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Up to 63% of AI Content Found on Quora

Shocking! Up to 63% of Quora Answers Might Be AI-Generated. Is yours human? Discover the Truth Here!

With AI generated content on the rise due to tools such as ChatGPT, we wanted to analyze whether or not there was a prevalence of AI in Quora answers. Below we look to determine the impact and percentage of AI generated content on 

Key Takeaways

  • Suspected AI content on Quora ranged based on the category and topic of discussion
  • FAQ-style questions that don’t require opinion-based answers had higher prevalence of AI answers
  • The top 10 categories where AI was most prevalent ranged between 35% and 63% AI generated content
  • There were no yearly trends in AI usage, however there was a correlation in which categories AI generated answers were provided. Opinion-based forums had less AI, whereas FAQ-style questions led to higher AI-generated answers

Questions to Answer:

  1. Is there a rising or falling trend for AI-generated answers on the site over the last 4 years?
  2. Which category has the most use of AI-generated answers?
  3. Do users prefer to have AI-generated answers? If yes, to what extent?


A total of approximately 5,900 questions and responses were extracted from various topic sections on, ranging from areas such as health and science, political science and government, literature and writing, journalism and business, finance, technology and stocks, food, design, photography, and cameras, etc. 

The dates of the inquiries spanned from 2018 to 2024; for the years 2018 to 2022, only the year was documented due to Quora’s privacy regulations and user safeguards (a considerable number of opinions evolve over time, the historical inputs are accessible only when users permit them to be). The results are presented below.

Our Results

Top 20 Categories With Ai Content

Score interpretation: a score of 0.3882 shows a 38.82% confidence rate of human-generated content and 61.18% AI-generated, and a score of 0.9446 shows a 94.46% confidence rate of human-generated content and 5.54% AI-generated, according to Originality.AI v2.0.

The topic “Photographs” had the highest average AI score of 63.34% AI-generated content, and on the other end of the spectrum, the topic “Sports” had the lowest average AI score of 5.54% AI-generated content.

Top ten AI-generated topics:

  • Photographs: 63.34% AI
  • Refunds: 60.18% AI
  • Essay Writing Help: 59.61% AI
  • Blogging: 57.04% AI
  • Sports Business: 54.95% AI
  • Brokers: 46.04% AI
  • Social Media: 44.70% AI
  • Food: 43.02% AI
  • Bitcoin: 40.23% AI
  • Funding: 35.19% AI
Top 20 Categories With Human Content

The above graph shows the top 20 categories with the lowest AI scores (highest human scores). Top ten human-generated topics:

  • Sports - 94.46% human
  • Writing - 94.13% human
  • Literature - 94.06% human
  • Books - 93.24% human
  • Design -91.63% human
  • Software Engineering - 91.57% human
  • Poetry - 91.19% human
  • Online Scams -91.12% human
  • Sales - 90.96% human
  • Stories - 90.85% human

Interestingly, while “Sports” had an average AI score of only 5.54%, the category “Sports Business” had an average AI score of 54.95%. When we dig a little deeper, we noticed that the “Sports” category mostly consisted of opinion-based answers, while “Sports Business” mainly focused on FAQ-style queries that don’t require opinion-based answers. Here are some examples of questions we found in “Sports Business”: 

What sport has the lowest life expectancy?
What sport has the lowest life expectancy?
How much do professional sports balls cost?
Why do so many highly paid professional athletes end up bankrupt only a few years after retiring from their sport?
Should females be paid the same as males in sports?
Why was wrestling the first sport that got the "pro wrestling" treatment (staged matches, gimmicky fighters) instead of other sports?
Do athletes ever sign lifetime agreements with brands?
Why do top-level athletes go broke after their careers?
Why didn't Dan Marino (a football player) win a Super Bowl?
Why do the best players in professional sports sometimes go unnoticed?

We know that chatbots, such as ChatGPT, are much better (and quicker) at providing answers to FAQ style questions rather than opinions, so we can assume that’s why the “Sports Business” category had higher AI scores. Whereas forums where most answers consist of opinions would have less AI - it’s likely more back and forth conversations are happening in these forums. 

We also found similar data in categories “Refunds” and “Essay Writing Help” where there were some questions and answers that either had 100% AI or none at all. The ones with higher AI scores were FAQ-style questions that could easily be answered by an AI. 

For more data on these categories, you can access links below:

Yearly Average Scores by Topics

Top 3 Al Content In Percentages Topics 2018-2021

The yearly average from 2018 to 2022 shows fluctuations in AI content across different topics and no significant increase in AI content percentage.

  • In 2022, the top topics are “Refunds” 61% AI content, “Food” 53% AI content and “User Experience” 27% AI content, respectively.

  • In 2021, the top topics are “Photographs” 50% AI content, “Social Media” 36% AI content and “Machine Learning” 23% AI content, respectively.

  • In 2020, the top topics are “Machine Learning” 34% AI content, “Democracy” 30% AI content, and “Investing” 24% AI content, respectively.

  • In 2019, the top topics are “Sports Business” 54% AI content, “Blogging” 53% AI content and “Bitcoin” 40% AI content, respectively.

  • In 2018, the top topics are “Stock Markets” 24% AI content, “Scientific Revolution” 20% AI content and “Bitcoin” 19% AI content, respectively.

  • There was a significant drop in human-generated content from 2018 to 2019, with a score of 6.74 (total human content score of the lowest 8 topics) in 2018, and a score of 5.64 in 2019.

  • “Machine Learning” appeared twice in 2020 and 2021, respectively, with 24% AI content in 2020 and 23% AI content in 2021, which stated a slight increase in human-generated content between these two years.

  • “The Internet” appeared twice in 2021 and 2022, respectively, with 20% AI content in 2021 and 10% AI content in 2022, which was also an increase in human-generated content between these two years.

Top 3 Topics with AI Content in 2023

Top 3 Topics With Ai Contents 2023

The top three AI-generated topics: "Refunds", "Essay Writing Help" and "Literature" are compared with the span of each month in 2023.

There is a visible increase from January 2023 to Mar 2023.

No data in topic "Essay Writing Help" was extracted in March 2023 and only one row of data was extracted for "Sports Business". Based on some negative comments we found, we believe that users were starting to delete bot-generated comments. Examples such as “AI rubbish.” and “Please stop spreading computer generated nonsense.” Such responses might have caused users to delete their post, or deleted by Quora.

What does the data tell us?

  • There was a significant contrast between AI-generated and human-generated content across 66 various categories on Quora
  • Categories with higher AI scores had those scores mainly focused around FAQ-style questions and answers, rather than opinion-based answers.
  • Additionally, there's a correlation between the number of answers an author provides and their human content score, with top authors in "Essay Writing Help" showing high human content scores.
  • The study suggests that commercial accounts or those not using real names are more likely to use AI-generated content, particularly in topics like "Sports Business."

Is there a rising or falling trend for AI-generated answers on Quora?

There is no clear trend for AI-generated content on the site since the emergence of mainstream generative AI. Rather, the AI-generated content scores on Quora appear to be topic-dependent, where FAQ-style questions lead to higher AI scores, and opinion-based (subjective) forums lead to higher human scores.

Do users prefer to have AI-generated answers? If yes, to what extent?

Users don’t seem to have a significant issue with AI-generated answers, however that may be due to how and where those AI answers are being provided. AI can be used effectively to accurately answer FAQ-style questions - and are being used in certain categories. There were some cases where negative feedback may have led to AI-generated posts being removed, however more data is needed to fully answer this.

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