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How to Check for Plagiarism in Wordpress

Whether you’re a blogger, content professional, or marketing agency, you want to make sure the content you create is genuine, error-free, and unique. But with so many different word processing programs and platforms out there, WordPress has quickly become the standard hub for content management. 

If you’re an agency and you have guest bloggers, writers, or other content professionals submitting articles and posts in WordPress, you’ll want to be sure to diligently check for plagiarism in WordPress before you hit Submit. But how do you do it? We’ve got you covered in this detailed article on the steps you need to take to check for plagiarism in WordPress

Plagiarism Checker WordPress Plugins

By default, WordPress’ content editor doesn’t check for plagiarism when you enter content into it. That means in order to check for plagiarism in WordPress, you’ll need to download and install a third-party plugin. There are both free and paid plagiarism checker plugins available for WordPress. Here are a few of the most popular ones, as well as their pros and cons. 

Plagiarism Checker WordPress Plugins

Plagiarism Checker Pro

As one of the top results on, Plagiarism Checker Pro has been installed on hundreds of thousands of WordPress sites. With just a single click, you can quickly scan and check your content for plagiarism. You can also narrow down your search to entire paragraphs, sentences, or only links. Any plagiarized content that is found is displayed via a slider. 

Plagiarism Checker Pro is available for free but the free version is understandably limited. A basic plan for $5 gives you a slight upgrade, whereas the full plan will set you back $499. Ouch! Considering the simplicity of the program’s features in comparison to its high price tag, you’d be better off looking at other alternatives if you need anything beyond a basic scan. 

Copyscape Premium

Copyscape, one of the most well-known original plagiarism checkers on the web, also has a WordPress plugin. Using the Copyscape API, it lets you conduct a “Copyscape Check” to check your posts at any time. You can also schedule future ongoing checks. If plagiarized content is found, you’ll receive a report showing pages that match your content highlighted

In order to use Copyscape Premium’s WordPress plagiarism checker, you’ll need a Copyscape Premium account and some credits in your account. You’ll also need to enable API access so that the plugin can scan on your behalf when you’re not directly logged in. 

Prepost Plagiarism Checker

Rather than being a standalone plugin, Prepost plagiarism checker lets you check for plagiarism in WordPress by copying and pasting or uploading your text on their website. The basic (free) checker checks for duplicate content and gives you a report with what percentage has been plagiarized and from where. 

The paid version of the tool incorporates a deep search, is ad-free, and checks up to 25,000 words. There are three plans available with a basic starting at $12/month and a premium at $50/month. In addition, Prepost offers options for checking your search engine optimization, checking for paraphrasing, and more. It’s a handy tool if you’re looking for a basic WordPress plagiarism checker that also happens to incorporate some other nice-to-have features. 

Of course, these are not the only plagiarism checkers in WordPress. Several smaller plugins exist that incorporate plagiarism checkers with other tools, such as a grammar and spelling checker along with a plagiarism checker or a search engine optimization tool combined with a plagiarism checker. However many of the smaller plugins on the market are either no longer in development or do not yet have reviews attesting to their efficiency or efficacy

Using Originality.AI to Check for Plagiarism in WordPress

You can also use Originality.AI to check for plagiarism in WordPress. While Originality doesn’t have a standalone WordPress plugin, you don’t actually need to install one in order to enjoy the benefits of the service. Simply copy and paste or upload your post into Originality and let it scan for both plagiarism and AI writing. The tool itself is sophisticated enough to check for one or the other, or both, and credits are incredibly affordable

Should You Use a Plugin to Check for Plagiarism? 

Keep in mind that when it comes to checking for plagiarism in WordPress, opening your blog to different types of plugins can also inadvertently open it up to being hacked. Some plugins become outdated when their original creators no longer develop them and as a result, they fall into disuse and become the perfect target for hackers. Other plugins can cause conflicts as WordPress or even other third-party plugins are updated. This can cause issues with navigating your site, cause pages to load slowly, and otherwise affect your site negatively. 

In some cases, you may not even realize that it’s the plagiarism checker plugin that’s causing all of the issues until you disable the plugins one by one to find the culprit. That being said, the plugins profiled here are likely safe as they’ve been installed on thousands and thousands of WordPress sites without incident. But why subject your site to the possibility of exploits when you can prevent it? 

That’s what makes Originality.AI so easy to use and accessible. No third-party plugins to install. Nothing to download. Nothing to configure. Just copy, paste, and let the AI work its magic. The best part is with prices as low as 1 cent per credit (one credit scans 100 words), it’s an affordable way to check for not only plagiarism but AI-written content as well. With more and more content writers and marketers turning to services like ChatGPT to create and fill their blogs with relevant content, the need is stronger than ever to stand out with human-written content that’s genuine, conversational, and engaging. 

Make it easy for your team of bloggers, content professionals, and marketers to check for plagiarism in WordPress by running their content through Originality.AI before they submit it. Try it now, risk-free!

About the Author: 

Sherice Jacob

Plagiarism Expert

Sherice Jacob brings over 20 years of experience to digital marketing as a copywriter and content creator. With a finger on the pulse of AI and its developments, she works extensively with Originality.AI to help businesses and publishers get the best returns from their Content.

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