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by Jonathan Gillham


Kazan SEO AI Detector Review

With AI-generated written content becoming more commonplace in different kinds of industries, the call for regulation and preservation of journalistic integrity has become deafening. Users now question whether the “person” behind the pieces they’re consuming is human or a machine.

That’s why there has been a recent emergence of AI content detection tools that can scan and identify AI-generated content. One of these is the Kazan SEO AI Detector

There is not much information available about Kazan SEO, but the website does state that it is a passion project created by an unnamed individual. Kazan SEO started as an SEO content optimizer but has since branched into other AI and SEO tools. 

All of these tools are forever free and available for unlimited use. The only minor hindrance is that you must register and verify your account. Let’s discuss its features in more detail.

Kazan SEO dashboard


  • Fake vs. Real identification: Kazan SEO quickly scans your text and delivers an output indicating whether the text is AI-generated (fake) or human-written (real). 
  • Bulk detection: Kazan SEO’s bulk detection feature allows you to scan for domains or URLs for quick AI detection from a bulk amount of text. 
  • SEO tools: You will find various SEO and keyword optimization tools within one platform, which makes your writing experience convenient. 


  • Free platform
  • Unlimited text length
  • Quick analysis and results


  • Low accuracy compared to many other tools
  • No plagiarism detection
  • Buggy website and app

Testing Kazan SEO AI Detector’s Accuracy

It’s time to test how accurate the Kazan SEO AI Detector is. To measure its results, we used seven Jasper AI-generated articles. Jasper AI is one of the most popular AI writing tools today and is trained on the GPT-3 language model. Since Kazan’s AI Detector is also trained on the same model, it would be interesting to see how it fares.

To further check the accuracy, we also compared Kazan’s results with’s. As we’ve proven in past reviews, performed exceptionally well. No AI detection tool is 100% accurate, but is one of the best ones existing today.

Kazan SEO’s vs.’s detection scores

The Kazan SEO AI Detector’s overall detection score is 43.94%, almost half of’s. According to Kazan, at least three samples seemed to be written entirely by a human. When compared with’s results on the same samples, the difference is polarizing.

Kazan was only able to return a higher score than in one sample. Again, these scores are significantly different. Although Kazan is a GPT-3 AI detector, its performance against Jasper AI’s GPT-3-generated content is lacking.

Overall, Kazan’s AI Detector needs improvement, considering the fact that it failed to detect AI instances three times. So, the clear winner of this test is

How Does Kazan SEO AI Hold Up Against Other AI Detectors?

We’ve seen Kazan SEO go up against, but where does it stand in a crowd of all the other AI detection tools? Here are some of the areas where Kazan SEO can improve:

  • Rate of accuracy: Although Kazan SEO’s AI Detector is capable of detecting AI content, the model powering it should be further trained and updated so that it returns fewer false positives. To keep up with the other tools, the Kazan app should broaden its range and include other language models like ChatGPT.

  • Highlighted phrases: Aside from Fake vs. Real identification, Kazan SEO could also offer a feature that zeroes in on which particular phrases are made by AI. This could help writers edit their work accordingly.

  • Plagiarism detection: Since AI writing assistants are typically trained on publicly available web pages, there’s always a possibility that they’ll plagiarize them. A plagiarism detection feature will help promote integrity. Currently, only a few other AI detection apps, like, offer plagiarism detection, which is a complementary capability to AI content detection. 

Advantages of Kazan SEO AI Detector

Although there is plenty of room for improvement, Kazan SEO does have its merits. It may be an attractive choice due to these particular benefits:

Additional SEO Tools

Unlike other AI tools that either don’t offer extra features or hide them behind a paywall, Kazan SEO offers all its tools in one platform. It provides a content optimizer, text extractor, keyword clustering tool, and even its own AI writing assistant.

Like the AI detector tool, all these other features don’t have limits, and you can use them as many times as you want. As the creator said, Kazan SEO is a passion project. And according to them, well-known SEO gurus are against providing such services for free.

URL Bulk Detector

Kazan SEO’s bulk detector tool

In addition to checking your text, Kazan SEO also gives AI detection scores on URLs. You can enter multiple URLs, separated by a comma, and the tool will provide a side-by-side comparison of their AI detection scores. 

This is helpful for those who are concerned if the websites they visit use AI to generate content. 

Free and Unlimited

Many of Kazan SEO’s competitors are free, but there are usually limitations, like text length limit or limited uses. But Kazan SEO offers all of its tools for free, and there are no limitations on how often you can use them. 

This makes Kazan SEO a good choice for those who just want a simple and free AI detection tool to add to their assessment process. But remember that its accuracy rate is lower than others. 


The Kazan SEO AI Detector is a good choice if you’re looking for an AI detection tool that offers plenty of other features at no cost. It may not be the most advanced AI tool out there, but it does have its merits, plus the fact that it’s forever free to use.

As a courtesy, we remind users to never use any AI detection tool as the sole means of verifying the authenticity of written content. Always take into account other factors such as its author, context, and source.

About the Author: 

Jonathan Gillham

Founder / CEO of Originality.AI

I have been involved in the SEO and Content Marketing world for over a decade. My career started with a portfolio of content sites, recently I sold 2 content marketing agencies and I am the Co-Founder of, the leading place to buy and sell content websites. Through these experiences I understand what web publishers need when it comes to verifying content is original. I am not For or Against AI content, I think it has a place in everyones content strategy. However, I believe you as the publisher should be the one making the decision on when to use AI content. Our Originality checking tool has been built with serious web publishers in mind!

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