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Clarity in writing is one of the areas that human beings have devoted a lot of their time to cultivating. While correcting grammatical and especially orthographical mistakes using such options as spell check and grammar tools is rather simple, it remains complicated to enrich the deeper parameters of writing. Glad to introduce you to Originality.ai Text Enhancer, which aims to help you address this problem painlessly. The Originality.ai Text Enhancer’s purpose is to enhance your writing style, flow, and use of words and phrases. It also keeps the meaning and intent of your text intact.

What Does The Originality.ai Text Enhancer Do?

The Originality.ai Text Enhancer tool is designed to help enhance writing in several ways. At the basic level, it can be used to eliminate grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors and make the text look properly formatted. It can save your text from bad typos and make it look more professional. It also aims to enhance expressiveness. It focuses on the correctness of the words employed in the text and offers your audience appropriate words in relation to the given circumstances.

Features of The Originality.ai Text Enhancer

Here are the unique features of the Originality.ai text enhancer tool:

  • Grammatical Correction: The tool fixes all sorts of grammatical issues, including overuse of passive voice, improper use of articles, silent verbs, errors in spelling, and subject-verb disagreements among others. It reads every sentence of the text individually. It further looks for grammatical and structural errors and applies the corrections to the text.

  • Complexity Simplification: Originality.ai Text Enhancer is created to edit and change to an original text. It simplifies the language by making its meaning more comprehensible. It splits texts into simpler and easily understandable sub-ideas while maintaining all the essential context. It also simplifies syntactic structures where necessary, overriding complex sentence constructions, and using plain words to replace a formal word. It also paraphrases a phrase to make the language less formal.

  • Style Standardization: Stylistically, the tool focuses on establishing continuity, which is an effective way of enhancing stylistic flow. It provides features unavailable in other tools. Hence, the Originality.ai tool enhancer helps format syntax patterns, style-formality, and informality features. It justifies the alignment of the texts to provide them with a more professional and realistic appearance. The flow and the tone of the writing also influence the use of stylistic devices: for instance, going from active voice to passive voice.

  • Vocabulary Enhancement: The tool increases writing quality by substituting less precise, repetitive, and too general words for a better literary translation. It gives ideas, that articulate better the meaning of the text, and paint a picture in the minds of the audience. In addition, it adds further contextual information. 

  • Batch Processing: The Originality.ai Text Enhancer has an impressive automation option that can edit a large amount of text at once. It offers a high level of optimization for large documents. Batch processing is helpful when it comes to content forwarding for publishing, review, and editing because it allows several contents to be processed at once.

Step-by-Step Guide: Using the Originality.ai Text Enhancer

It is important to know that the application of the Originality.ai Text Enhancer does not require special knowledge. Here are some easy steps to follow:

1. Input Text to Enhance

Input Text to Enhance

Input the text that you want to enhance by typing or copy-pasting it into the text box provided below. This should be the first port of call before enhancement is applied. You can use short words or complex sentences if you want.

2. Tone Selection

Tone Selection

Choose the right tone for the enhanced text from the drop-down list below. Some include friendly, casual, formal, informative, and so on. Depending on your target audience, you should select the right tone for the tool to get the best results.

3. Select Audience Specification

Select Audience Specification

Alternatively, there is a list of target audiences such as everyone, shoppers, new parents, etc. You can click on the audience button to select your desired audience. Defining the target audience is crucial as it enables consideration of the language and content appropriateness.

4. Select Desired Language

Select Desired Language

Choose the language in which you want the results to be displayed from the given options. To ensure precise amplification, use the language button to select your desired language including, English, Korean, French, German, and many more.

5. Input Important Words (Optional)

Input Important Words

Optionally, input any keywords and phrases that you want to stand out, or be more highlighted in the enhanced output. It is possible to provide more than one entry and if so, they are to be separated by a single comma.

6. Click Generate Button

Click Generate Button

Click the “Generate” button to apply the drafts. The result will be in the “Output” tab below. The tool helps to filter the text according to the required tone, the expected audience, and keywords.

7. Select Clear Form Button

The Clear Form button is available to erase all fields and begin with a new set of source text again, which clears out all the earlier input and selections made.

8. Select the Copy Button

Select the Copy Button

After the output has been improved as desired, click on the ‘Copy’ button to copy it to the clipboard so that it can be pasted at suitable places.

9. Select Finetune for Adjustment

Select Finetune for Adjustment

For manual adjustments, click fine-tune if you want to edit the results. You can make the adjustments to the final results till you are satisfied.

Benefits of the Originality.ai Text Enhancer

Here are the key reasons to use the Originality.ai text enhancer:

  1. Improved Readability: The tool provides results that are more comfortable to read and digest, particularly for longer answers or if the information presented is voluminous. Originality.ai text enhancer has special options to help you create a clear hierarchy, highlight important information, and divide the content, which makes it easier to read.
  1. Enhanced Comprehension: The tool's formatting options further assist in organizing and presenting the content logically. This helps your audience to follow the logical flow and identify and understand the main points being conveyed.
  1. Visual Interest: Emphasizing different styled fonts and formats also enhances the way the conversation looks and feels. It can be useful in ensuring that your audience is engaged and interested in what you are presenting.
  1. Professionalism: The Originality.ai text enhancer provides favorable ways of presenting information cleanly, orderly, and beautifully. It helps your text sound and feel more professional.
  2. Versatility: The features of the Originality.ai text enhancer come in handy in more contexts than one. It is capable of reviewing different write-ups and text concepts.


At a time when one is blessed with so much information right at one's fingertips, it becomes paramount to realize the value of precise and systematic write-ups. Applying the possibilities of Originality.ai text enhancer allows you to make texts more legible, coherent, and even visually appealing to your audience. Regardless of what you are writing, the Originality.ai text enhancer is the tool that can take your writing from a ten to a hundred.

Customers Love Originality.ai

We deeply understand your needs when it comes to identifying Original content and we are building features around our accurate AI detection and Plagiarism checking that users love!

After testing a number of AI content detection tools, I have found Originality.ai to be one of the best on the market. And now with the ability to detect paraphrased AI content, Orignality.ai is even more powerful. It’s basically my go-to detection tool at this point.

Glenn Gabe

SEO Consultant, GSQI.com

At Clicking Publish, producing original, high-quality content is essential to our success. To maintain these standards, it's important that we verify the work from freelancers and outsourced writers. Originality.ai makes this process easy for us by providing a simple and efficient tool that ensures the content we receive meets our expectations.

Kityo Martin

Clicking Publish

I love the tool. Not only does it detect ACTUAL Al written content, but also writers who write just like Al. Great way to weed out Al and poor writing. Just because content was written by a human doesn't mean they did any better than an Al tool. We had a lot of our writers test positive for Al and they didn't use Al. What was common in all their writing was the lack of original thoughts. It was all regurgitation.

Ryan Cunningham

After doing some serious testing with Originality (which caters for the newerAl tech), I can't fool it (yet).

Joe Davies

Founder, FatJoe

So what can we learn from this? In many cases, the tool tells the right story, even when it's nuanced, like in the case of AI content edited by humans.

Gael Breton

Founder, Authority Hacker

I realize that AI content isn't going away and with human editing, it can save time/make blog content better. That said, I've also had writers submit content that was 100% AI and never told me. A BIG no-no. This tool (Originality.ai) is what I'm using to stop that.

Ron Stefanski


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Originality.ai has been featured for its accurate ability to detect GPT-3, Chat GPT and GPT-4 generated content. See some of the coverage below…

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Featured by Leading Publications

Originality.ai did a fantastic job on all three prompts, precisely detecting them as AI-written. Additionally, after I checked with actual human-written textual content, it did determine it as 100% human-generated, which is important.

Vahan Petrosyan


I use this tool most frequently to check for AI content personally. My most frequent use-case is checking content submitted by freelance writers we work with for AI and plagiarism.

Tom Demers


After extensive research and testing, we determined Originality.ai to be the most accurate technology.

Rock Content Team


Jon Gillham, Founder of Originality.ai came up with a tool to detect whether the content is written by humans or AI tools. It’s built on such technology that can specifically detect content by ChatGPT-3 — by giving you a spam score of 0-100, with an accuracy of 94%.

Felix Rose-Collins


ChatGPT lacks empathy and originality. It’s also recognized as AI-generated content most of the time by plagiarism and AI detectors like Originality.ai

Ashley Stahl


Originality.ai Do give them a shot! 

Sri Krishna


For web publishers, Originality.ai will enable you to scan your content seamlessly, see who has checked it previously, and detect if an AI-powered tool was implored.

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