Sentence Shortener

Introducing text shortener! It is a tool designed to turn long texts or texts into short and clear sentences. Our text shortener is exactly what you need as a student or a business professional to generate brief texts for you to easily understand. Also, if you are looking to write a simple message without making it too long, or filled with unnecessary information, use our Text Shortener.

Quick Tutorial To Using The Sentence Shortener

This tool is user-friendly and simple to use. Don’t get confused about how to effectively use it, here is a well-explained process to guide you every step of the way:

1. Input Your Text

Input Your Text

The Text Shortener first asks you to input the text you need to summarize, which includes your lengthy information and other relevant information that needs to be shortened. Input or copy your text into the provided box. Make sure you provide an accurate text. 

2. Select a Tone of Voice

Select a Tone of Voice

You might want your shortened text to sound in a certain way, depending on what kind of sentence you want to shorten. If it's an academic write-up, you might want it to sound informative, formal or educational. As a content creator, you might want your message to sound informal, humorous or any kind of way you want to communicate with your audience. Choose the option that best reflects the context of your text. Click on the drop-down menu and select an appropriate tone of voice. 

3. Choose a Target Audience

Choose a Target Audience

The option requires you to select a target audience from the list of options available. You need to identify the people your text is meant for. For example, if it's an academic-related text, your target audience should be students. Simply click the box provided and select the most appropriate target audience for you.


4. Pick a Language

Pick a Language Text Shortener allows you to generate your results in other languages. There are several options to choose from, ranging from French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean and others. Click on the box and select a language from the drop-down menu that appears.

5. Add Important Words (Optional)

Add Important Words

This option is essential to provide needed keywords in your text. You only need to add words that are very important to your text. This tool analyzes these words and adds them to your result, making it easier to understand and also maintaining your text’s meaning without leaving vital information behind.


6. Click ‘Generate’

Click Generate

After you have provided all the information, go ahead and click the generate button. The Text Generator analyzes all the information and generates a result based on that. Select ‘clear form’ if you wish to restart and replace some words. If it's not so, simply just generate your result into a short text.


7. The Finetune Option

The Finetune Option

This option is what makes us absolutely unique. If you are not satisfied with the result generated, click ‘Finetine’ to provide you with another result. You can also finetune a particular word you don’t like in your shortened text, simply select the word and click the finetune button. Feel free to finetune as many times as you like till you get your desired result.

Go ahead and copy the shortened text to the clipboard, and you have your clear, simple, and summarized message.

Why Choose the Sentence Shortener?

The text shortener is used to cut down long sentences into a well-structured writeup, making it easy for you to read. In today’s age of information overload, we know a lot of people have short attention spans, which doesn’t give people the chance to read lengthy writeups. With the Text Shortener, you can turn these lengthy words into something that can be read easily, without missing the original context of the message. Here are the key benefits of this tool:

  1. Time-Saving: Our tool saves you a great deal of time because you don’t have to read or write long messages anymore. Just use the Text shortener to make it easier for you. 

  1. Enhanced Readability: Shorter sentences are always easier to read, which is exactly where the Text shortener comes in. It enhances your ability to read and understand long messages.

  1. Retains Original Meaning: One special feature of this tool is that while it simplifies your whole text, it does that without leaving out any important detail. Your text still maintains its original meaning or context so you don’t miss out on any information.

  1. Versatility: This tool is suitable for all kinds of writing, regardless of its field. 

Also, if you are looking to write short and impactful texts for your audience without loading them with too much information, try our Text Shortener today.  The tool is perfect for:

  • Students: The text shortener can be used for your academic writing. Use this tool to change lengthy explanations into something more simple for you to understand. Feel free to use this tool for your projects or assignments.

  • Business Professionals: This tool can be used to summarize long reports, emails or proposals, making sure the keywords or points are still communicated effectively. You can also try the text shortener for an easy understanding of your business reports.

  • Content Creators/Brand Owners: if you are a social media manager, a brand owner, or simply a content creator, the text shortener can be used to generate short catchy texts as content for your brand.

  • Everyday Use: While scrolling through your social media, coming across long sentences or paragraphs happens often right? Well, all you need to do is to copy these words into our text shortener and it simplifies it for you. You can also use the tool to express your thoughts more clearly when writing.


This unique Text Shortener is an accessible tool that is easy to understand, providing what you need to make writing and reading simple for you. You definitely need to try this tool. With its user-friendly and unique options, it produces a more improved message, which changes the overall flow of your text. Get started with the Text Shortener today!

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