emphasize the importance of door handles as a statement piece and explore trends in interior design. Craft a narrative that resonates with homeowners, interior designers, and contractors, inspiring them to elevate their spaces with the exquisite door handle collection from 'Can You Handle It.' Ensure the content is informative, visually appealing, and encourages readers to explore the full range on the company's website."

And here's what ChatGPT created:

Chatgpt Generate a blog Content

Let's run that content through and Detecting-AI, to see if they pick up that it's AI-generated. Score: 100% AI-generated

Chatgpt Generated Blog Content Get Detected By

Detecting-AI Score: 39.3% AI-generated Fail to Detect The Chatgpt Generated Blog Content

While immediately detects that this content is 100% AI-generated, believes there is more like a one in three chance it is AI written, which isn't ideal, considering we generated it in it's entirety about 5 minutes ago!

Product Description

Next, let's try out the two tools with a product description, focusing on a new type of handle on sale at Can You Handle It,

Here's our ChatGPT prompt:

"Generate a captivating product description for 'Can You Handle It's' latest innovation: the [Name of the New Handle]. Highlight its unique design features, cutting-edge materials, and versatility for various door types. Emphasize the functional and aesthetic benefits of this handle, addressing how it enhances both security and interior design. Craft a description that evokes a desire for this innovative handle, inviting customers to explore the unparalleled combination of style and functionality it brings to their doors. Ensure the description is concise, informative, and compels readers to consider the [Name of the New Handle] for their spaces."

And here's what ChatGPT created:

Chatgpt Generate a Product Description

Let's run that content through and Detecting-AI to see if they pick up that it's AI-generated. Score: 100% AI-generated

Chatgpt Generated Product Descriptions Get Detected By

Detecting-AI Score: 17.8% AI-generated Fail to Detect Chatgpt generated product description

Worryingly, while detects the content as 100% AI-generated, actually states there is even less chance of the product description being AI-generated than the blog content, giving it a 17.8% chance of being AI-generated, which is completely incorrect.

Promotional email

Now, for our last marketing test, let's see whether either tool can detect promotional email content when it is 100% AI-generated.

Here's our ChatGPT prompt:

"Create a persuasive sales email promoting 'Can You Handle It's' latest innovation, [Name of the New Handle]. Craft a compelling message that highlights the unique design features, cutting-edge materials, and versatile applications of the new handle. Emphasize the functional benefits, including enhanced security and ease of use. Encourage recipients to explore the unrivaled combination of style and functionality offered by [Name of the New Handle] and provide a clear call-to-action, inviting them to visit the website for more details or make a purchase. Ensure the email is concise, engaging, and prompts readers to envision the transformative impact of this innovative handle on their doors."

And here's what ChatGPT created:

Chatgpt Generate a Promotional Email

Now we have our AI-generated content, let's run it through and and see what they think! Score: 100% AI-generated

Chatgpt Generated Promotional Email Get Detected By

Detecting-AI Score: 5.7% AI-generated Fail to detect chatgpt generated promotional email

For the email test, states that there is only a 5.7% chance the content is generated, which is further off the mark than the other two marketing examples.

Cover letter

Okay, so didn't do so well with the marketing AI content. But what about for a different type of content, such as a cover letter?

Here's our ChatGPT prompt:

"Generate a compelling cover letter for the position of Head of Sales at 'Can You Handle It,' showcasing a proven track record in sales leadership, a deep understanding of the home improvement industry, and a passion for driving revenue growth. Emphasize strategic thinking, relationship-building skills, and the ability to lead and motivate a high-performing sales team. Align your experience with the values and goals of 'Can You Handle It,' and express enthusiasm for contributing to the company's success in revolutionizing the door handle market. Craft a letter that not only demonstrates your expertise but also conveys a genuine connection to the mission and vision of 'Can You Handle It.'"

And here's what ChatGPT created:

Chatgpt generate cover letter

Now we have our AI-generated cover letter, let's run it through and and see what results we get. Score: 100% AI-generated

Chatgpt Generated Cover Letter Get Detected by

Detecting-AI Score: 2.6% AI-generated Fail to detect Chatgpt Generated Cover Letter

It's the worst result yet for, which predicts there is just a 2.6% that our AI-generated content is actually written by AI, whereas correctly determines that it is 100% AI-written.

Overall, these examples show that may have a simple and easy-to-understand name, but the tool itself is currently lacking where it counts. Hopefully, it will make further improvements soon to maintain the integrity of AI detectors.

Frequently Asked Questions About AI Detection Tools and AI-Generated Content

Is Detecting-AI free?

As part of this AI review, we found that was free to use, with a large character limit allowing you to check various forms of content.

What is is a website designed to help you determine whether text samples are AI-generated or not.

How do I make AI non-detectable?

While some AI writing tools clearly produce undetectable AI-written content, it simply isn't the case. Either they do so by removing the high-quality content and replacing it with poor and grammatically incorrect content, or some AI tools just simply don't work as claimed when it comes to bypassing AI detectors.

The best way to make content non-detectable is to use AI tools sparingly and focus instead on the authenticity and value that human-generated content can provide.

Are AI-powered writing tools ethically okay to use?

As we are an AI content detection company, you might think that we only believe in human-written content, but that isn't the case. We believe that AI tools can be used in the right situations to save time and generate human-like text, but we also believe in the importance of honesty and transparency when doing so.


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