How Many Pages is 2000 Words?

Perhaps you’re a college student with academic essays to complete and part of the brief is a 2000-word count? Or maybe you’re a content writer creating a long-form piece, an essay on history of around 2,000 words? It could be you’re a business professional, crafting a technical content piece that consists of 2000 words? Whatever the reason, it’s useful to understand how many pages a 2000-word article produces. Let’s explore the topic in this useful piece on the writing process.

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The General Rule – Quantity of Pages for a 2000 Word Article

The basic rule is one, 2000-word article of academic writing equates to four pages of single-spaced content (typed). If it’s using double spacing, then a 2,000-word article equates to an 8-page piece. However, there are plenty of reasons why the page count might change, for example, standard margins makes a difference.

Many documents such as academic essays might require 2,000 words. From college essays to technical manuals and long-form copy (blog posts). These types of content take around seven minutes to read through.

Of course, there are lots of factors that influence the number of pages your 2,000-word piece ends up with! For example:

What Influences the Number of Pages a 2000 Word Piece Produces?

  • Your Margin Size. Standard margins are 1 inch wide for academic essays and other pieces.
  • Your Line Spacing. As previously mentioned, a single-space essay is around 4 pages. Double spacing in an essay equates to around 8 pages.  Double-spaced pages make a big difference to your entire essay.
  • Your Font Size. A 12-point font size (pt is also known as point size) is the normal font size and Arial the most universally used font. Other font families impact the number of pages in a 2,000-word piece.
  • Font Sizing Examples. For example, in entire essays Calibri is slightly smaller and Verdana slightly larger. One page of Calibri will produce around .9 pages (the same applies to Times New Roman, which is a similar size although a very different looking font to Calibri or Arial fonts).
  • Your Paragraphs for Essays' Spacing. You may introduce two-line spaces between paragraphs or three lines, or just one, single line. Remember, the more spaces you use, the more pages your 2000-word piece or persuasive essays will have.
  • Your Spacing After a Full-Stop or Period. If you only use one space after a full-stop then your 2,000-word piece will produce slightly less than 4 pages if single spaced and using a 12pt size in Arial. If you use a double space after a period, then your 2000-word essay produces the 4 pages (single-spaced, 12pt Arial).
  • Your Page Size. In this piece, a 4-page, 2000-word essay single-spaced is an A4 sheet of paper. A 1000-word essay is half the page count (2 pages). Other page sizes in persuasive essays will impact the end result – A5 is obviously smaller and if you use a different layout, for example, landscape rather than portrait, this will also change the page number for 2,000-word pieces.
  • Inserting Images or Videos. Obviously, both of these take up space in a 2000-word essay.
  • Multiple Titles. Blog writers use titles to draw the eye and for good SEO practices. The more titles in a 2,000-word essay, the more pages as a result. The same applies to bullet points and numbered lists for a 4-page essay.

How Many Words on a Standard, Single-Spaced Page?

One single page of A4 typed in Arial 12pt using single-spacing equates to 500 words. This helps when assessing the quantity of a 2000-word piece. However, you can also use an online tool to count your words and pages.

Online Word Counter Tools To Assess Number of Pages For a 2000-Word Essay

If you do want to use an online word-counter tool, Originality AI gives you access to a variety of tools, for example:

It’s worth exploring because of the many additional, beneficial services it offers over other online word counter tools for common essay types.

What About a Handwritten Piece of 2,000 Words?

The above information relates to typed content using Google Docs or Word. Handwritten pieces are harder to assess and that’s because everyone has their own handwriting style.

Generally, handwriting is twice the size of 12pt Arial, but this varies according to style. Some people use more words on a line than others. Some people double-space their handwritten pieces whereas others prefer to use single-spacing. Furthermore, using lined paper over blank paper also makes a difference!

As a guide, a single-spaced handwritten blog piece or essay is approximately the same as a typed, double-page 2000-word piece using 12pt Arial.

What About Paragraph Count in 2,000 Word Articles?

For optimised, online content more paragraphs produces better SEO so you should aim for around 30 paragraphs. However, as a guide, a 2,000-word piece normally contains approximately 15 paragraphs.

How Many Sentences Does 2,000 Words Contain?

A typical sentence contains approximately 20 words. A 2,000-word article or essay should contain approximately 120 sentences. 500-word essays contain around 30 sentences. Always keep sentences brief and to the point for easier reading.

What Font Should You Use for Multiple Pages?

If your key focus is more pages, then choose a small font. The best font that’s readable and attractive to the eye is Verdana. If you compare Verdana to Arial, a piece in Verdana creates 1.1 pages whereas an Arial piece produces one page.

Times New Roman and Calibri fonts produce 0.9 pages.

So, if you have an essay for school, book reports or college assignments with a specified number of pages and you want to write minimum number of words – choose Verdana but pay attention to the specifics as you may not have permission from your college tutor. Arial is the most commonly-used font.

How Long Does 2,000 Words Take to Write?

Once more, there's no definitive answer. It is dependent on the writer essay writing! If the ideas flow and you understand your topic, then experienced writers find writing a 2,000-word piece typical document takes as little as 40 minutes. If the ideas don’t flow, it might take a few hours but there’s no rule!

On average, expect approximately 50 minutes with a typing speed of 40 WPM for academic papers with standard margins.

Final Words on Quantity of Pages for a 2,000 Word Piece

Applying the basics for a 2,000-word piece produces around 4 pages of content, single-spaced in Arial 12pt. A double space piece in the same font and font size produces 8 pages of content.  Excessive spacing alters the number of pages used, especially for a double-spaced essay. If you handwrite your essay paper, expect approximately 8 pages as handwriting is generally double the size of Arial 12pt.

There are other factors that determine the number of pages in a 2,000-word piece, for example, page size (A4 is the most commonly-used), paragraph spacing, images, videos, titles and spacing after a period). If in doubt, use a reputable online word counter tool to assess correct word count.

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