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You’ve finally built the confidence to begin your journey as a content creator, writer, virtual assistant, or blogger; you’ve crafted your content structure, and guidelines and researched a niche you want. However, one crucial factor keeps eluding you: crafting a killer hook to engage your viewers/readers from the first line.

You’ve finally built the confidence to begin your journey as a content creator, writer, virtual assistant, or blogger; you’ve crafted your content structure, and guidelines and researched a niche you want. However, one crucial factor keeps eluding you: crafting a killer hook to engage your viewers/readers from the first line.

Rather than racking your brains on the best hook you can start with, you can rely on our hook generator to do the work for you. So, how do you get started, and what can you do with this tool? Read on to find out.

Step-by-Step Guide To Using Originality.ai’s Hook Generator

Like any AI-powered software, guidelines and instructions are required to get your desired result. Below are steps to take note of:

  1. Input your Hook Topic/ Keyword

By inputting your topic, the algorithm is designed to source suitable hooks for your content. You should also note that your topic doesn’t have to be comprehensively descriptive or adequately organized. All you need is a keyword, and you're good to go.

  1. Select Hook Type

Selecting a hook type is essential because the content you might be trying to curate falls into different categories. Below are some hook types you can choose:

  • Questions: For question-related content like How-to’s, blogs, and their variant, selecting this hook type would further fine-tune your search.
  • Quotations: For motivational and life coach content, it is always recommended to opt for the quotation hook type; this way, more light is being shed and channeled to this niche.
  • Statistical: The statistical hook type should be your go-to option for academic papers, journals, seminars, and project write-ups. Or better still, if you are trying to curate health analytical statistics, we highly recommend this option.
  • Definition: Although this option is usually sidelined and not used often, it is best suited for descriptive content and more YouTube introduction content.

  1. Select Hook Genre

The hook genre clarifies more about the content you plan on working on, ranging from an essay, speech, report, and thesis. Selecting a particular genre also helps the hook generator to narrow down and give a full description/insight into what you are trying to work on.

With this option, you can refine your content and keywords to a best-suited format; that way, you are painting a clear picture of what you want.

  1. Select Tone of Voice

This aspect of writing a prompt must be strictly adhered to, irrespective of how you want your content to turn out. Selecting the tone of your hook would determine a significant aspect of the hook itself. The tone embedded in Originality.ai’s hook generator is Formal, Informative, analytical, casual, and friendly.

With these options, you have a broad range to select from, which further helps you define most of the content (Video, audio, write-up) you are working on.

  1. Choose Your Target Audience

Your proposed hook should be able to ignite a spark when a specific audience reads or listens to it. Therefore, on Originality.ai’s hook generator, you have a wide range of selections. They include Shoppers, College Students, Parents, Fitness enthusiasts, and small business owners. 

  1. Choose a Language

To ensure diversity and promote worldwide user activity of Originator.ai’s hook generator, there are major prominent languages you can choose from.

  1. Click on Generate

After thoroughly reviewing and editing the prompts, the last step is to click on “Generate”. By doing this, a response will pop up right beneath the tab. If you are not pleased with the result and want to make some changes, you can click on the finetune tab to revamp a better and more specific hook.

  1. The Finetune Option

After generating a result, you have the option to finetune the outcome if you are not satisfied by the generated result. You can do this by clicking on the “Finetune” button and it will change the hook generated for you. You can continue to click on “Finetune” until you get a satisfying outcome. 

Why Choose the Originality.ai Hook Generator?

Here are the distinguishing features of our tool and why you should make it your go-to hook generator:

  1. SEO-friendly Hooks: Any AI-powered software can craft basic headers and less captivating prompts, all in the name of finding the perfect fit. However, the Originality.ai hook generator, not only generates captivating hooks but also ensures they are SEO-friendly.

  1. Multivariate Hook Generation: The Originality.ai hook generator yields a diverse option containing essential keywords that augment your content. Therefore, selecting from these options and fine-tuning them to your desired taste is worth trying.

  1. User Interface: With our hook generator, there’s no need to hassle around buttons, looking lost and perplexed. Its interface was designed by experts to ensure that every aspect is correctly detailed and easy to use.

  1. Tone/Voice and Style: The tone of a fashion blog hook should be entirely different from that of a historic blog hook. With this in mind, you shouldn’t expect any less from our hook generator, as it refine hooks according to the prompts provided.

  1. Data-Driven Response: We live in a world of data where everything we do and how we behave is all data-backed. The hook generator ensure all presented results are accurate and stand the test of time.


The Originality.ai hook generator is a tool for you, whether you are just starting your brand or already established. This tool will make your content process more effective and less time consuming. You need a tool that will generate hooks that will attract your target audience, and convert to your desired likes, follows, reads, and subscriptions? Then the Originality.ai hook generator should be your choice. 

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Customers Love Originality.ai

We deeply understand your needs when it comes to identifying Original content and we are building features around our accurate AI detection and Plagiarism checking that users love!

After testing a number of AI content detection tools, I have found Originality.ai to be one of the best on the market. And now with the ability to detect paraphrased AI content, Orignality.ai is even more powerful. It’s basically my go-to detection tool at this point.

Glenn Gabe

SEO Consultant, GSQI.com

At Clicking Publish, producing original, high-quality content is essential to our success. To maintain these standards, it's important that we verify the work from freelancers and outsourced writers. Originality.ai makes this process easy for us by providing a simple and efficient tool that ensures the content we receive meets our expectations.

Kityo Martin

Clicking Publish

I love the tool. Not only does it detect ACTUAL Al written content, but also writers who write just like Al. Great way to weed out Al and poor writing. Just because content was written by a human doesn't mean they did any better than an Al tool. We had a lot of our writers test positive for Al and they didn't use Al. What was common in all their writing was the lack of original thoughts. It was all regurgitation.

Ryan Cunningham

After doing some serious testing with Originality (which caters for the newerAl tech), I can't fool it (yet).

Joe Davies

Founder, FatJoe

So what can we learn from this? In many cases, the tool tells the right story, even when it's nuanced, like in the case of AI content edited by humans.

Gael Breton

Founder, Authority Hacker

I realize that AI content isn't going away and with human editing, it can save time/make blog content better. That said, I've also had writers submit content that was 100% AI and never told me. A BIG no-no. This tool (Originality.ai) is what I'm using to stop that.

Ron Stefanski


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Originality.ai has been featured for its accurate ability to detect GPT-3, Chat GPT and GPT-4 generated content. See some of the coverage below…

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Originality.ai did a fantastic job on all three prompts, precisely detecting them as AI-written. Additionally, after I checked with actual human-written textual content, it did determine it as 100% human-generated, which is important.

Vahan Petrosyan


I use this tool most frequently to check for AI content personally. My most frequent use-case is checking content submitted by freelance writers we work with for AI and plagiarism.

Tom Demers


After extensive research and testing, we determined Originality.ai to be the most accurate technology.

Rock Content Team


Jon Gillham, Founder of Originality.ai came up with a tool to detect whether the content is written by humans or AI tools. It’s built on such technology that can specifically detect content by ChatGPT-3 — by giving you a spam score of 0-100, with an accuracy of 94%.

Felix Rose-Collins


ChatGPT lacks empathy and originality. It’s also recognized as AI-generated content most of the time by plagiarism and AI detectors like Originality.ai

Ashley Stahl


Originality.ai Do give them a shot! 

Sri Krishna


For web publishers, Originality.ai will enable you to scan your content seamlessly, see who has checked it previously, and detect if an AI-powered tool was implored.

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