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AltText AI Review - Automatically Generate Alt Text For Images

Enhance your SEO strategy with AltText AI, an AI alt text generation tool. Don't overlook the power of image alt text; boost your rankings and optimize content for Google's top results.

When it comes to best SEO practices many people will talk about the importance of topical authority, great content, or keyword research.

And they are right to do so, but they are also missing one essential aspect.

Alt text.

Without image alt text, you are leaving valuable SEO on the table and making it more difficult for Google to rank you at the top of the search engine rankings.

AltText AI claims to help rectify that with its AI alt text generation tool.

But is it worth your time?

Here, we will look at the following:

  • What AltText AI is best for
  • How to use it effectively
  • What types of content you can generate
  • How much this tool costs
  • Key features
  • The pros and cons
  • Alternatives to AltText AI
  • The final verdict on AltText AI

AltText AI Quick Review

  • Ease of use - 8/10
  • Features - 8/10
  • Customer Support - 9/10
  • Price - 8/10
  • Speed - 9/10

Summary - 8/10

Overall, AltText AI is a very reliable tool for generating alt text, and for the right customer, the tool will be an extremely useful one.

Who is AltText AI Best For?

AltText AI Landing Page

For anyone who has to conduct manual alt text writing on a day to day basis, discovering a way to cut out the time this can take will sound like a dream come true.

Sure, sometimes it is easy to come up with the right words to say underneath your website's imagery, but on other occasions, it can feel like you're banging your head against a wall.

With AltText AI, you can break through writer's block, generating alt text quickly and easily, saving you plenty of time and effort.

How to Use AltText AI Effectively

To get the most out of your AltText AI tool, it's important to assess where you need the most support. Are you creating new content and you need to get the alt text before you push it live? Or do you have a web page that you need to review and add alt text to, even though it is already live?

Determining your goals and objectives before you get started is a great way to establish how you can use AltText AI effectively.

What Types of Content Can You Create With AltText AI?

As the name suggests, AltText AI focuses specifically on alt text generation, rather than other elements of search engine optimization.

While this might make AltText AI seem slightly limited, it actually allows the brand to specialize on one unique aspect of SEO and AI.

How Much Does It Cost?

AltText AI Pricing Plans

Bronze - $5 per month

  • 100 credits

Silver - $19 per month

  • 500 credits

Gold - $49 per month

  • 1000 credits

Key AltText AI Features

As AltText AI focuses specifically on generating alt text, there are not too many features to speak of, other than the obvious alt text generator.

AltText AI Alt Text Generator Dashboard

By adding an image to the platform, the tool quickly provides you with a relevant and SEO-friendly alt text generation to copy and paste.

AltText AI Created Alt Text for Images

AltText AI Alternatives

Trying to find AI alternatives to Alt Text AI for generating alt text automatically?

That should be included in the list of most difficult tongue twisters.

While there are many AI content writing tools on the market, with plenty focusing on creating content for search engines, very few focus on using AI for image alt text.

However, some of the leading AI tools for SEO do offers a tool to help create alt text as apart of their offering, such as Scalenut, AI SEO, and Neuraltext, but they do not focus specifically on alt text like AltText AI does.

Alternatively, with the right prompt, you can even create alt text via ChatGPT, although that may take as much time as manually writing alt text.

AltText AI: The Final Verdict

Overall, the AltText AI tool is a very useful one that many relevant customers would benefit from.

While the concept of an AltText AI tool is rather niche, it does allow AltText AI to distinguish itself from other "AI SEO" tools, and the lower pricing also reflects this, making it a very interesting tool for anyone who needs to create lots of alt texts.

Frequently Asked Questions About AltText AI

Is AltText AI secure and reliable?

AltText AI is a reliable and secure way to procure AI-generated alt text for existing images, to help improve your search engine rankings. It can also help you source relevant seo keywords, ensuring you save time on your digital marketing efforts.

Does AltText AI cost money?

You can use the alt text generator to produce accurate descriptions for free as part of the AltText AI free trial, but you will need to invest in a paid membership to continue your automatic alt text generation.

What is the difference between AltText AI and ChatGPT?

Where ChatGPT focuses on generating text of all kinds, AltText AI focuses on generating alt text, which can be used to improve your website's SEO.


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