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by Sherice Jacob


The Future Of Plagiarism Detection And The Role Of Tools Like Text Compare

What would a future look like in an AI-enhanced world with solutions like plagiarism detectors and text comparison tools? We already know that text comparison tools have taken on a great deal of the tedious and complex focus needed to accurately compare between two different texts. 

Trying to compare files and find similarities is difficult for even the most eagle-eyed checker. Subtle similarities could pass under the radar and even the most diligent checks could still leave behind a trail of errors. Even when basic text comparison tools were in their infancy, they still relied on sheer computing power to detect when entire phrases or paragraphs matched.

Today, with the advent of machine learning and AI, these types of tools have become even more refined and intelligent. They can be taught not only to detect differences but also, through their algorithms, to detect differences in writing style and tone. They’re also designed to handle a wider range of files beyond simple text and can analyze PDFs, code, Microsoft Word and OpenOffice documents, and more. Today’s tools can even compare differences between content on two different websites. 

What Might the Text Compare Tools of the Future Look Like? 

The release of ChatGPT and similar tools by leading companies took the web by storm. AI could finally stand firmly in the spotlight and be recognized for its skill and ability to mimic human-like writing and answers when given direct and detailed questions. It could expand on the reasons behind its statements and even switch between languages at will. Text compare tool will help for Future of Plagiarism Detection

And the more content it consumed, the smarter it became. As a result, text compare tools have had to evolve as well. It’s no longer enough to simply copy and paste two different versions of a text file for a basic comparison. As AI continues to learn more and improve, so too must the tools used to root it out and uncover it.

In the not-so-near future, you could easily see advanced text comparison tools, like Originality.AI’s text comparison tool grow to become even more aware of the nuances of human language. Rather than just comparing if two documents are alike, you can expect the text comparison tools of the future to draw upon many different sources, including images, charts, case studies, reports, scientific papers, and much more, in order to root out any areas where one document looks suspiciously like another. 

What’s more, with the right training, AI-based text compare tools could even detect certain types of plagiarism, such as self-plagiarism, wherein an author uses material they’ve already written from one document to the next to shorten their workload and give the appearance of having done the extra work when in reality the work has been poached from one source and carried over to another. 

What Will Future Plagiarism Checkers Look Like with AI? 

A text compare tool is just one of the many tools available in the arsenal to fight against plagiarism. Consider that as AI-based plagiarism checkers continue to learn and discover examples of plagiarism from many different types of sources, they’ll continue to become adept at rooting out instances of it while minimizing the chance of false positives

Future of Plagiarism Detection tool look like with AI

Did an author’s tone change slightly in comparison with the rest of the document? And if so, in what way did it change? Is that style of writing prevalent from a different author in the same industry or area of study? AI plagiarism checkers have an enormous repository to draw upon and with lightning-fast computing and detection speeds, it won’t be long before they can analyze, detect, retrieve, and show results all within fractions of a second, enabling professors, managers, companies, and professionals as a whole to more easily ascertain the quality of their students’ and employees’ work.

The future of AI plagiarism detection may even be able to go as far as detecting the nuances and use of the language of a specific student’s work and compare it to an essay they’ve turned in which, however, well-written it may be, has a completely different tone and writing style and was obviously created by someone else. This isn’t plagiarism per se, but rather paid essay writing services, where work is done to fulfill the assignment but has none of the hallmarks or characteristics of the student’s own writing or thought process. 

Text Compare Tools Alone Won’t Solve the Problem of Plagiarism

Last, but certainly not least, it’s important to remember that text comparison tools won’t solve the problem of plagiarism on their own. But when used in conjunction with other tools, like Originality.AI, they provide a rich source of material upon which to train the AI to detect and root out potential plagiarism and things that sound “machine-crafted”. And the more the AI learns and improves, the more we, as content creation professionals, all benefit as a result. 

Try Originality.AI’s Text Compare tool today for yourself and seamlessly compare between two different types of text, different formats, or even different URLs to spot the differences in a way that allows you to discern those differences at-a-glance. The future looks bright, and in the fight against plagiarism, it can only continue to improve. Try our text compare tool now for free and see how intuitive, fast, and easy to use it is for yourself.

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Sherice Jacob

Plagiarism Expert

Sherice Jacob brings over 20 years of experience to digital marketing as a copywriter and content creator. With a finger on the pulse of AI and its developments, she works extensively with Originality.AI to help businesses and publishers get the best returns from their Content.

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