7 Best Free Sentence Counter Tools 

In today’s world, content is king. When creating a piece of content writing online, it’s important to keep a critical eye on number of words. It’s also crucial to use brief yet impactful sentences with keywords (minus the waffle) and keep paragraphs short while maintaining the right reading level. These are just a couple of the many reasons why an online sentence counter tool is essential for content improvement. Instead of spending inordinate amounts of time checking and rechecking your average sentence count, using a quality online sentence counter tool does the hard work on your behalf. Many also help you to count characters per sentence (including syllables, punctuation marks, question marks etc.), words and even paragraphs as well as sentences.

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When Should You Use an Online Sentence Counter Tool? 

A sentence counting tool is useful for many reasons. If you’re a writer with a writing assignment, editor editing blog post, student writing essays or business professional user, a sentence counting tool in all languages enables you to get the most out of your copy, helping you become a better writer.  You should use a sentence counter as part of your grammar check and as part of your content marketing strategy.

  • Sentence counters help to ensure you meet the correct word count or character count in a document or other piece of writing.
  • A sentence count can help to improve a document’s structure.
  • When editing a document, a sentence counter instantly displays where you need to increase or decrease sentence length/number of words/number of characters/character limit etc.
  • A sentence counting tool is especially useful if your document design has a limited wordcount. Most documents have a word limit – using a sentence counter helps you keep your copy short and to the point.

If you hop online, you’ll find that there are plenty to choose. Rather than wading through all the different options, we’ve put together a list of the best online sentence counters available.

1) LetterCount Sentence Counter

The first recommended sentence counter is LetterCount. This is a simple tool that is free to use. You simply copy and paste your text into the box and the tool does the rest for you in real time. It also counts characters and words – just select which service you require.

To count sentences, copy your text over into the box and LetterCount displays the results instantly.

There’s also a useful guide on the home page of the site detailing the different character count requirements for platforms such as, Facebook, eBay, Google docs, Word and more.

2) DocWordCounter Sentence Counter

The second counter is This helpful online sentence counter tool is especially useful when you’re using different formats, such as PDF files, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Open Office and Text.

DocWordCounter works differently to many other word counter tools. Rather than copying and pasting your text into a box, you upload a file using the drag and drop icon. Once you’ve uploaded your document, click on “count my words” and the tools works its magic, quickly presenting you with the results, including words, non-words and Ideograms.

The biggest benefit of DocWordCounter is its ability to calculate wordcount from different formats. However, when counting sentences, it’s far more cumbersome as you can’t just copy and paste your individual sentences into a box. This online sentence counter tool is therefore best for documents.

3) SentenceCounter does exactly what it says it does - it counts the number of sentences in your copy. It works fast, scanning your document and giving you a detailed breakdown. There’s the additional benefit of a breakdown of letters per sentence, characters, words and paragraphs, as well as providing an estimated average reading time.

If you want to count other elements (such as characters, vowels, paragraphs and more), SentenceCounter provides links at the bottom of the page allowing you to further assess your work. This is particularly useful for Instagram character count, Pinterest and Twitter too.

4) CountWordsFree Sentence Counter is a combination of the above two tools. It supports most formats plus you simply copy and paste text into the box provided, then the tool calculates the number of words in moments. This tool also details how many times you use particular words in a sentence or longer piece of text. This is useful when you need to make changes to your text to reduce repetition.

Furthermore, the tool provides a solid breakdown of number of individual sentences (plus it breaks down number of words, characters, lines, paragraphs, numerals and punctation too).

5) OriginalityAI Sentence Counter

This exceptional online tool has many benefits for content writers, students, businesses and more because it provides a variety of additional features, particularly checking for AI generated copy. It also assesses text, counting words, characters, sentences and paragraphs.

Simple to use, copy and paste your text into the box and this ideal sentence calculator does all the work for you. An accurate online sentence counter, you can even add it to your Chrome browser as an extension and use it when counting characters too.  This is the only tool that changes character count to your desired amount.

One of the biggest benefits of OriginalityAI is the ability to paste as much content as you want, you're not just restricted to the average sentence, unlike other tools which restrict the amount of copy per search. There are other advantages too. As well as counting words, sentences and more, this analytics tool tells you instantly if you’re using AI generated content. The website also has a plagiarism feature.

To use OriginalityAI, you must setup an account. While some features are free to use, there are also paid features, however, it’s worth noting that many trusted and reputable businesses use OriginalityAI, including Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) product Surfer and there are a number of YouTube reviews detailing the numerous benefits of this helpful tool.

6) SentenceCounterOnline 

This useful, free-to-use sentence counter tool has a few good benefits. Not only does it provide sentence detection and count your sentences, but it can also count words, characters and spaces.

To use it, place your text or document into the converter and it immediately identifies the number of individual sentences using an algorithm. You’ll instantly see the results (including characters, spaces and words). If you need to narrow down your results, you can even select the type of sentences you want included or excluded. For example, you may want to exclude incomplete sentences.

7) CharacterCounter

Another useful online tool for accurate sentence count  is CharacterCounter. It’s similar to other word and sentence counters mentioned above. You copy and paste your text into the box and the tool does the work for you. It’s fast and accurate but it doesn’t provide a thorough breakdown unlike other free tools available although it details average words per sentence and average characters per sentence.

On the website, there are other tools available such as a Twitter character counter, Instagram character counter, SMS character counter and more. There’s no need to sign up to use CharacterCounter.

Final Words

Using a powerful sentence counter helps improve your writing skills while ensuring you stay within any sentence or word count restrictions. When choosing the right sentence counter for your content, consider other useful features (e.g., unlimited text, AI detection and plagiarism), OriginalityAI provides a wealth of benefits, while you must signup to use the tools, it is one of the most advanced sentence counters.

Jonathan Gillham

Founder / CEO of Originality.AI I have been involved in the SEO and Content Marketing world for over a decade. My career started with a portfolio of content sites, recently I sold 2 content marketing agencies and I am the Co-Founder of, the leading place to buy and sell content websites. Through these experiences I understand what web publishers need when it comes to verifying content is original. I am not For or Against AI content, I think it has a place in everyones content strategy. However, I believe you as the publisher should be the one making the decision on when to use AI content. Our Originality checking tool has been built with serious web publishers in mind!

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